Azzar New Cairo | a compound of villas only, by REEDY group

Azzar New Cairo | a compound of villas only, by REEDY group
Prices start from 15,000,000 EGP
50% Down payment
2 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project name Azzar compound
The developer Reedy group
Project Location El Nasr St., Fifth Settlement, new Cairo city
unit types Stand alone villas - Town houses - Twin houses
payment system 50% down payment, 2 years installments
For inquiries 01101112515

Azzar New Cairo is one of the latest flagship residential projects that introduced an exceptional level of luxury for its customers through facilities and vast landscapes.

Reedy Development Company, a New company in the real estate industry, was keen to show its commitment to providing premier quality for its customers even in the minor details in Azzar New Cairo.

Living in Azzar Compound New Cairo is considered an unmissable opportunity for anyone who desires to uplevel his housing experience to the peak where luxury is a primary element.

Azzar New Cairo Location

Directly at Clubs Street, Azzar New Cairo, one of the most luxurious compounds, was introduced to the Egyptians for the first time.

The company managed to choose a strategic location for the compound near the main gateways of Cairo for more accessibility.

The compound’s proximity to the top high-class compounds in New Cairo is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is searching for an opulent lifestyle; Mountain View 2 is about 15 minutes away from the compound.

Nearby Places to Azzar Compound

  • Azzar New Cairo is located 10 minutes away from the American university
  • The distance between the new airport in New Cairo and the Azzar compound is 20 minutes.
  • Only 20 minutes so Azzar’s residents can arrive anywhere in Masr Gedida or Nasr City.

The Architectural Design of Azzar Compound

azzar compound residential units

twin house in Azzar New Cairo

A Semi simulation for Azzar Compound is represented in the splendid architectural design of Azzar Compound. Reedy Group hardens its criteria during the hiring process for only those who have a clear vision to turn the outlines into reality.

Azzar Compound is ideally designed to provide all means of comfort and luxury by devoting multiple areas of the compound to green parks and different forms of nature.

The Crystal Lagoon mentioned in the Azzar master plan added another level of exceptional sophistication of which the residents enjoy a distinguished blueprint and high-class lifestyle.

The Total Space of Azzar New Cairo

Reedy group was keen to select both the strategic location and the massive space to introduce one of the most prestigious projects in New Cairo; thus, the compound is constructed on 25-Feddan land. 18% of the total compound space is dedicated to building vast landscapes composed of artificial lakes and parks.

Azzar New Cairo is renowned for its flawless personalized experience in which buyers are capable of choosing the perfect type of unit in the desired space.

Types of Residential Units in Azzar New Cairo

Azzar compound announced the launch of a total number of 126 units inside the compound, including different types:

Azzar New Cairo provides different types of residential units that include villas, townhouses, and twin houses:

  • The average space for villas in Azzar New Cairo is 439 Sqm.
  • The average space of Twin house space is 291 Sqm.
  • Townhouse space ranges from 247 Sqm and 287 Sqm.
  • All units are designed with an entire frontage for green parks.
azzar new cairo villa

Villa in Azzar New Cairo

It’s necessary to understand the division of each type in detail to find the one that matches your requirements:

1- Town House Type A

Ground Floor 131 ㎡
First Floor 141 ㎡
Roof 31 ㎡
Total Space 305 Sqm

2- Stand Alone Villa

First Floor 159 ㎡
Basement 149 ㎡
Ground Floor 149 ㎡
Roof Floor 37 ㎡
Total area 494 Sqm

3- Stand alone Villa Type B

Basement 132 ㎡
Ground Floor 132 ㎡
First Floor 142 ㎡
Roof Floor 33 ㎡
Total area 439 Sqm

4- Twin house Villa

Ground Floor 125 ㎡
First Floor 135 ㎡
Roof 31 ㎡
Total Space 209 Sqm
Azzar New Cairo

Top Services and Facilities in Azzar New Cairo

Reedy Group exerted considerable efforts to add all the needed facilities and services, including the essential or luxurious needs, to the Azzar New Cairo compound with excellence.

