Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna by Next Deal

Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna by Next Deal
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Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna is the latest and the most charming project launched by Next Deal Developments, you will find new meanings of luxury and creativity in this resort.

The Company pays great attention to selecting unique destinations in the heart of Ain Sokhna where residents can enjoy the simplicity of nature and stunning views, Coronado Sokhna has a distinctive view of the Mediterranean Sea which is a pleasant and relaxing place.

The area of the Coronado Marina El Sokhna is 50 Feddan, the developer offers unique chalets in different spaces to meet all needs and desires of customers. Contact our team now and get ready to enjoy a long-stay vacation amid the sea.

Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna

Coronado Village in Ain Sokhna 

Location of Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna

Coronado Marina is located on kilo 108, close to it’s situated near the windmills 2, on Zafrana Road; this was the main focus of the developer to choose a strategic and vital location that is surrounded by multiple livable destinations and

The nearby places from Coronado Sokhna

  • Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna is 20 km from Porto El Sokhna
  • 15 km away from the mountain.
  • The distance between the project and Ain Sokhna gates is 55 km.
  • The project is located near several luxurious projects, such as La Visa, Savannah, and blue blue.

The design and area of Coronado Marina

Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna is distinguished by its unique designs and its area that spans around 72 Feddan, the space of units and buildings is 20% so the visitors enjoy a natural overlook of the sea directly.

The green areas and landscaping space occupy 80% of the total space, and there are many swimming pools for all ages to achieve more luxury.

Coronado Marina El Sokhna village is designed with a terracing system that helps the guests to keep their privacy, in addition, the village’s U DESIGN promises property owners a panoramic view of the sea.

The Types and Spaces of Units in Coronado Marina El Sokhna

Enjoy a life of comfort and pleasure on Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna, the developer offers a large group of spaces and types of available units.

All of them are distinguished by a wonderful view of the sea, Coronado Village on Marina Ain Sokhna includes many chalets with different spaces ranging from 57 Sqm  to +150 Sqm, so the customers can find the suitable space for their needs.

  • The available Chalets in Coronado EL Sokhna, which includes one or two bedrooms, is designed in average spaces of 70.
  • The space of 3-bedroom chalets starts from 115 Sqm.
Coronado Marina chalets

Chalets overlooking pools in El Sokhna

Services & Features of Coronado Village in Ain Sokhna

Coronado Village in Ain Sokhna characterizes a variety of essential services to meet the basic needs of all guests, as well as providing many recreational activities that make your vacation enjoyable and entertaining.

The integrated services and facilities provide completely integrated and fulfilled lifestyle that you have always dreamt of it, the enjoyable features and benefits, come as follows:

  • large green spaces and landscaping.
  • Coronado Marina has a lot of wonderful swimming pools with various spaces for adults and especially children.
  • safe kids area to entertain the children, in addition to aqua park which provides more fun and happiness.
  • huge garages to prevent crowding in the main streets in Coronado Sokhna.
  • many restaurants and cafes which offer the best types of food and drinks.
  • Medical services like hospitals specialize in all medical fields.
  • A lot of integrated pharmacies operate 24 hours.
  • Security systems operate throughout the day.
  • Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna includes a large clubhouse that provides entertaining services that help you to enjoy and get rid of stress.

Coronado El Sokhna prices & its Payment system

Next Deal real estate company provides a variety of integrated features in Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna, the competitive prices are the main thing that draws the attention of the customers.

Coronado Village in Ain Sokhna contains a huge number of chalets in different spaces and good prices suitable for the investors, the prices start from 1,400,000 EGP.

For More Pricing Details, Contact our Consulting Team

The installment system of Coronado Sokhna Chalets

The developer offers more than one flexible payment and instalments, which is the most attractive thing in Coronado El Sokhna village, learn more about the methods of payment in the following points:

  • The first payment method is a 10% down payment and there is 5% that has to be paid while receiving the unit t, then the remaining unit value over 3 years.
  • The second payment method is a 20% down payment and the customer pays 5% upon receipt, then the remaining amount is paod over 4 years.
  • The 3rd system requires paying 30% as a down payment in addition to 5% while receiving the unit, the instalment period for this option lasts up to 5 years.

Pick Your Most Suitable Plan and Unlock the Secrets of Luxury

Coronado Village in Ain Sokhna

The developer of Coronado in Ain Sokhna-Next deal for developments

Next Deal is one of the leading and pioneering entities in the real estate market in Egypt and owns a lot of colossal investment projects which are providing real investment opportunities throughout its experience that is appearing in selecting prevailing sites and providing many other advantages So that the company accepts the trust of customers and investors.

Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna resort was launched by Next Deal company for development, it includes many facilities and benefits that meet all needs and desires of the guests.

Other projects of the company

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  • Galala Plaza mall.
  • La Luna project Ain Sokhna.
  • valley Ain Sokhna project.
  • Santa Claus Ras Sidr.
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Faq about Corondo Marina Ain Sokhna

What is the down payment required in Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna?

10% deposit

what is the available units in Coronado Marina Ain Sokhna?



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