Luxrious units in Castle Landmark New Capital Compound with 0% down payment

Luxrious units in Castle Landmark New Capital Compound with 0% down payment
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10% Down payment
10 Installment years
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Project details
Compound Name Castle Landmark
The compound Location New Capital City- ( R7, A1 )
Available Units Apartments- Duplexes
Payment Plans Down payment starts from 0% and up to 10%. (10-Year instalment)
The Developer Castle Development
For inquries 01101112515

Castle Landmark New Capital introduces an exceptional lavish experience in the heart of the New Capital city where residents can enjoy all types of facilities ideally provided.

Castle Landmark Compound is one of the top-notch residential projects launched by Castle Development in collaboration with Okoplan, a German designing firm, and Misr El Maksa in order to produce a state-of-art community that perfectly matches your needs.

The strategic location of the Castle Landmark New Capital Compound was one of the main criteria set by Castle Development to enrich and up-level customers’ experience in one of the most prominent areas in the capital, R1.

Castle Landmark New Capital, 41-Feddan Compound, represents a new addition regarding services, as the compound offers a huge and fully-integrated clubhouse, 6-Feddan commercial mall, luxurious restaurants, breathtaking landscapes, and endless housing options, alternative clean source of energy, sports club, etc.

If you are looking for a new destination where you can enjoy a flawless strategic location, well-served amenities, and awe-inspiring landscapes, Castle Landmark Compound is the perfect fit.

Castle Landmark Location

Castle Landmark Compound is located in a perfect strategic spot in the 7th district, in A1 Plot, where the prestigious compound and the prominent facilities.

The strategic location of the Castle landmark proves Castle Development’s solid expertise in choosing a lively area near a group of the top prestigious compounds in the new capital city, besides its nearness to prominent amenities.

Check the nearby places to Castle Landmark Egypt

  • Castle Landmark Egypt is situated near the centre of the cathedral with only 5 min
  • The diplomatic district is only 10 minutes away from Castle Landmark New Capital.
  • The compound is 20 minutes away from the capital international airport.
  • Castle Landmark is located in great proximity to top five-class compounds, such as Azar 2 infinity.

The land space of Castle Landmark Compound

With a huge capital investment of 5 Billion, Castle Development Company developed its project in a total space of 41.5 Feddan which is sufficient space to introduce a fully-integrated community with all the essential and luxurious services perfectly delivered.

Castle Company showcased a slight landscape balance between the lush greenery areas and the residential spaces; thus, they allocated the green spaces to 81% of its land. At the same time, 19% is dedicated to building residential spaces.

In a successful collaboration with Okoplan, one of the top consultancy companies in Egypt, the Castle Landmark Master plan was perfectly outlined with innovative and authentic designs included.

Residential units in Castle Landmark New Capital Compound

The compound construction was divided into 4 phases, each phase offers a variety of units in distinctive spaces due to customers’ needs.

The four phases include a total number of 40 buildings, each building is composed of around 5 apartments on the first floor, while the highest floors include an average of 6 apartments.

The average space of residential units in the first two phases in Castle Landmark New Capital starts from 190 M2, the average space for the third phase starts from 210, and, finally, 175 is the minimum unit space in the fourth phase.

  • Consider that All units are featured with a flawless view of vast green landscapes.

Castle Landmark new Capital units

TOP Services in Castle Landmark Compound in New Capital

Through solid expertise in the real estate market, Castle development company was capable of delivering the exact needs of customers for a prestigious integrated lifestyle.

The company offered a wide group of commercial and recreational services, so customers can fulfil their needs within steps away from their homes.

In Castle landmark New Capital, 70% of the electricity is generated from clean energy the solar for a sustainable community.

The Clubhouse is the place where the community members can practise their favourite activities, the clubhouse’s total space is 4 Feddan.

  • Residents in Castle Landmark are privileged with an integrated sporting club that includes all types of sports.
  • Innovative designs of swimming pools that are provided in different sizes.
  • Excellent in Spa and Jacuzzi services.
  • Castle Landmark Compound New Capital offers high-security levels for both belongings and individuals.
  • The compound hosts a group of well-branded restaurants and cafes.
  • Castle Landmark Egypt provides venues to enable residents to conduct whatever party or celebration they need.
  • A 6-Feddan commercial mall includes stores and brands in different specializations.
  • Garages are ideally designed to secure your belongings.
  • Safeguards in Castle landmark New Capital are well trained to add more security to the compound
  • Castle Landmark compound is featured with lush greenery parks set across the compound
  • Different kids’ playgrounds.

Castle Landmark compound Services

Castle Landmark Prices & Payment System

Castle Development launched competitive prices for its customers regarding the premium residential units and the top-flight level of services provided in Castle Landmark Compound. For the reason that each phase in the castle is featured with distinctive unit spaces, the payment plans are varied due to the selected phase.

Check the available plans in the first and third phases:

Choosing a unit in either the first or the third phase requires paying all the following: 12% down payment, 5% after three months, and finally 10% while delivering the units. The remaining cost can be paid in 7 years.

Payment plans in the fourth phase are as follows:

  • 0% Down payment provided that the property buyer has to pay the total cost over 5 years.
  • Paying 10% down payment and the remaining is paid over different periods. The second payment of 5% is paid after one year, third payment of 5% is paid after two years from the day of signing the contracts.
  • Note that Both systems allow customers to either choose a full finish or a semi.

Castle Landmark Compound Developer (Castle Development)

Castle Development was founded at beginning of 1998 featuring prestigious projects that add real value to residents by making their life more luxurious and comfy.

Castle Landmark Compound is proof of the company’s solid expertise in providing a solution-based approach by interwoven customized services and options.

Castle Development has also joined forces with Misr El Maqassa company to be able to build the project on a very large span given the history of Misr El Maqassa in huge investment projects. The collaboration between the two companies is to ensure that Castle Landmark is a solid success since Misr El Maqassa has a very strong financial presence in the Egyptian market and a prestigious portfolio of successful projects.

Castle development Portfolio 

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Top frequently asked questions about Castle Landmark New Capital

Who is the developer of Castle Landmark?

Castle Company for Development

Where is Castle Landmark located?

New Capital City, R7

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Call the following number: 01101112515

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