The company has dedicated around 10,000 meters to different facilities and amenities.

If you are willing to provide a high-class housing experience for your family, then Azzar Compound in New Cairo shall be your first option.

  • Azzar compound is featured with its local and worldwide brands and stores in different specializations.
  • The compound provides supermarkets and a commercial mall in which residents can get whatever they are looking for.
  • Azzar Compound New Cairo offers a Health hub that provides different physical sports and activities.
  • Azzar New Cairo is highly secured by adding smart cameras all over the compound.
  • The maintenance team in Azzar is available to serve residents 24/7.
  • Reedy Group paid attention to providing different entertaining activities, such as aqua parks, playgrounds, and cinemas.
  • The compound is full of intelligent screens to add another level of entertainment for residents.
  • Here’s a chance for new couples and parents to avail of the kids’ areas that can be found in different spots across the compounds.
  • The vast fascinating landscapes of Crystal Lagoons and green parks are places where residents can inhale fresh air while spending quality time.
  • Residents will favour the clubhouse in Azzar New Cairo to perform different activities and get introduced to the rest of the community.
  • The company contracted with one of the pioneering security companies in Egypt to provide Azzar New Cairo with all means of safety through cameras and safeguards.
another design of a villa in azzar compound

Villa in azzar compound

Price list & Payment System in Azzar New Cairo

Reedy Group Company announced competitive prices for its residential units in Azzar Compound New Cairo which have become a genuine opportunity for investment in the real estate industry.

  • The average Space of a mid-size villa starts from 15,000,000 Egp.

Enjoy the best price Now!

The Instalment System of Azzar New Cairo

The company was keen to diversify its payment systems in Azzar New Cairo to be featured with its effortless process.

  • Interested buyers can purchase their units by paying only 50% of the total unit cost while the remaining is paid over 2 years.

Why invest in Azzar Compound?

Investing in the real estate industry is one of the top primaeval demands in the early ages as a way to protect savings from inflation cases. Yet, there are always prominent factors people consider while choosing a property to buy, which are location, quality, and both current and in-future values.

Surprisingly, Azzar Project in Fifth settlement records a high score in the three above-mentioned features. To elaborate, the value of azzar is driven by its reputable developer ” Reedy Group” which guarantees buyers what is promised.

  • Buying a unit in compound azzar would be a steady income resource, it’s called by industry pioneers “the passive income”, when the owner decided to offer it at profitable prices for tenants.
  • The high quality of both construction and the lifestyle provided in the compound guarantees its increasing value over time, so economic fluctuations wouldn’t be challenging for investors.
  • Last, but not least, resale in the real estate industry is not really subject to the damage of use compared to other industries like tech used machines.

Looking for an investment opportunity!

Azzar is the perfect Choice!

Reedy Group: The Developer of Azzar

Reedy Group Development is one of the growing sectors of Reedy Group Company that launched for the first time in 2007 with a capital investment of 500 Million Egp. However, the mother company, Reedy Group, was established at the beginning of the 70s.

Azzar Compound New Cairo is considered the first prestigious housing project of Reedy Group in which the company showcased outstanding expertise and realization of customers’ needs, investing around 1.8 Billion as an initial endeavour.

To bring Azzar compound into reality, Reedy Group collaborated with Dora Group for construction, with 80 years of experience in the real estate market, to represent a new prominent community.

The significant role of the address company in bringing sales to the compound is worthy of mention, as they help interested buyers find a residential unit that matches their specifications.

In 2021, the company announced the launch of Azzar 2 Compound with the brand name “Azzar Infinity“. The project showcases a transformation in designing authentic villas that perfectly match customers’ criteria for a luxurious lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Azzar Compound

Who is the developer of Azzar New Cairo?

Inertia Company

Where is Azzar New Cairo located?

Sheikh Zayed, 20 minutes away from Mohandsen

What are the types of units in Azzar New Cairo?

Townhomes- villas- apartments

How can I contact the consulting team in Azzar New Cairo?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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