Dejoya New Zayed by Taj : New Premises in the heart of Sheikh Zayed

Dejoya New Zayed by Taj : New Premises in the heart of Sheikh Zayed
Prices start from 10,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Dejoya New Zayed
Compound Location Sheikh Zayed City, 3 minutes from sphinx airport.
The Developer Taj Misr
Types of units Villas- Townhomes- Apartments
Payment system a 10% down payment is sufficient to book your place in Dejoya Sheikh Zayed, the remaining cost can be paid over 8 years
For inquiries 01101112515

Dejoya New Zayed is a new luxurious addition to Sheikh Zayed City, a prestigious community that offers an exceptional realm of luxury and sophistication in a way that enhances, boosts, and facilitates your lifestyle.

Taj Misr Company set its milestone in Sheikh Zayed to make a revolution in the housing industry because of the premium housing service, its superior quality, strategic location, variety of residential units, brilliant interior design that suits each home, and finally competitive prices.

If you are looking for a prestigious nearby community in the heart of Sheikh Zayed that offers distinguished facilitations in terms of the payment system, Dejoya New Zayed shall be on your top list.

Time to take your housing experience to the next level!

Dejoya New Zayed

Dejoya Sheikh Zayed Compound

The location of Dejoya New Zayed

Dejoya Zayed is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City at a three-minute distance from Sphinx airport. Taj Misr Company has been renowned for choosing prime locations for its projects, therefore, Dejoya Residence in Sheikh Zayed City is labelled with its accessibility and prestigious surroundings, the top two features that make any project applicable for sale.

As Dejoya Villas New Zayed is located directly on Alexandria-Desert road, and it’s only 7 minutes away from Mehwar which means that adults will be able to arrive at their work destinations easily, yet, the fact Sheikh Zayed is one of the main places that do include multiple education facilities, children will get superior education.

Check the nearby places from Dejoya Sheikh Zayed:

  • Dejoya Sheikh Zayed is 12 minutes away from Arkan Compound
  • The Grand Museum is 15 minutes away from Dejoya New Zayed.
  • Dejoya Villas New Zayed is 25 minutes from Mohandseen.
  • To arrive at Heliopolis and Masr Gedida, only 45 minutes are needed.
  • The distance between Sphinx airport and Dejoya in Sheikh Zayed is 3 minutes.

The land space of Dejoya Sheikh Zayed Compound

Taj Misr Developments was not only keen to choose a prime location for its project “Dejoya” but also a sufficient land space of 132 Feddan that integrates top essential and luxurious amenities was one of its main priorities.

The chosen land of Dejoya Sheikh Zayed was divided into two projects labelled with the same name “Dejoya Zayed”.

1-Dejoya Residence New Zayed

2-Dejoya Villas New Zayed 

Taj Misr is planning to introduce a new fully-fledged community that would be a genuine inspiration for the coming generations and a real milestone in the real estate industry in Egypt.

1- Dejoya Residence New Zayed

The first phase of Dejoya New Zayed is “Dejoya Residence” which is under construction on 40-Feddan land space. Dejoya Residence reflects Taj Misr’s solid expertise in launching top-notch projects due to its stunning architectural design, lush greenery landscapes, and the provided facilities.

  • Dejoya Residence Sheikh Zayed includes a variety of apartments and duplexes provided in degradable spaces that start from 70 Sqm to 200 Sqm.

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2- Dejoya Villas New Zayed

Taj Misr Company announced the launch of its promising phase “Dejoya Villas New Zayed”; a community of luxurious villas that is expected to uplevel residents’ experience to the next level of elegance. “Dejoya Villas Sheikh Zayed” occupies the largest space of the project which is 90 Feddan.

  • A bundle of ideally-designed villas will be provided in different spaces that start from 180 Sqm to 440 Sqm.

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The Architectural Design of Dejoya New Zayed Compound

According to the assigned team for designing and applying the master plan, Taj Misr announced its collaboration with one of the top branded names in the engineering consultancy firm “Medhat Dora”, Dr/Medhat was the one responsible for the Address, Greens, and finally, The American School in Zayed.

