Boho Sokhna by Atric| Your chalet with 0% down payment

Boho Sokhna by Atric| Your chalet with 0% down payment
Prices start from 1,490,000 EGP
8% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The project Name Boho
Project Location Ain Sokhna
The developer Atric Development
Available Units Chalets, duplexes, twinhouses
Installment period 8 years
For inquires 01101112515

Boho Sokhna is a new resort launched by one of the largest entities in the real estate market, “Atric Development”, which aims to provide various forms of luxury, comfort, and integration to customers.

The project is considered one of the most luxurious coastal villages because it was designed according to the latest international standards and supplied with various services, such as sports fields, medical services, and recreational activities that make residents’ time more enjoyable.

The charming nature of Boho Resort in Ain Sokhna is represented by the Red Sea with its turquoise waters and human-made green spaces spread all the project to offer us a unique project of its kind.

Own your unit now in Boho El Sokhna and enjoy a flexible payment plan that extends over 8 years and a competitive price for meters.  Contact us now and pick your perfect unit.

Boho Sokhna Resort

Villas overlooking pool in Boho Ain Sokhna

The Location of Boho Sokhna

Boho Resort is located in a vital area in the city of Ain Sokhna on the Zaafarana Road, close to city’s most significant places and luxurious resorts.

The project is located in proximity to the most important roads and main axes, and it is also close to many services that will meet the needs of customers and the most prominent places near Boho Ain Sokhna:

  • The village is 3 km away from New Galala Road.
  • 20 minutes separate the project from Porto Sokhna.
  • Bohi El Sokhna is close to Mangroovy Village, El Gouna.
  • The distance from Cairo to the village takes 60 to 80 minutes.
  • The resort is about 45 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.

The Space and Design of Boho El Sokhna

Boho El Sokhna Resort covers an area of 20 feddan, with a beach length of 225 meters, and the area of the project includes various residential units, a lot of entertainment activities, and services, in addition to the landscapes, spread throughout the village.

Buildings and constructions occupied only 20% of the total area, while the remaining 80% was left for green spaces and various services, in order for all units to be surrounded by green lands for a charming view.

The developer company contracted with the best engineers to develop architectural designs that provide a luxurious lifestyle for customers.

Boho Ain Sokhna Village was implemented on 3 levels to enable all units to have a panoramic view of the sea, in addition to the designs that came in a modern international style that combined the rich nature that characterizes the site to become a unique architectural masterpiece.

Boho El Sokhna Chalets

The exterior designs of chalets in Boho Ain Sokhna

The Space of units in Boho Ain Sokhna

The considerable land space of Boho Ain Sokhna helped the developer to provide various housing units of different sizes, in order to suit the desires of all interested buyers, and the spaces were as follows:

  • The space of a one-room chalet in Boho Atric starts from 47 m2 up to 59 m2.
  • Two-bedroom chalet with spaces starting from 79 m2 up to 116 m2.
  • A 3-bedroom chalet with space starting from 114 m2 up to 149 m2 inside Boho Sokhna Resort.
  • Duplexes with spaces starting from 146 m2 up to 187 m2.
  • Twin Houses with areas ranging from 230 m2 to 250 m2.Standalone villas with spaces starting from 322 m2.

Choose the perfect space and design by getting a consultation from our team

Boho Sokhna Villas for sale

Boho Sokhna Villas for sale

Prominent Features & Services in Boho Resort in Ain Sokhna

The Boho Ain Sokhna project offers countless exclusive features that meet the residents’ needs, such as basic, recreational, medical, and other services.

Here are the most important features available in Boho Resort in El Sokhna through the following points:

  • The resort includes a restaurant area that serves delicious local and international dishes, as well as many cafes that overlook the sea directly.
  • Various swimming pools are suitable for different ages.
  • Green spaces are spread all over Boho Sokhna, to give a beautiful view to lovers of calm and relaxation.
  • To ensure a completely safe life, security, and guarding services are available throughout the day.
  • The latest 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  • Boho Atric includes an Aqua Park with all the fun water games.
  • For shopping enthusiasts, there is a large commercial area that includes everything the residents need, as well as many shops and the most famous international brands.
  • Various sports fields for practising different types of sports.
  • Boho El Sokhna includes the latest fire extinguishing systems.
  • Periodic maintenance and cleaning services.
  • Car garage.
  • Pharmacies distributed in the village contain all kinds of medicines.
  • Distinguished medical services are represented in medical clinics that provide the best health care.
  • A gym equipped with the latest sports equipment.
  • Special tracks in Boho El Sokhna for walking, running, and cycling.
  • A 5-star hotel that offers the best hotel services for visitors.

Boho El Sokhna Prices & Payment System

The developer of Boho El Sokhna was not only careful in providing a privileged location and modern architectural designs but also in offering prices that are highly commensurate with different groups.

Atric Company offers competitive prices that are not comparable to the prices of any other projects that may feature the same luxury level.

  • Boho Sokhna prices start from 1,490,000 Egp for a mid-size chalet.

The price of units available for sale in Boho varies according to the type and size of the unit and in which area it is situated.

The payment method in Boho Atric

Atric Real Estate Company made it easy for customers to own a unit within Boho Atric in Ain Sokhna by offering several easy payment plans through which the customers can choose his/her best.

  • Own a unit now with a ZERO down payment and instalments over 5 years.
  • 10% down payment of the unit value, and the rest via instalments over 6 years.
  • 15% down payment of the total amount and the rest over 7 years.
  • 20% down payment and the rest in instalments over 8 years.

The Developer of Boho Sokhna Resort

Boho Sokhna Resort is developed by Atric Real Estate Development Company; one of the largest companies in the Egyptian real estate market that possess a long experience exceeding 20 years.

During this period, the company launched several projects distinguished by its modern international designs that offer the highest levels of comfort and luxury, by contracting with engineering experts all over Egypt.

The Company pays great attention to the infrastructure in its projects, as well as selecting environmentally friendly materials, and providing landscaping on large areas within the projects.

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Faq about Boho Ain Sokhna Resort

where Boho is located?

3 km away from Al Galala

what is the instalment period in Boho Ain Sokhna?

8 years


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