Why Galleria Moon Valley compound is Worth your attention?

Why Galleria Moon Valley compound is Worth your attention?
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10% Down payment
7 Installment years
Last updated 2022-07-11
Project details
Compound Name Galleria Moon Valley
The developer Arabia Holding
Project Location Fifth Settlement, new Cairo city, Cairo Governorate
unit types Villa - Penthouse - Duplex
Payment System 10% down payment, 7 years installments
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Galleria Moon Valley provides you with a one-of-a-kind housing experience in the most prestigious areas with payment facilitation that extends up to 8 years.

Galleria Moon Valley is one of Arabia Holding’s projects that buyers perceived as the most luxurious compound in the neighbourhood.

Indeed, the compound represents a high-standard living through the modern building that simulates European architectural detail and eye-pleasant views.

Inside Galleria Compound New Cairo, property buyers can enjoy a broad group of services that include education centres, a shopping mall, swimming pools, centres for special needs, restaurants and cafes area, security, a wellness club, etc.

Galleria Moon Valley Location

Arabia Holding Company selected a perfect spot for the Galleria Moon Valley location in the heart of Golden Square, one of the prestigious areas in the Fifth settlement.

The flawless selection of the Galleria compound location lies in the high progress witnessed in Golden square from both commercial and residential projects.

Galleria Compound is located close to the new Cairo club, Suez Road, and EL Sokhna Road.

Top Nearby places to Galleria Compound New Cairo

  • Galleria Moon Valley is 10 minutes away from Cairo Airport
  • Galleria Valley New Cairo is located 8 minutes away from the center of the city.
  • It’s only 10 minutes needed to arrive at the American University (AUC)
  • Those heading to 90th street need only around 3 minutes to arrive.

Galleria Moon Valley Design

Galleria Moon Valley compound is constructed on 71 Feddans in a strategic area in the golden square where customers can highly benefit from the facilities and amenities provided in the area.

Enhancing the life quality is one of the top priorities for the Arabia holding company, which was apparent in the company’s perfect division of the compound space, where 18% of the total space is allocated for building units while the remaining was devoted for different services.

To match customers’ expectations for high-standard living, all the units are designed to simulate the modern techniques that apply practical solutions.

the modern designs of galleria moon valley compound

Galleria Moon Valley residential units

Similar to all Arabia holding projects, the compound offers multiple housing options in different spaces where a buyer can pick their favorite unit according to the needed space.

All the residential units in Galleria Moon Valley are featured with glass facades to add more elegance to the compound overview.

  • The space of villas in Galleria Moon starts from 125 SQM
  • The space of the Penthouse starts from 130 SQM to 200 SQM.
  • The space of a garden-based duplex starts from 352 which is a considerable space for big family members.

The interior design of the Residential units in Galleria compound fifth settlement is perfectly outlined to empower buyers to utilize the space to their needs.

galleria moon valley compound contains many residential buildings

The Master Plan of Galleria Compound New Cairo

Galleria Compound New Cairo Master Plan was set by sharp-witted employees in the company who proved excellence in applying contemporary techniques for both the design and types of units.

The facades of Residential units in Galleria Moon compound were brilliantly designed to provide a sense of elegance for residents.

Moreover, the compound division into two main sections (Residential part and commercial space and greenery areas in between ) was a wise decision toward a fully integrated community.

Galleria Moon Valley Features and Services

If you are looking for a luxurious compound in the fifth settlement that is labelled as one of the best-served communities.

While planning the services, the company analyzed the customers’ primary demands for a better life and then delivered high-quality services in different aspects.

In other words, Arabia holding allocated its efforts to different aspects that include educational services, commercial needs, maintenance services, safety, and other facilitation services.

  • The availability of a Private Garage for residents of the Fifth Square compound is a concern for many.
  • Galleria New Cairo is operated with electrical generators to prevent issues if the light goes out.
  • Constant maintenance services for all the units in the compound.
  • For the first time in Fifth settlements’ compounds, Galleria offers special needs-based centres to provide support for families.
  • The compound design is classified as one of the most compounds that offer eye-pleasant views because of the fountains and green tracks.
  • Galleria New Cairo offers a 24\7 security level by hiring a well-trained safeguard team whose responsibility is to take care of belongings and individuals.
  • The compound is secured with a smart security system of cameras.
  • Galleria Compound New Cairo supports fitness lovers through a five-star wellness hub that is supervised by highly experienced trainers.
  • Large swimming pools are designed differently according to the need.
  • A huge Commercial Mall that collaborates with well-known stores to deliver residents’ needs.
  • Arabia Holding set education services as one of its main goals in the master plan through international schools that welcome all education levels.
  • Many restaurants and cafes in which residents can enjoy mouth-watering dishes.
  • Galleria Moon Valley provides a wellness club.
  • Most importantly, the Fifth Square compound contains large spaces ideal for holding events and parties.
  • Advanced Gym and spa in the heart of Galleria Moon valley new Cairo.
  • Education centres and libraries serve students’ needs.
  • A Playground Kids’ offers different entertaining games.
  • An enchanting large fountain is considered the perfect added touch to the compound.

swimming pool in moon valley new cairo

Galleria Moon Valley Prices & its Payment plans

Galleria Moon Compound offers competitive prices with controllable instalment plans that last up to 8 years upon the customer’s choice.

Payment plans are divided into three types:

  1. The 1st Payment plan allows buyers to pay only 5% of the total unit cost and pay the remaining over 7 years.
  2. The 2nd Payment plan allows buyers to pay only 10% of the total unit cost and pay the remaining over 7 years.
  3. The 3rd Payment plan allows buyers to pay only 20% of the total unit cost and pay the remaining over 8 years.

Note that all the types of units are provided in multiple spaces so customers would be capable of purchasing the unit of their dream according to their price average.

Galleria Moon Valley developer

Arabia Holding has become one of the market leaders in Egypt after introducing Moon Valley 1 and two as one of the top opulent compounds in New Cairo.

Since Arabia’s inception 27 years ago, the company was keen to deliver real value to its customers through innovative designs and practical solutions that would be a new approach for the future of real estate in Egypt.

What distinguishes Arabia holding projects among others is its perfect residential units variety that includes Standalone Villas, Mini Standalone Villas, Twin Villas, Twin houses, and Townhouses.

Arabia holding a launch for many residential buildings in Heliopolis, Nasr City, and Alexandria, considered the first notable growth for the company. After that, the company expanded all over Egypt fully integrated.

Top projects by Arabia Holding

  • Galleria Moon valley 1, 2
  • Galleria residence
  • Sun capital city in 6th of October city

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Galleria Moon Valley

Who is the developer of Galleria Moon Valley

Arabia Holding Company

Where is Galleria Moon Valley Compound located?

Golden Square

How can I contact the Consulting team in Galleria Moon Valley?

Through the following no: 01101112515

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