Armonia Compound in New Capital By TLD

Armonia Compound in New Capital By TLD
Prices start from 3,300,000 EGP
10% Down payment
7 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Armonia
The compound location it is located in New Capital City in E3, within 6 minutes away from the diplomatic district
Types of residential units Apartments- Duplexes- Villas
The units space The spaces range from 71 SQM and 343 SQM
Payment system a 5% down payment and up to 10-year instalment
The Developer The Land Development, TLD
For inquries 01101112515

Armonia New Capital represents an exceptional level of sophistication and luxury by embodying contemporary architectural designs and enchanting greenery landscapes.

The Land Development (TLD) selected the term “Armonia” to call its new milestone, which is an Italian-origin word that means “Harmony”. The name was chosen to refer to the company’s intention to simulate Italian architectural techniques in their opulence.

Armonia Compound in New Capital promises an immediate fulfilment of customers’ needs; as the compound includes a commercial center, sports hub, social club, medical centre, etc.

 Are ready to take your lifestyle to the next level?

The location of Armonia New Capital

The Armonia Compound is located in the most sophisticated area in New Capital City’s “ 7th district”, more specifically in E3 square.

The compound’s perfect location lies in its proximity to the top significant facilities in the New Capital City; near both the academic city and Medical City.

The Nearby places from Armonia in New Capital City

  • It is located 6 minutes away from the diplomatic district.
  • The medical centre is situated within a distance of 5.3 km.
  • It’s only 2.5 km from New Capital Cathedral.
  • it is located within a distance of 2.1 km from Green River.
  • To arrive at al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque from Armonia, residents need to drive 3.2 km.
  • The distance between the project and the Government Center is 4.1 km.
  • it is located 1.6 km away from the Opera House.
  • The perfect selection of Armonia’s new capital in the heart of New Capital City, where all facilities are around while being far away from the hustle of the city.
  • The distance between the compound and Academic City is 8.8 km.
  • 5.5 km is the distance between Armonia Egypt and the Investment Zone.
  • It’s 10 km to arrive at the new international airport in New Capital City.

The land space of Armonia Compound in New Capital

Armonia Compound is based on 42-Feddan owned by the Land Company for development, and the master plan of the project is in alignment with the impact of green views on people’s mental health. Thus, around 80% of the compound space is dedicated to designing green spaces and jogging lanes.

According to the 20%, remaining par, the project represents a great diversity in the types of residential units, through which customers can find the perfect unit that matches their needs.

The Land Company was prudent while selecting the design team for Armonia New Capital to provide one of the most luxurious compounds in the New Capital City regarding its design.

The buildings’ designs are driven by Italian prints, where the antiquity and sophistication of Rome are partially clear in the smallest details.

Armonia Compound

Types of Residential Units in Armonia New Capital

The land company for development diversified the residential unit’s space, which enlightened its genuine understanding of customers’ different demands. The available units in Armonia New Capital are apartments and Cielo Villa; check their spaces in sq m:

  • The average space of 1-bedroom apartments in Armonia Compound in New Capital is 71 m2.
  • The space of two-bedroom apartments starts from 107 m2 to 130 m2.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments starts from 278 m2 to 303 m2, and a circular garden is included.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments (Type A) starts from 139 m2 to 172 m2.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments (Type B) starts from 172 m2 to 200 m2; two terraces are included.
  • The space of four-bedroom apartments is 191 m2; three terraces are included.
  • The space of Cielo Vila, on the 6th & 7th floors, starts from 330 m2 to 343 m2

To be Noted: All Armonia new capital apartments, regardless of their type, are delivered in a partial finish of super-premium quality.

Armonia new capital apartments

Balcony view in Armonia New capital

Top services & features in Armonia New Capital

The Plan Company strives to redefine how “a luxurious lifestyle” is perceived by Egyptians by offering a superior quality of medical, shopping, beverage, and fitness services.

If you are looking to move to a new luxurious community where all your needs are immediately delivered with excellence, Armonia Project by Land Development is the perfect match.