The master plan of Dejoya Villas New Zayed and Dejoya Residence Zayed is a state-of-art that speaks only for opulence, practicality, and customization. Dejoya New Zayed provides the perfect scenic view for its residents from the fact that how landscapes embrace the stunning geometry and the architectural designs, an impressive scene that is a blessing to the eye and satisfying to the soul.

Types of residential units in Dejoya Sheikh Zayed

DE JOYA Zayed is the perfect choice for whoever is looking for a variety of residential units that characterize different spaces, different interior designs, and different view options.

The first phase of Dejoya Sheikh Zayed ,”Dejoya Residence,”,  will include apartments, While Dejoya Villas New Zayed Phase II will encompass a huge number of villas (Standalone villas- twin homes, and townhome

The available types of residential units in Dejoya (Phase I & Phase II) are Townhouses- Twin houses- Standalones, and apartments.

  • The minimum space for villas is 200 Sqm.
  • The space for 1-bedroom apartments starts from 72 m2
  • The space for 2-bedroom apartments starts from 136 Sqm.
  • The space of 3-bedroom apartments starts from 151 Sqm.
  • The space of 4-bedroom apartments starts from 177 Sqm.

Besides the provided variety in De Joya Compound, Taj Misr was keen to implement the latest architectural techniques in Designing so each home would be privileged with fresh air, and sunlight touching the corners.

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Top features & Services in Dejoya New Zayed

Dejoya Sheikh Zayed offers a one-of-a-kind housing experience in which all residents’ demands are fulfilled immediately in super premium quality.

Taj Misr believes that success in the real estate industry can be only driven by following the customer’s voice, interests, and tendencies. Therefore, Taj Misr offers its property owners in Dejoya New Zayed a fully-faceted and non-stopping lifestyle by providing recreational, medical, and educational facilities.

  • Dejoya Zayed includes one of the top integrated sporting clubs in Zayed, as the club offers spaces for multiple sports (Football, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, and volley)
  • Outdoor activities in Dejoya New Zayed are meant to break residents’ daily routines, Cinemas, Social Club, and playgrounds.
  • Taj Misr Company considers the quality of daily maintenance services as a necessary service to be delivered, therefore, the company partnered with Egypt’s top maintenance companies.
  • Dejoya Villas Sheikh Zayed includes a huge commercial area that comprises stores, fun zones, and restaurants.
  • For the twenty-one century, a blessed experience cannot be done without fine dining, therefore, Dejoya Zayed Compound offers a variety of Restaurants and cafes that serve different food tastes.
  • The pedestrian trails in Dejoya Residence run across the compound to encourage residents to have their daily morning and night physical routines of jogging and cycling.
  • Dejoya Residence Compound is secured with a strong CCTV System. E-gates, and guard members.
  • For the weekend, The Health Hub is the first place that should be visited because of its outstanding spa and jacuzzi services.

The prices of Dejoya New Zayed & its Payment Plan

Taj Misr Company managed to distinguish its project “Dejoya New Zayed” with competitive prices star 10,000,000 Egp and an easy-to-handle Payment system.

  • Only a 10% down payment is required to purchase a unit in Dejoya Sheikh Zayed.
  • The instalment period lasts up to 8 years.

Taj Misr: The Developer of Dejoya New Zayed

Taj Misr Company was founded in 2006 as one a subsidiary of EICC (The Egyptian International Construction Co.) one of the leading construction companies in Egypt.

Since the company’s commencement, it strives to dominate the real estate market in Egypt by providing a level of luxury that has never been seen in terms of design, options, and location.

After launching dozens of residential and commercial projects all over Egypt that were perceived as the best-selling compounds, Taj Misr decided to add a new top-notch project to its portfolio ” Dejoya Sheikh Zayed”, reviving the housing experience in Sheikh Zayed.

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FAQ about Dejoya New Zayed Compound

Who is the developer of Dejoya New Zayed Compound?

Taj Misr Company

Where is Dejoya Villas Sheikh Zayed located?

Sheikh Zayed, 3 minutes away from sphinx airport

What are the types of units in Dejoya New Zayed ?

Townhomes- villas- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in Dejoya New Zayed Compound?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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