Azha Ain Sokhna-Luxury Chalets with 10% Down Payment

Azha Ain Sokhna-Luxury Chalets with 10% Down Payment
Prices start from 4,500,000 EGP
10% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The project Name Azha
Project Location Ain Sokhna
The developer Madar Development
Available Units Chalets & villas
For inquiries 01101112515

Azha Ain Sokhna is one of the most lavish villages in Ain Sokhna that was launched by Madar Development, offering a variety of services and facilities to offer many ways to entertain.

Madar designed Azaha Resort in Ain Sokhna with distinctive and unique designs for luxurious residences and served buildings, moreover, the resort features a large area of many units that differ in sizes and designs to meet all needs of customers.

Madar company offers a group of advantages and services, in addition to many ways for payment and installments to encourage everyone to own the ideal home. for detailed information about the prices and the space of each units, contact us.

Azha Ain Sokhana

Villa overlooking the lagoon in Azha Sokhna

Azha Ain Sokhna Location

The location of Azha resort was chosen among the best destinations in Ain Sokhna, which has a distinctive and direct view of the Mediterranean Sea, and the village is located in kilo 126 in Cairo, which is 11 kilometers from the gates of Ain Sokhna.

The location is distinguished due to its proximity to many vital and important landmarks and places, Check the

Places nearby Azha El Sokhna:

  • Azha El Sokhna is 7 km from Stella di Mare Village.
  • It has a distinctive view of the most attractive beaches in the world, the Mediterranean Sea.
  • It is only 15 minutes from the new administrative capital.
  • 50 minutes from Cairo.

The Land Space and Design of Azha Ain Sokhna

Azha Ain Sokhna Resort is implemented in a large area of about 380 Feddan, it was accurately divided into two sections: landscapes and buildings.

The largest part of the Compound represents 82% of green spaces, landscapes, and a group of services and utilities, there is a balance between the natural elements that come in the sea and green spaces to achieve luxury and welfare.

The remaining area is only 18%, making it the perfect space to offer residents a variety of residential units and allow them to live amid nature. The depth of Azha Resort is 2300 meters, and the width of the beach is 700 meters.

The available units are chalets of different sizes, apartments, twin houses, and standalone villas, all units are provided in a super-lux finish

Azha Sokhna Resort

Azha Resort in Ain Sokhna

Types and spaces of residential units in Azha

Madar Company aims to add an exceptional touch of privacy and comfort to Azha Sokhna which is a large group of different spaces for residential units, come as follows:

  • The space of Chalets in Azha which consist of 2 bedrooms ranges from 97 sqm and 115 sqm.
  • The space of three-bedroom chalets starts from 125 sqm up to 145 sqm.
  • There is a wide range of townhouses and villas in different spaces that start from 145 sqm up to 318 sqm.

Azha Ain Sokhana Resort

Azha Ain Sokhna Prices & Payment System

Madar Development offers competitive prices suitable for all social categories, these prices change depending on the location and size of the unit.

  • The price of chaelts in Azha Ain Sokhna starts from 4,500,000 LE only for specific spaces like 110 sqm.

The installment Plans of Azha Resort

In addition to the flexible payment and installments system that has been announced by the owner company for Azha El Sokhna Resort, the payment systems come as follows:

  • Customers pay a down payment of 10%, then pay 5% after 2 weeks, and the rest of the total amount will be paid in equal installments over 8 consecutive years.
  • with this system, the customer can pay a down payment of 15% of the total cost, and the remaining amount will be divided into equal installments over 6 years or 4 years.

If you want to invest your money in a real chance in the most beautiful villages in Ain Sokhna to live a luxurious lifestyle, Azha Resort is your best destination.

Top Features & Services in Azha Sokhna

live a new luxury class in Azha Sokhna because of the existence of a special group of services and facilities that make you happy and satisfied, Madar company provides many essential and recreational services come as follows:

  • large green spaces and crystal lagoons.
  • many artificial lakes and many swimming pools in different sizes and designs for more privacy for all residents.
  • Azha El Sokhna offers a huge variety of units in different suitable spaces to meet residents’ different needs.
  • A huge commercial area with a large mall that includes a lot of international commercial brands, and kids’
  • a play area that consists of safety games for them.
  • services of security and guarding operate all 24 hours.
  • large garages to avoid traffic jams on the main streets.
  • All the units in Azha are distinguished with magical views of the sea which helps the residents to enjoy and relax.
  • Many clinics include skilled doctors and modern tools and instruments, and pharmacies that offer all types of medicine.
  • sports fields contain football, squash, and tennis courts.
  • A gym and spa contain all sports equipment and tools.
Azha Resort in ain sokhna

Beachclub in Azha Sokhna

The developer of Azha Ain Sokhna

Madar Development is the owner of Azha Ain Sokhna Resort; a pioneering real estate company in Egypt that owns many investment projects. The company started its business with solid experience in the investment market and real estate, and it kept seeking to gain the trust of millions of customers.

Madar Company for development provides many advantages in its villages, Azha Sokhna & Azha North Coast, such as perfect locations on the most beautiful beaches in the world and unique designs.

Madar company offers many advantages and facilities that meet all the needs and desires of the residents, it offers in its projects large spaces for many different ways of entertainment like commercial areas and aqua parks.

FAQ about Azha

What is the available units in Azha?

Chalets and villas

what is the installment period of Azha?

8 years


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