Fashionz Residences| Danube Kicks off a New Era of Elite Residences

Fashionz Residences| Danube Kicks off a New Era of Elite Residences
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The Fruitful Collaboration between Danube Properties and Fashion TV in Dubai brought forth an extraterrestrial integrated housing tower in the heart of Jumeirah Village “Fashionz Residences” with almost 65 floors.

Fashionz Danube breaks the conventional frames of the housing industry from being just a brick-and-mortar building, that is easy to find anywhere, to an ineffable haute couture-inspired residence to an unforgettable opulent lifestyle.

With a one-of-a-kind fashionable design of 5 Podiums, set by Danube and Tv Fashion in Dubai, the project is expected to embark on media propaganda by becoming a legend in the housing industry and one of the most trustworthy sought-after residences in the Middle East.

Why Choose to Live in Fashionz Residences Danube in Dubai?

This stunning duet seeks to introduce extraordinary terrain that features a compelling design characterised by its luxury stamp and solution-based techniques, implementing the highest levels of comfort, to add a convenient value for residents.

Fashionz Danube Residences marks superb elegant interiors and exteriors that are second to none, as they’re intrinsically driven by fashion icons that are well-infused in the world of practicality.

65-Floors Tower shall be highlighted as an epitome of world-class integration, as each floor is provided with an endless specular number of outdoor amenities, in addition to the indoor bouquet, such as wellness hub, infinity pools, retail stores, outdoor cinema, business office, and entertaining activities.

Where Danube Fashionz Residences is located?

Fashionz Residences by Danube is located in Al Barsha South of Jumairah Triangle Village; one of the luxurious spots in Dubai that features 2 contradicting locatiable traits which are connectivity and crowd remoteness.

Living in a sky-touching tower in Jumeirah Village is a dream sought-after by classy-taste people. As Jumeirah Triangle is considered a cost-effective housing opportunity for those who are looking for a centric-based location, through which they can visit several communities and labour-based firms.

The nearby Places from Fashionz Residences in Dubai

  • 13 minutes from Dubai Marina
  • 15 minutes from Jumeirah Beach
  • 18 minutes from Dubai Eye
  • 20 minutes from Downtown Dubai
  • 22 minutes from Dubai Water Canal
  • 28 minutes from Dubai International Airport

Moreover, the designation of Jumeirah Triangle, which is rolling over the junction of Sheikh Muhammed Bn. Zayed (E311) and Al Khail Road, to become a family-supporting city is one of the main reasons that weighs the value of Fashionz Danube Residences.

Fashionz Danube location in Jumeirah Village Triangle

Jumeirah Village Triangle JVT, Fashionz Danube Location

Fashion TV Kicks off a New Era of Elite Residences “Fashionz Residence”

Fashion TV Company believes that apparel isn’t just a piece of cloth, it’s a way of expressing people’s perceptions and lifestyles.

Fashion TV is a pioneering company in the fashion industry that was founded in 1998 in Europe, and then started to expand to the East by initiating different events, such as moderating tv programs and bringing quality fashionable products forth.

The way that Fashion Tv tried to promote its strategy by building a massive residential tower in Dubai “Fashionz” was an out-of-this-world idea that aims to reflect its futuristic vision and creativity.

After being a leading company for more than 30 years, contributing with Danube Properties to collaboratively launch Fashionz Danube Residences was the perfect needed step to take the industry to a new level of excellence.

However, Fashion TV Company pleasedly celebrated the propaganda and fanfare made following the launch of Fashionz Tower Residence, and being one of the worldwide highlighted residential towers.

The Design of Fashionz Residence Danube

Fashionz TV and Danube Company for properties collaboratively seek to make a revolution in the housing industry in Dubai and the middle east, by crafting a 65-floor tower that is composed of a ground floor, 5 podiums, and a scenic rooftop through which your sight is pleased with JVT views.

Indeed, commencing a residential tower branded by Fashion Tv was a daunting challenge, in terms of how the company merges the concept of fashion in the smallest building details to imply both practicality and luxury in one scene.

The exteriors in Fashionz Residences Danube are driven by iconic symbols used in the fashion world to embark on a new perception of prestige through which residents can experience individuality and uniqueness.

Fashionz Residences Danube in Dubai

Fashionz Compound Interiors Inspired by Haute Couture

The company promises its customers a remarkable development project with idiosyncratic Interiors, through which fashion can be loudly observed.

