Joulz Compound 6 October

Joulz Compound 6 October
Prices start from 9,000,000 EGP
15% Down payment
7 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Joulz Compound
Project Owner Inertia Company
Available Units Townhomes- apartments- villas-duplexes
Payment System You can purchase with a 15% down payment, and pay the remaining cost over 7 years.
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Joulz Compound 6 October is a state-of-art Community launched by Inertia Company on a huge space of 111 Feddan with vibrant lush greenery areas that take up around 73% of the compound’s total space.

Joulz Compound in Sheikh Zayed is the perfect location you need for a highly accessible point through which you, and your family, can reach your destination within a few minutes.

Inertia Company didn’t fail to amaze its customers with the innovative clean design of its compound or its vital location, yet, Joulz October includes many stunning apartments for sale with stunning interior and exterior designs.

Joulz Compound Location

The location of Joulz Compound was wisely chosen by Inertia Company on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road with proximity to Mohandseen by around 20 minutes.

Living in Joulz October Compound is a perfect opportunity for whoever desires to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city and yet be connected to the main highways of Egypt, such as the regional ring road.

Joulz Compound 6 October is located near centric areas such as dandy mall, Rmeaya Square, and Lebanon Square.

Joulz Compound Location

The Map of Joulz compound

The land space of Joulz Compound

Inertia Company launched Joulz on a huge land in October City that amounts a 111 Feddan, around 77% of which is perfectly designed with fascinating green areas and facilities.

It’s not about brick and mortar, it’s all about providing the best environment for a happy fully-faceted living, thus, Joulz Compound October is designed based on sustainable philosophy that helps in providing the best-relaxed atmosphere for residents.

The residential units in Joulz Compound 6 October Compound represent around 33% of the total space, and the total number of units, that include townhomes- villas- apartments, reached 1150.

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The Residential Spaces in Joulz October Compound

The residential area in Joulz October comprises five lavish residential spaces: the park view and the peak came at the top list.

Each space in Joulz October is renowned for its peculiar design that offers the same level of luxury for residents, with a distinctive composition of various residential units in each one.

How the parks are outlined in the residential spaces makes it a unique experience for residents, as the neighbourhood contains around 8 themed parks with special designs to suit the main theme of the phase.

Joulz 6 October

Types of residential units in Joulz Compound 6 October

On a 111-Feddan Compound, property buyers are privileged to pick their favourite unit varying from apartments, twin homes, and townhomes.

The huge number of apartments in Joulz Compound 6 October provides residents with a unique lifestyle in which they can feel like “ A City inside a compound”, a vital morning full of people who share the same interests and hobbies.

  • The space of apartments in Joulz Compound starts from 65 m2 for a small unit for one person, and up to 212 m2.
  • The villa space in Joulz starts from 346 m2 and up to 399 m2.
  • The average space of a twin house in Joulz is 293 m2.
  • The minimum space for a townhouse corner is 252 m2 and reaches 310 m2.
  • The space of the twin house [middle type] starts from 258 m2 and up to 310 m2.

Most interestingly, Inertia Collaborated with architects who managed to apply natural resources in their designs. For manifestation, all the apartments and villas in Joulz October are perfectly designed to allow the sunlight to infiltrate inside the house which has the ability to sanitize the air towards a sustainable environment.

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Joulz Compound twin house

Twin house in Joulz Compound

Top services & Features in Joulz Compound

Joulz Inertia is classified as one of the most integrated compounds in Sheikh Zayed with plenty of customised activities and services through which residents are privileged to experience a luxurious lifestyle.

The Clubhouse in Joulz Compound 6 October is considered a centric point in the compound as it integrates wide services for each family member.

For example, Joulz Clubhouse includes an air-conditioned lounge, a private lounge for ladies, a cigar lounge, a business hub for meetings, and playground areas for children.

Check the rest of the services in Joulz in October:

  • The jogging lane in Joulz Compound is what makes morning activities and night walks safer for residents, as the lanes are set far away from the traffic lanes.
  • A strong security system covers all the outdoor and public spaces for more security in addition to providing more safety for persons.
  • Private and shared Garages are built in different spots all over Joulz.
  • The playgrounds for children are spread all over the neighbourhoods so parents can reassure their children while having fun.
  • Two sports fields, and yet the largest, provide a high level of professional trainers in different sports.
  • Joulz Compound offers administrative and commercial units to raise investments.
    While the compound is supported by electricity generators to prevent any kind of interruption that may happen to a resident while making his daily mission.
  • Elevators are essential in Joulz Compound mid-length buildings.
  • Themed Parks and waterways are the perfect addition to a prestigious and fresh-air community.
  • A spa and Jacuzzi hub is added to the relaxation facilities provided in Joulz, the Spa offers five-class services to relieve the stress of the week.
  • Private Cinema inside Joulz Compound Clubhouse enables residents to follow up with the latest movies without the need to step out of the compound.

Residential building in Joulz Compound

Joulz Prices & its Payment Plans

Inertia Compound offers apartments for sale in Joulz Compound at unbeatable prices; The average price of a mid-size unit in Joulz is 9,000,000 Egp. the company is keen to provide the highest return of value for its customers through a premium quality of housing options.

  • Purchasing an apartment or villa in Joulz requires paying a 15% down payment. The remaining cost can be easily paid over 7 years.
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The Project owner of Joulz – Inertia Company

Joulz October Compound was launched by Inertia Company for developments, one of the pioneers in the real estate industry since 2007.

Inertia Company for development is a subsidiary of the Inertia holding group, being a part of such a prominent company empowered the team to launch sustainable and innovative projects that cater to customers’ needs all over Egypt.

Some of the eminent projects by Inertia Company that have to be highlighted include Medipoint Sheikh Zayed, Medipoint Mena Plaza, West Hills, and G Cribs.

All these Projects feature an exceptional level of luxury because of their eye-pleasant views and smart architectural designs that rely on natural resources for an ecosystem environment.

Other projects in October City

FAQ about Joulz Compound

Who is the developer of Joulz ?


What is the location of Joulz Compound?

Joulz is located in October City

What is the number of residential units in Joulz October?

1,150 residential units

What is the land space of Joulz Compound?

111 Feddan

What is the payment system of Joulz Compound

15% down payment & 7-years instalment

How can I contact the sales team in Joulz ?



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