Ever Compound in Sheikh Zayed City

Ever Compound in Sheikh Zayed City
Prices start from 11,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Ever
Project Owner Cred Company
Project space 40 Feddan
Available units Apartments- duplexes
Payment System 10% down payment, and 8-year instalment
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Ever West Compound is a new milestone added to Cred Company’s contributions list that perceived great attention from property buyers due to its prime location in Sheikh Zayed City and its competitive prices.

Cred Company was keen to introduce a state-of-art integrated community “Ever Compound”, rather than just attached buildings, accordingly, property owners can enjoy an exquisite level of sophistication and comfort.

The exceptionality represented in Everr Sheikh Zayed is highly evident in offering customized housing options that appeal to customers’ needs.

If you are looking for a perfectly-located compound in October with a philosophy of luxury well integrated, Ever West is your perfect match.

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Ever West Compound

Outstanding archtictural design of Ever West Compound

The Location of Ever Compound

Ever Compound features a strategic location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City with direct access to the 26 July axis. The compound’s nearness to the monorail, a new transportation network currently under construction by the government, duplicates the compound’s accessibility from distant places.

Living in such a prestigious compound “Ever West Compound” is an opportunity for those who are looking for a prestigious lively neighbourhood, yet far away from the hustle of the crowdedness.

The Nearby Places From Ever Sheikh Zayed

Check the nearby places from Ever Compound in Sheikh Zayed City

  • Ever Sheikh Zayed by Cred is 10 minutes away from Misr university.
  • The distance between the international sphinx airport and Ever west Zayed is 5 minutes
  • Ever Compound in Sheikh Zayed is located 5 minutes away from Ikea.

The land space of Ever Compound by Cred

On a 40-Feddan land, Ever Compound is constructed by Cred Company in the heart of Sheikh Zayed offering a vibrant and super-integrated community, where residents can meet their like-minded peers.

Cred Company set a perfect master plan for “Ever Cred” with a cutting-edge land division that comprises vast landscapes and waterway features between units, while the remaining parts will be delivered with huge.

Cred Company was prudent while setting its recruiting criteria for choosing the responsible design team for Ever Compound; visionary leaders who can turn an empty land space into a state-of-art community that relies on a solution-oriented approach in the first place.

Indeed, the architectural design of residential units in Ever West Sheikh Zayed is worth property buyers’ attention. How the symmetrical shapes are well-designed in a way that let the perfect amount of natural sunlight & fresh air came into the house.

Types of residential units in Ever Cred Compound

Ever Cred Compound is divided into two stages, the first phase is planned to include low-rise buildings and 4 floors. While the second phase is expected to reflect a higher level of sophistication through high-rise buildings that include 9 floors, a huge commercial podium is attached to each building.

  • The minimum space provided in Ever Cred is 120 m2 for small two-bedroom apartments and up to 200 m2 for a mid-size apartment.
Ever Compound by Cred

Ever Compound residential block with glass facades

Last, but not least, if the quality of the construction material is one of your main concerns, you should know that the construction of Ever Sheikh Zayed uses only premium and high quality.

Top features & Services in Ever West Compound

Ever West Sheikh Zayed features superiority in terms of integration level, as Cred Company prioritized customers’ requirements as metrics for success during the planning phase.

That’s why living in Ever West Compound grants a super fulfilled-needs lifestyle, both luxurious and essential are included.

Check the available services in Ever:

  • Ever West Compound offers medical clinics in different specializations, so residents don’t have to step out of the compound in case of emergencies.
  • The Garbage shoot being implemented in Ever 6 October is a cutting-edge feature that commonly exists in European countries.
  • Ever West Sheikh Zayed is distinguished by vast breathtaking landscapes that are seamlessly intertwined in the view.
  • The compound includes multiple outdoor swimming pools around the compound alongside the home-attached pools.
  • Cred Company offers a well-planned residential unit variety of apartments and duplexes in Ever Compound
  • The Clubhouse is the ideal place where all family members can have quality time enjoying their favourite activity, whether it’s artistic, social, or physical.
  • The residential buildings in Ever West Sheikh Zayed are symmetrically designed with underground parking to lessen the space needed for parking and ensure the safety of vehicles.

Ever West 6 October by Cred

Ever West October Prices & Payment Plans

Offering unbeatable prices that can stand alone in the market as a competitive advantage was one of the main goals for Cred Company while setting its pricing strategy.

Ever West Prices set by Cred Company are extremely unique because of the high-standard value provided in return.

  • Apartments for sale in Ever West Compound start from 11,000,000 Eg.

Time to Invest in Ever Compound Now!

The Payment System announced in Ever Compound

The payment system of Ever Compound shall be highlighted as one of the top remarkable advantages provided by Cred.

  • amount of only a 10% down payment is required to purchase a unit in Ever West Compound, while the remaining cost can be easily paid over 8 years.

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The Developer of Ever West in Sheikh Zayed- Cred

Ever West Compound is developed in sheikh Zayed City by Cred Company, a leading subsidiary company to the ABC Construction Company, established in 1982 in KSA, and Masrya International Group, established in 1997 in Egypt.

The upshot of this successful collaboration led to the development of a series of booming projects in Egypt, that received genuine trust from property buyers in Egypt because of the mother companies’ reputation, such as Castle Landmark and Castle Mall Gate In the New Capital City.

It’s worth mentioning that the company invested around 4 billion at the current moment in its first three projects in the New Capital City, yet, there’s left to be done in the capital by Cred.

The foundation of Cred Company depends mainly on one pivotal philosophy which is credibility; credibility can only be driven by customers’ trust that they only show when the company pays attention to the smallest details they promised once the project is out.

Combining customers’ expectations in one big dream is solid proof of the company’s solid expertise in designing and developing well-curated residential spaces.

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FAQ related to Ever West Sheikh Zayed

Who is the developer of Ever West Sheikh Zayed?


What is the location of Ever West?

Ever is located in Sheikh Zayed, 5 minutes from Ikea

What is the prices of Ever West ?

The average price is 11,000,000

What is the land space of Ever Sheikh Zayed?

40 Feddan is the land space for Ever Sheikh Zayed

What is the payment system of Ever Sheikh Zayed?

10% down payment & 8-years instalment

How can I contact the sales team in Ever Sheikh Zayed?



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