Hacienda Bay North Coast Resort

Developer: Palm Hills Development
Hacienda Bay North Coast Resort
Prices start from 9,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
6 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project Name Hacienda Bay
The Developer Palm Hills
Project space 495
Types of units Villas- Chalets- Town houses
Payment system 10% down payment and 6-year instalment
For inquries 01101112515

Hacienda Bay on the North Coast resembles a revolution in the coastal industry because of its artistic panoramic sea view, solution-based innovative design, and integration class.

Palm Hills Company, the resort developer, excelled in its experience by introducing a flagship coastal project that blends the beachy golden lifestyle and the architectural progress of the current era, by contracting with the top-experienced designing firms in Egypt.

The available units in the Project exceeded customers’ expectations because of their variety, as it includes standalone villas, chalets, and townhouses.

Hacienda Bay North Coast reshaped the coastal experience by offering a wide range of activities and services to enable property owners to enjoy their vacation to the peak.

If You are looking for a luxurious spot where you can head for vacations, a place where you can invest your savings and receive a premium vibrant lifestyle quality where you don’t have to go far away from your home, Hacienda Bay is your favourite choice.

The location of Hacienda Bay

Hacienda Bay Resort is strategically located in one of the top deluxe areas on the North Coast, Sidi Abd El Rahman. The fact that the resort is situated on the kilo 200 of Cairo-Alex desert road makes it easier for owners to arrive from their destinations in a short time, as the distance between Marsa Matrouh and the resort is 60 minutes.

Nearby Places from Hacienda Bay in Sidi Abd El Rahman:

  • The distance between hacienda Resort North Coast and New Alamein airport is 15 minutes.
  • The distance between the resort and World war II Museum is 10 minutes.
  • The distance between Cairo and Hacienda Bay Sidi Abd El Rahman is 275 Kilos.
  • The distance between Palm Hills New Alamein and the resort is 25 minutes.
  • The distance between the resort and Hacienda West is 65 minutes.

The Land Space of Hacienda Bay Resort on the North Coast

hacienda bay north coast resort

Time to chill with the golden sand of Hacienda Bay

In order to introduce the new experience of an integrated beachy lifestyle, Palm Hills Company intended to choose a massive land space of 495 Feddan to be able to include a wide range of recreational, commercial, and luxurious services in Hacienda Bay North Coast Resort.

Palm Hills showcased its brilliant expertise in setting a smart master plan for the coastal industry projects, in other words, the land of Hacienda Bay resort is designed in accordance with the importance of providing a balance between landscapes, lagoons, and multi-use areas of facilities.

Types of Residential Units in Hacienda Bay Resort

Palm Hills Development believes that providing a variety of options regarding residential units makes it easier for property buyers to find the unit that matches their tastes and specifications, in terms of space and interior design.

On 400,000 m2 of land space, the company managed to diversify Hacienda Bay Resort units as follows ( Chalets Junior- Garden View Villa- Garden View Senior Chalet- Golf Grand- Sea Side- Lagoon View- Sea Front- Golf Premium- twin houses). Let’s have a quick overview of the average space set for each unit.

  • The space of Bay Villa is composed of 2 floors is 340 M2
  • The space of garden-based chalets in Hacienda Bay North Coast starts from 200 sqm, and garden space is excluded.
  • The space of the twin house starts from 399 m2
  • The space of water villas starts from 353 m2

All homes in the resort are supported with Smart intercome.

The Architectural Design of Hacienda Bay

The Architectural Design of Hacienda Bay Resort on the North Coast takes the design firm of the tropical vibes into a new realm of lavishness, uniqueness, and serenity.

A state-of-art design that was brought to reality by intellectual minds in the industry who intended to enable owners to get dwelled by driving through the gleaming skies and the sunny sands, while still being able to feel the splendours of the contemporary designs.

hacienda bay north coast resort

Promenade in Hacienda Bay North Coast

Top Features & Services in Hacienda Bay North Coast

Offering a superior comfy lifestyle that shares the same vibrancy of city life is one of the main missions behind launching Hacienda Bay North Coast; Accordingly, Palm Hills Development was keen to make the project full of medical and commercial services, in addition to a group of activities.

  • Lakeyard in Hacienda Bay North Coast is perfectly designed to be the ultimate destination to experience vibrancy through boutique restaurants and cafes, entertaining activities, and finally, you can enjoy shopping from some local brands.
  • Palm Hills introduce an innovative golf course, that was awarded Sanford golf for its authentic seaside design.
  • To make Hacienda Bay resort competent for a long safe stay, the developer provided medical health care centre with professional doctors who are ready to serve 24/7 h.
  • The projects support vacationers to keep pace with their healthy lifestyles by hosting Barca Academy and BEFIT 30.
  • The company contracted with one of the best holistic companies in MENA to launch a five-star hotel in the resort.
  • For more safety, the resort is supported with smart E-gates and CCTV systems.

Hacienda Bay Prices & its Payment System

A competitive price for a superior quality product would be always the winning equation. Therefore, Palm Hills Development announced its competitive prices for Chalets in Hacienda Bay Resort that start from 7,775,000 Egp.

  • Water Villas available for sale in Hacienda Bay Sahel starts from 23.5 million

Meet Our Consulting Team For More Details

The down payment of Hacienda Bay Palm Hills

Palm Hills decided to facilitate the payment process for its customers by requiring a small down payment.

  • Buying a chalet or villa in Hacienda Bay Palm Hills requires paying a 10% down payment. The remaining cost can be easily paid in equal instalments of 6 years.
local stores in hacienda bay resort

The developer of Hacienda Bay Resort

Palm Hills Development is the project owner of Hacienda Bay; indeed, the company has a bouquet of coastal projects on the North Coast; such as Hacienda White and Palm Hills Alamein.

Palm Hills is a forerunner company in the real estate market that was founded in 1997, and with the excessive effort of providing a sustainable and high-quality residential and coastal project, the company managed to get listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange.

With a total number of 34 projects all over Egypt, The company managed to be committed to its mission of offering fully-fledged luxurious communities that fulfil residents’ exact needs. one of the top projects of Palm Hills on the North Coast is Hacienda West.

FAQ Related to Hacienda Bay

Who is the developer of Hacienda Bay?

City Edge

Where is Hacienda Bay located?

North Coast

What are the types of units in Hacienda Bay?


How can i contact the consulting team in Hacienda Bay?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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