Haptown Mostakbal City

Haptown Mostakbal City
Prices start from 3,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
9 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name HAPTOWN
The compound Location Mostakbal City
Available Units Standalone Villas- Twin Villas- Townhomes
Project space 250 Feddan
The Developer Hassan Allam Company
Payment plans Purchase a unit with a 5% down payment, and pay the rest over 9 years.
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HAPTOWN Mostakbal City is a flagship project located in the heart of Mostakbal City with an exceptional luxurious quality that is meant to reframe the housing experience in Egypt.

Haptownn in Al Mostakbal City is superbly designed with fully-integrated spaces where residents can find a place to visit or an activity to do in order to fulfil their commercial, medical, and leisure needs.

The way that the landscapes are mixed with the liner parks and outdoor exercise areas in Haptown Mostakbal City are integrated together to form a stunning view that shouldn’t be missed for a promising housing experience.

Yet, Haptown prices represent an attractive opportunity for whoever looking to invest his money in one of the most luxurious communities, which is expected to lead in the next decade.

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Residential space in Haptown Mostakbal City

Buildings and landscapes in Haptown Mostakbal City

The location of Haptown Compound

Haptown Compound developed by Hassan Allam is located in a strategic area in Al Mostakbal City featuring an extremely prestigious neighborhood that is situated minutes away from Haptown. The Haptown Mostakbal City resembles a connection between both East and West of Cairo.

Stretching over a huge land of 243 Feddan inside Mostakbal City, the compound’s vital location provides accessibility to the main areas in both Greater Cairo and New Cairo, through Cairo-Suez Road, road 90, and Cairo-Sukhna Road.

  • Going to either Madinet Nasr or Masr Gadida from your house in Haptown requires only 10 minutes of driving, which makes transportation much easier.
  • Hyde Park is only 10 minutes away from Haptown Mostakbal City.

The land space of Haptown Mostakbal City

Haptown Mostakbal City is a 243-land compound located in the heart of Mostakbal city, a huge multi-functional community where buyers can feel connected.

Indeed, choosing such a huge land space for building Haptown wasn’t a coincidence, as the company was keen to provide endless facilities and services of superior quality.

Accordingly, the space of Haptown Mostakbal City was perfectly positioned upon a solution-oriented approach that grants immediate fulfilment to owners’ needs. For instance, around 24,000 meters were dedicated to the commercial area and 49,000 meters to the administrative units.

The Architectural Design of Haptown

The linkage between The Hassan Allam Company and Haptown Compound reflects a definite top-notch architectural design, as the company perfectly selects its partners who can produce innovative and solution-oriented designs.

Accordingly, Haptown Mostakbal City collaborated with CallisonRTKL to outline stunning and well-utilized spaces for small and mid-sized units, yet, Alchemy company had a considerable role in providing seamless designs for villas in Haptown.

The design of Haptown mostakbal city

Haptown Mostakbal City

Types of Residential Units in Haptown Mostakbal City

The residential space in Haptown Mostakbal City, called Seasons extension, is spread over 77,000 Sqm comprising rich housing options of standalone villas, twin villas, and townhomes.

  • Hassan Allam Company is committed to meeting customers’ expectations in providing the house of their dreams by offering many residential options in different spaces that start from 115 m2 to 250 m2.

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Villa in Haptown Hassan Allam

Villa in Haptown Hassan Allam

Top Services & features in Haptown Mostakbal City

Haptown Mostakbal City Complex is perfectly designed to promote the residents’ lifestyle by forming a connected and multifunctional housing experience where they feel directly attached to their needs.

The commercial mall represents two essential elements of HAPTOWN’s master plan which are dynamic and integration, as the stores and brands overlook administrative offices and different facilities.

  • Hassan Allam Company gave much consideration to enhancing the quality of the provided services and facilities in Haptown which gave an extra boost to customers’ experience.
  • The sports club is the perfect complex to pursue the sport of your dreams sored in a premium level of proficiency through expert trainers and coaches, the club offers integrated spaces for the whole family to be able to watch their children and beloved ones practising.
  • The central plaza in Haptown Mostakbal City is a multi-faceted area where residents can find a wide selection of world-class brands and stores, setting areas and cafes to rest from their shopping.
  • A full-fledged business district in Haptown Mostakbal City is designed with a prosperous mindset that guarantees high productivity and a richer experience for employees. The district features proximity to the residential spaces in Haptown.
  • The residential extension in HAPTOWN Hassan Allam features a modern lifestyle of lush greenery areas and linear parks.
  • The security level in HAPTOWN is sufficient to feel safe and secure.
  • Leisure-based spaces for every member of the family, from the smallest toddlers to the elderly members.
  • A private garden interface is an essential component of residential and commercial spaces.
  • Pharmacies and the medical centre in Haptown Mostakbal City were essential additions to grant customers health.

Haptown Hassan Allam Prices & Payment System

The prices of Haptown Hassan Allam are classified as one of the most competitive in the neighbourhood because of its outstanding luxurious lifestyle and super integrated lifestyle.

  • The price for apartments in Haptown is from 3.000.000 Egp.
  • The average price of Villas starts from 10.300.000 Egp.

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The Instalment Plans of Haptown Mostakbal City

The company prioritized the ease of the payment system of Haptown Mostakbal City as one of its main benefits for property owners; as the instalment system lasts up to 9 years.

  • The First Payment plan features paying all of the following: a 5 % down payment while signing the contract and 10% while receiving the unit.
  • The second plan requires paying a 5% down payment and a 9-year instalment.

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Haptown Compound

The Developer of HAPTOWN Mostakbal City: Hassan Allam

HAPTOWN compound in Mostakbal City is developed by Hassan Allam on a huge space of 243 Feddan, the long expertise of around 55 years was clearly embodied in the compound’s construction.

Hassan Allam Company has origins in the Egyptian market since 1936, yet, the company started to join the real estate industry in 1972 labelled Hassan Allam Sons.

Hassan Allam Company for construction plays an effective role in catering personalized-home experiences in which residents feel entirely belonged and satisfied.

All the projects of Hassan Allam are a true representation of how premium quality is needed to develop a luxurious community coping with the present day. Starting from the planning phase till the execution, premium quality was implemented.

Besides the innovative residential projects in New Cairo and October by Hassan Allam, the company has been developing stunning vacational-based resorts with a high level of integration, including Venice Gulf resort in Ain Sokhna and Swane Lake in Al Guona.

Hassan Allam Portfolio

  • Swane Lake residence, New Cairo
  • Park View
  • Swane Lake North Coast

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FAQ about HAPTOWN Hassan Allam Compound

Who is the developer of HAPTOWN Mostakbal City?

Hassan Allam Company

Where is HAPTOWN Compound located?

The heart of AL Mostakbal City

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Haptown Hassan Allam Compound?

Contact the following number: 01101112515

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