  • Armonia Compound offers multiple Garage spots in different residential and commercial areas to enable people to park easily.
  • To ensure the highest levels of security, The Land Development contracted with leading companies in the security field to provide the compound with a 24/7h smart security system.
  • The food corner area in Armani Egypt is the perfect place for residents to enjoy a luxurious dinner.
  • The Compound represents a seamless balance of green parks and bluish waterways.
  • The commercial mall in Armonia New Capital Egypt offers a perfect shopping experience for residents, regarding both beverage and home appliance purchases
  • The family park Land Development project boosts the family connection by providing all that the family members need to spend quality time.
  • The BBQ area is the perfect addition to holding night delightful events.
  • The project offers a fun zone for children where they can recall happiness while their safety is still being maintained.
  • The compound offers a Highly-equipped gym in which residents can get well-consolidated advice from experienced nutritionists.
  • Jogging lanes are one of the essential features so residents can keep their jogging routine safe.
  • The Compound offers constant and excellent Maintenance services to ensure that residents are getting the highest quality.
  • The compound network supports the Public Wifi to facilitate daily communication for both entertaining and business purposes.
  • The Cinema Centre is one of the most entertaining places that residents can visit.
  • Armonia Egypt offers Business rooms for holding meetings and conferences.
    Fabulous swimming pools for kids and adults,
  • The Compound includes medical centers to ensure people’s well-being.

The Parking System in Armonia

The land Company designed multiple spots for parking in Armonia New Capital that range from 165 m2 up to 343 m2. These garages are divided into three main partitions.

  • The space for Small parking starts from 165 and up to 185 m2.
  • The space of large-size parking starts from 331 and up to 343 m2.

Armonia Compound Prices & Payment systems

The price list announced by Land Company for Armonia Compound is one of the most competitive prices offered in the New Capital city that captivated buyers’ attention.

  • The first system requires paying a down payment of 5%, while the second payment of 10% will be after three months after signing the contracts. The remaining can be paid over 10 years.
  • The second system requires paying 15% and paying the remaining over 7 years.

Kindly consider that around 8% is added as fees for constant maintenance.

Why invest in Armonia New Capital Compound?

Do you think a lot about making a good investment to participate in a successful life and be a part of the world’s growth? Let me say that success depends on the great choices you have made over the past five years. As a real estate marketing team, we are offering a group of the best deals you could make in Egypt in 2024 without feeling backwards, but will this variety of choices make you confused?

Of course not; our talented sales team is not just offering you the latest projects; they are keen to give you the best options that suit your needs and the amount of money you have, along with a variety of payment plans that differ with the length of the instalment years.

Here you have a project “Armonia New Capital Compound” that is based on 42 Feddan and holds many features that will fill your needs without even asking for them, with high quality in your service. The advantages of the project don’t end here; you can now learn more by contacting us.

But the exact reason that gives priority to Armonia Compound as one of the best investments to make is the competitive prices and the flexible payment method, as you must know:

  • The unit price starts at 3,300,000 EGP, and yes, this price is still trading in the Egyptian market, just like Land Development.
  • and within 7 years you will be done paying the unit value, as a start, you have to pay just a 10% down payment.

The developer of Armonia in New Capital

The Land Development (TLD) is a new-to-market joint stock company specializing in building mixed-use residential and commercial projects, endeavoring to make an impact in the real estate industry.

The company’s solid expertise is partially inspired and influenced by its shareholder “ El Tayebi for Developments”, a real estate company in the Egyptian market since 2006. A-part for Import Export and Trade and The Steel and Concrete Company are considered the other two shareholders of TLD.

The Land development set its milestone in the New Capital City “Armonia New Capital” hoping to feature a landmark in providing authentic design, superior quality, and premium location.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Armonia Compound

Who is the developer of Armonia Compound?

The Land Development (TLD)

Where is Armonia Compound located?

New Capital City, E3

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Armonia compound?

Contact the following number: 01101112515


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