Infusing the bright crystals found in ceilings, walls, and decors, in Fashionz Dubai Residences, with exquisite fashionable modules is meant to revamp the lifestyle from conventional luxury to an upscale unbelievable level.

Fashionz Danube Apartments

What Are the Available Units in Fashionz Danube Residence in Dubai?

Fashionz Danube Project is Dubai’s 1st choice for well-crafted and integrated housing residences at convenient prices in Jumeirah Village, where all your needs and demands are identified in one luxurious apartment.

With a total number of 802 luxurious apartments in Fashionz Danube Residences varied between studios and apartments, interested elites are entitled to choose the most appealing space and design.

Residential studios and apartments in Fashionz Dubai feature a smart design that allows residents to enjoy an open panoramic scene.

1- Fashionz Danube Studios

The studio in Fashion TV Branded Residences features a unique design parallel to a standalone villa, in which property owners or tenants can find a private pool and impressive balcony.

  • The Space of the presidential studio in Fashionz Danube is 336 Sq. ft. This module is distinguished by a massive terrace of 95 Sq that includes a private pool.
  • Studio B comes with a larger space of 375 Sq.ft, in addition to a picturesque terrace of 153 sq.

2- The Presidential Suite by Danube

The suite at Danube Fashionz Compound is considered a true leap in the housing industry, because of its massive space and its deluxe interior design.

  • The suites are designed in a total space of 596 Sq.ft, featuring huge spaces for a balcony, office, and infinity pool.

3- Fashionz Residence Apartments

Danube Properties was keen to meet its customers’ requirements for the number of rooms, thus, interested buyers can find apartments that include 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and, finally, 3 bedrooms.

The space of Fashionz apartments came as follows: 654 Sq.ft, 891, 901, and, unbelievably, 1188 sq. ft.

  • The space of 1-bedroom apartments in Danube Fashionz starts from 596 Sq. ft to 645.
  • The space of 2-bedroom apartments ranges from 891 Sq. ft to 907.
  • 1,188 sq. ft is the branding space for 3-bedroom apartments in Fashionz Residences Dubai.

Fashionz Residence Features World-Class Facilities

Danube Properties invites people to stay rejuvenated through a wide range of entertaining luxurious amenities, in addition to a boutique of essential services.

The master plan of the project is stunningly set to promote connectivity and accessibility, as all floors can have easy access to the outdoor amenities:

The below table shows how Fashionz Dunabe Residence fulfils residents’ needs impressively

  • Aqua Gym
  • Skating Rink
  • Cigar Lounge
  • Fashion Ramp
  • Badminton Court
  • Fashion Plaza
  • Splash Pad
  • Padel Court
  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Kids pool
  • Swimming pools
  • Parking Lots
  • Prayer Hall
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Toddler Care
  • BBQ area
  • 24h security
  • Retail Stores
Wellness Center
  • Scenic landscapes
  • Chess Court
  • Tennis Hall
  • Health Bar
  • Jogging Track
  • Zumba Studio
  • Business Center

Why do Dubians trust the Danube as their trusted property supplier?

1993 features the inception of one of the leading real estate companies in Dubai “Danube Properties”.

Danube Company started its operation as a small construction material provider inside Dubai with notable steps, and it kept expanding and enhancing its services day after day, till it managed to launch 40 operating branches in 9 countries.

The brilliant flagship designs of Danube were highlighted by being awarded in 2016 and 2018 as one of the best real estate developers in the Middle East by Forbes.

Despite the rival competition in Dubai Real Estate, Danube Properties has managed to prove its trustworthiness among other providers, by meeting users’ requirements in terms of cost-effectiveness, prime locations, and deluxe designs.

  • Freehold ownership
  • Extended instalments
  • Flexible down payments
  • On-time delivery
  • High ROI

Fashionz Danube Prices & Instalments

Danube Properties announced the availability of +800 presidential units in Fashionz Residences Tower, in different spaces and amenities, hence, different prices.

Fashionz Danube Residence offers exclusively convenient instalment plans, to ease the investments, which come as follows:

  • A 10% down payment is required on booking to own your key in Fashionz Tower Residences
  • 54% is paid while the unit is under construction
  • 1% has to be paid while delivering the keys.
  • 35% post-handover

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