Best Villages in New Alamein

Best Villages in New Alamein

Before digging deep into the best villages in New Alamein, it’s significant to have an overview of the foundation of Al Alamein New City and its competencies.

indeed, New Alamein City has become people’s foremost destination to unlock the realms of luxury and nature on the western side of the North Coast.

The Ministry of Housing Utilities and Urban Communities is planning to turn New Alamein from just a short-term vacation to a permanent self-sufficient spot where property owners & visitors are privileged to stay for a long time with all their needs perfectly fulfilled.

The ministry paid great attention to meeting residents’ luxurious and essential needs by building education facilities, commercial malls, beverage spots, Medical utilities, and entertainment spots. which led to expediting the construction phase and accentuating the promotion of the city becoming a flawless spot.

Constructions in Alamein City best villages in new alamein

The Map of New Alamein City

New Alamein is rolling over 48,000 Feddan in Marsa Matrouh governance, the company dedicated such a huge area to be able to represent an extensive level of integration to equip the city for daily living.

However, it’s necessary to mention that the Egyptian government was planning to make the best villages in El Alamein a more competent place to accommodate more than 3 million people by the end of 2030.

Indeed, the borders of El-Alamein City, which is located within the borders of Marsa Matrou Governorate with an approximate length of 48 Km, extend from Wadi El-Natroun to El-Dabaa.

For realistic visualization, New Alamein City of the North Coast Egypt is partitioned into 3 main luxurious areas: Sidi Abdel Rahman, New Alamein Center, and Tel Al-Eis area.

The Fascinating Nature of Al Alamein on the North Coast

The heavenly nature of Al Alamein City accentuates its worth becoming one of the most mesmerizing coastlines in Egypt.

An extension of the western section of Sidi Abdel Rahman, New Alamein Resorts is considered a perfect fit for all people who are looking to please their eyes with enchanting turquoise seas in a seamless scene in which the golden sand is the only interrupter.

Real Estate Developers in Egypt are working to break the conventional borders of design by featuring the best villages in New Alamein with a variety of eye-pleasant crystal lagoons.

Best resorts in new alamein

New Alamein City & its Landscapes

Best Villages in New Alamein

The top dominant real estate developers in Egypt collaborated with the Egyptian urban authority to develop the city by building different villages and resorts on New Alamein of the North Coast in Egypt.

Best New Alamein Resorts and Villages feature an exceptional level of luxury, integration, and picturesque landscapes. Indeed, having a property in one of New Alamein resorts and villages is considered a good investment opportunity that guarantees a passive income in the future.

In other words, how the developers were keen to offer a boutique of artistic views that is supposed to grant the increase of demand for people to buy or rent a unit in order to experience a new meaning of luxury. In addition, the company’s efforts to make the city a better place for constant residence.

Moreover, New Alamein City of the North Coast is considered a prime project of the new-generation city in which the government is planning to offer new housing, vacation, and employment opportunities to keep pace with the growing population. for instance, the construction of New Alamein City led to the availability of more than 6,000 working opportunities.

Mazarine New Alamein

Talking about the best Villages in New Alamein, Mazarine has to be mentioned on the top list. Over a huge land space of 72 Feddan, Mazarine village was launched to show the world how Egyptian companies are brilliant enough to create an integrated coastal City.

The master plan of the project sectioned the projects into an approximate number of 6 areas: The Marina- Hotel- The Beach Club – Central business district- Central Park)

The Payment System: Owning a luxurious unit in a such prestigious place like Mazarine New Alamein with only a 5% down payment shall be the best payment system in the area! However, New Generation Company enables owners to install their dues over 7 years.

Mazarine North Coast

Gate Towers

Gate Towers is considered one of New Alamein best resorts where property owners are privileged to get exposed to the highest levels of elegance and luxury.

The design of Gate Towers is brilliantly designed to impress the world being an icon for outstanding developments in New Alamein. The design revolves around 2 enormous podiums that were built at excessive height to be crystal clear to the most distant point in the city.

Payment System: City Edge Company offers a prime value with competitive prices and a considerable down payment of 10%.

L’hiver Village in New Alamein

L’hiver project is one of the most outstanding and recent projects of New Generation development that is classified as one of the best villages in New Alamein.

L’hiver village in New Alamein is receiving much attention from interested buyers day after day because of its notable unit variety provided by NGD. As the project is designed to offer around 4 distinctive types of units (studios, duplexes, villas, and chalets) in different spaces. Surprisingly, 45 is the minimum studio space available in L’hiver.

Payment System & price: Unit variety led to the availability of different price lists that would be perfectly suitable for different buyers. L’iver chalet prices start from 1,746,000 Egp.

Among 3 flexible payment plans, the first one that requires a 10% down payment, required to be paid over 2 payments, with a long installment period of 7 years is the best.

For more details, don’t hesitate to meet with our team

L'hiver new alamein

L’hiver new alamein

Downtown New Alamein

If you are looking for an opulent spot in Al Alamein City where you can offer your family a one-of-a-kind integrated coastal experience, Downtown Alamein shall be one of the premium recommendations.

The project includes 2 health clubs, a commercial plaza, a well-equipped gym, an entertaining area & cinema, crystal lagoons, and landscapes, etc.

Interested buyers in Downtown New Alamein have plenty of choices, among a total number of 1320 elegant units, to choose their perfect unit in different spaces that start from 100 Sqm and up to 185 Sqm.

The Payment System: City Edge offers one of the longest and most flexible installment plans in New Alamein in which owners are able to extend their dues over 10 years.

Winter New Alamein

Winter New Alamein is a newly-launched resort inside New Alamein City that is expected to lead the competition in the coming few years.

Winter Resort in New Alamein offers a variety of integrated services to luxuriate and facilitate property owner stays. Some of these features include retail stores, a health hub, a food and beverage area, parking lots, kids’ areas and entertaining activities, etc.

The Payment System: New Generation Development decided to offer the perfect investment opportunity in New Alamein resort by asking interested buyers to pay only a 15% deposit on 3 successive and equal payments.

Why should you move to New Alamein City?

Perfectionism is not easy to find, but New Alamein City has made it to be a highly competent city for residence, business, and relaxation.

Al Alamein on the North Coast offers a boutique of well-served amenities that are meant to take accomdaters’ journey to the highest levels of comfort, luxury, and elegance.

Check some of the available services in New Alamein City:

  • Modern international and national schools and universities
  • The Arab Academy for Science & Technology.
  • Sporting Clubs.
  • Commercial Centers
  • Al-Alamein Lake, located in the Hotels District.
  • Conference center
  • Theme park
  • Hotels district New Alamein.
  • Opera house
  • A universal library
  • International park
  • Huge mosque
  • Huge church
  • World war cemetery
  • Medical center spanning over 44 acres.


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