Atrio Sheikh Zayed | Deluxe lifestyle with 30% deposit

Developer: Iwan Development
Atrio Sheikh Zayed | Deluxe lifestyle with 30% deposit
Prices start from 14,000,000 EGP
30% Down payment
5 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Atrio
Compound Location Sheikh Zayed
The developer IWAN
Payment System Down payment starts from 30%, and the installment period lasts up to 5 years.
Available units Town homes-apartments- villas
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Are you ready to become an important part of a luxurious life when you choose to be with Atrio Compound and live the new meaning of lavishness?

Your journey will begin in the 6th of October city that is founded on a high degree of sophistication and has an interest in allocating large spaces for parks and scenic views.

Atrio El Sheikh Zayed Compound was implemented on 19 Feddan, which gives a large spot to the developer to contain all the ways and aspects that make the residents’ lives so much easier.

Iwan Developments is the owner of this amazing project that caters to all prestigious lifestyle seekers. Atrio Compound in Sheikh Zayed also offers, among its features, the perfect payment method that extends over 5 years.

Atrio Compound Location

Atrio Compound in Sheikh Zayed

Atrio compound is established in a strategic location in Sheikh Zayed City, opposite the 26th of July axis. The compound is located near several of the most important facilities that meet all the individual’s needs, from health care to entertainment activities and other activities.

what makes the project a vital area is its proximity to all the luxurious compounds, which offers you a high-end neighborhood.

The compounds located near Atrio El Sheikh Zayed :

  • Tara project
  • Royal City project
  • 14th District
  • Cairo Gate Project

Be in the middle of everything by living in the Atrio El Sheikh Zayed

  • El-Obour Road
  • Sheikh Zayed Desert Road
  • Zayed Hospital
  • Ethos International School
  • El Nozha Street
  • Zed Park Zayed

The space & design of Atrio compound in Sheikh Zayed

Enjoy choosing from a large group of selections offered to you with upscale designs that will change your perception of luxury.

The owner of Atrio Sheikh Zayed developed 119 housing units with different types and spaces, and that is leading back to the brilliant idea of choosing the perfect location with the perfect land space to implement the project.

Atrio compound in Sheikh Zayed was implemented in 19 Feddan, covering about 80,000 square meters, with a large percentage of the land dedicated to gardens and scenic views like lakes and fountains.

All units in the Iwan project are surrounded by greenery, providing the perfect view for your morning.

The Residential Units in Atrio EL Sheikh Zayed &its spaces

The units of Atrio El Sheikh Zayed Compound range from 275 square meters to 600 square meters. Find out the project units:

  • Twin house are the most common unit in Atrio Compound.
  • Townhouse
  • Villas

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Villa in Atrio Compound

Top features & Services of Atrio Compound Sheikh Zayed

Iwan Development has implemented various services and facilities of high quality to hold the combination of lavishness and comfortable from meeting all requirements.

Find out some of the best services and facilities that have been established in a large area near different units of the iwan compound:

  • security members are guarding all the compound entrances.
  • surveillance cameras all over the Atrio El Sheikh Zayed.
  • The developer has provided numerous cafes and restaurants, both local and international, to meet all the residents’ desires.
  • There are numerous playgrounds dedicated to children with constant security.
  • The brilliance of choosing this strategy’s location is that it puts you in the middle of every palace and road.
  • A large area that is dedicated to shopping malls with distinguished stores offers you the best shopping experience.
  • The developer of Atrio Compound implemented more than a social club, with multiple entertainment activities, a gym, and a spa.
  • Swimming pools with different depths and designs
  • Medical services with the best medical staff of doctors and nurses
  • A large area that is dedicated especially to garages in every spot in the Atrio Iwan compound.

The Prices of Atrio Compound

In the Atrio El Sheikh Zayed Compound, you will reach your dream easily because of the prices released by the developer, which change everything and become one of the biggest and most important features in the compound.

  • The price per meter square in Atrio Compound begins from 10,000 EGP up to 16,500 EGP.
  •  Villas’ price starts from 3 Million Egyptian pounds.
  • Apartments’ price starts from less than 2 Million Egyptian pounds.

Time To Take Your Housing Experience to the Next Level

The payment methods in Atrio Iwan Compound

Payment difficulties are no longer a concern in Atrio Iwan Compound with this perfect payment plan that is provided by Iwan Development.

The company has a main goal of providing a lavish lifestyle and changing the concept of the daily routine, so the payment plan to own your unit in Atrio Compound is a piece of cake, The average price of a mid-size unit in Atrio Sheikh Zayed 14,000,000 Egp.

There are two different payment methods in the project, and it is extending over a long period of time with the most accessible down payment that can be afforded by most luxury lifestyle seekers.

Find out the two payment methods that will satisfy you:

  • The new plan allows customers to pay a 30% booking fee and the remaining has to be paid over 5 years.

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Units in Atrio Compound

Iwan Developments| Atrio Developer

The Iwan Developments Company is the owner of Atrio Project in Sheikh Zayed, which is established in a perfect spot with a distinct space that allows it to provide all services and facilities to meet its customers’ needs.

The previous work of Iwan Developments

  • Jeera 6 October
  • Alma 6 October
  • Jewar 6 October
  • Jedar 6 October
  • The Axis 6 October project

FAQ about Atrio Compound

What is the average price in Atrio Compound?

14,000,000 Egp

where Atrio Compound is located?

Sheikh Zayed, opposite the 26th of July axis


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