De Joya 3 Compound in New Capital City

De Joya 3 Compound in New Capital City
Prices start from 4,350,000 EGP
10% Down payment
7 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name De Joya 3
The Project Owner Taj Misr
The compound location New Capital city, R7
Payment Plan 10% down payment with 7-years instalment
For inquiries 01101112515

De Joya 3 New Capital Compound is the third edition of the booming project “De Joya” by Taj Misr Company. Indeed, this project doesn’t only share the same luxury level as its predecessor, instead, it exceeded its excellence in terms of location, design, and units.

On a 37-Feddan, De Joya 3 Compound was established in the heart of New Capital City representing a considerable level of integration that permits residents to experience luxury and comfort. As the compound includes a clubhouse, cinema hub, medical centre, sporting hub, local stores, sporting hub, etc.

So, if you are looking for a super lavish community in such a vital place as the new capital city where you can enjoy a high service level and perfectly-customer support, De Joya 3 New Capital Compound is the perfect match.

The Location of De Joya 3 Compound

De joya 3 compound by taj misr

De joya 3 project by taj misr

De Joya 3 Compound is strategically located in E1 Plot inside the 7th district (R7), which is considered one of the most vital areas in the New Capital City because of its centric position due to the nearby significant places.

Indeed, Taj Misr is renowned for its wise decisions in choosing a premium location for its projects, as the company always pays attention to situating the compound near a group of facilities and amenities. Let’s check out some of the nearby places from De Joya 3 Compound in the New Capital City:

  • De Joya 3 New Capital is located near the diplomatic district, the Green River, and most importantly, its proximity to both the art city and the medical city.
  • The compound can be easily accessed through the ring road and the Sheikh Ben Zayed Axis.

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The Architectural Design of De Joya 3 New Capital

Taj Misr addresses Luxury in a totally different way where remarkability is a unique touch of simplicity and authenticity to produce something that blesses the eye and satisfies the soul.

The architectural design of De Joya 3 New Capital innovatively resembles a huge aquarium, which is a modern design technique that allows residents to enjoy 180 degrees of the open space view.

Most importantly, and similar to the rest of de Joya projects, Taj Misr filled around 80% of the compound space with greenery areas and lagoons to add artistic sense to the scene.

Interestingly the greenery elements don’t appear only in the exterior design of DeJoya 3 new capital, but it’s an essential component of the unit’s terrace.

De joya 3 new capital design

The remarkable view in Dejoya 3

The Land space of De Joya 3 New Capital Compound

De Joya 3 Compound in New Capital City is established on a land space of 33 Feddan, where the latest area is occupied with eye-pleasing parks and aqua-based elements.

Taj Misr delivered the project to a team of expert architects and consultants who decided to outline a space between blocks amounting to 37 meters, which applies the highest levels of privacy and comfort.

  • Each residential block in De Joya 3 New Capital Compound is composed of a maximum of 7 floors.

The spaces and designs of residential units in De Joya 3 Compound

Taj Misr succeeded in providing an outstanding master plan for De Joya 3 Compound that would be a milestone in the housing industry for the next generation.

As the compounds offer a huge variety of apartments and duplexes in different spaces and interior designs. This allows residents to select only what matches their requirements the most.

Let’s explore some models:

  • The space of three-bedroom apartments (type a) in De Joya 3 Compound New Capital starts from 170 Sqm, with a broad garden area that amounts to 60 m2.
  • The space of duplex B (Type A) that is situated on both the ground and first floor is 277 Sqm, and the garden space is 33 m2. Note that you can find larger options for duplex B on the higher floors.
  • The space of two-bedroom apartments (Type B) on the ground floor is 122 Sqm, there’s a 33-meters garden attached.
  • The space of three-bedroom units (Type C) on the ground floor starts from 200 Sqm, with a wide garden that amounts to 49 m2.
  • The space of 3-bedroom duplexes (Type D) is 283 Sqm, and the garden space is 52 m2. The ground floor includes a master bedroom and two smaller rooms. The first floor is composed of reception, living areas, and maids’ rooms.

Kindly, consider that there’re dozens of other options waiting to be discovered by you. For further details, you can meet our team by taking one of the actions below.

apartment in de joya 3 new capital

The interior design of the apartment in De Joya 3 Compound

Services and Features available in De Joya 3 New Capital Compound by Taj Misr

With a high sort of perfection and elegance, Taj Misr offers a completely self-sufficient community that is full of most needed services and luxurious activities.

De Joya 3 New Capital Compound is a gated community where residents don’t have to take a step out of the compounds to get their needs met. Instead, whatever their need is from the commercial, recreational, and medical categories, they will find it with ease inside the compound.

Check the available services in the project in more detail:

  • DeJoya 3 New Capital launched a huge Clubhouse that extends over 66 m2 to play as a meeting center for residents.
  • Taj Misr Development was meant to keep pace with the healthy lifestyle in Egypt, so it launched a well-equipped Gym with modern machines to enable residents to boost their physical health. The gym is operated by a group of well-trained coaches.
  • At the end of the week and fists, the Spa center in de joya 3 new capital would be the favorite choice for a new beginning.
  • Swimming pools
  • The Kids’ area is one of the most important facilities in the project for parents to let their kids have some fun while their safety is ensured.
  • Strip Mall in Dejoya 3 compound is designed due to encapsulate the latest modern architectural techniques of luxury, it hosts a group of cafes, restaurants, and local brands.
  • The compound includes a medical centre where residents can find the needed specializations.

De Joya 3 New Capital Prices & its Payment System

Taj Misr Development strives to provide the highest value for residents in terms of quality and price to facilitate investment inside the New Capital City for its customers.

  • The available apartments for sale in De Joya 3 New Capital start from 4,350,000 Egp.

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The instalments system of De Joya 3 Project in the New Administrative Capital

Similar to the other residential projects of Taj Misr, De Joya 3 Compound’s new capital features an easy and prolonged instalment system that would appeal to all customers’ needs.

  • For instance, you can get your unit in dejoya Taj Misr project by paying a 10% down payment and enjoy a long instalment period of 7 years.

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The Developer of De Joya 3 New Capital Compound

De Joya 3 Compound is developed by Taj Misr, one of the prominent real estate companies in the current decade in Egypt.

The company managed to get a good customer base in a short period, since its commencement in 2006, by launching 3 residential projects labelled under the name of Dejoya and one commercial mall “Ezenda Mall”

Taj Misr Development strives to gain customers’ satisfaction by providing a well-crafted successful product that appeals to property buyers’ needs in Egypt.

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Faq about De Joya 3 New Capital Project

Who is the developer of De Joya 3 New Capital ?

Taj Misr

Where is De Joya 3 Compound ?

New Capital City, R7

What are the types of units in De Joya 3 Compound?

Duplexes- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in De Joya 3 New Capital?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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