La Verde New Capital Compound

La Verde New Capital Compound
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5% Down payment
8 Installment years
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Project details
Compound Name La Verde
Compound Location New Captial City, R8
Available Units Villas- Apartments- Duplexes- Studios
Payment System 10% down payment, and annual instalments up to 8 years.
The Developer La Verde Company
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La Verde New Capital offers a one-of-a-kind housing experience where elegance and luxury dominate the scene; it’s a distinguished experience where residents are privileged to enjoy vitality, integration, and elegance.

From the first glance, your eyes will be captured by the greenish verdant that is brilliantly intertwined with the constructive elements forming a seamless breathtaking design.

Laverde Development, one of the real estate leaders in the Egyptian market, intended to integrate a huge selection of residential and commercial units at unbeatable prices in its project “La Verde Compound in New Capital”

If you are looking for a prime location, a prestigious community, a wide selection of homes & villas, unbeatable prices, and breathtaking views, then LaVerde New Capital shall be your first choice.

Time to experience luxury and Enjoy Instalments up to 8 years!

The location of La Verde New Capital

La Verde Compound is located in the 8th district inside New Capital City possessing a prime location that is surrounded by 8 km of trails from Central Park. What distinguishes the Compound is its strategic location in the New Capital City where the top major institutions are either three, or four, kilometers away.

The Nearby Places from Laverde:

  • The diplomatic district
  • Art & Culture City
  • The governmental institutions
  • The Green City
  • The medical city

The land space of La Verde Compound

La Verde New Capital is a 35-Feddan land space perfectly designed and covered with green spaces that aspire to a bright future and blessed morning.

The company was keen to select a brand name for its project that reflects its structural core which is “Laverde”; it refers to the greenery environment where nature has conquered the scene. As the Company dedicated around 80% of the compound’s total space to designing different types of awe-inspiring views, such as greenery landscapes, promenading tracks, colourful flowers, fountains, etc.

The remaining space of 20% is filled with the top modern Mediterranean architectural designs that give an ultra boost of elegance and creativity. Yet, one can notice that the stunning architectural design of La Verde  Compound features a balance between modernity and a sustainable and healthy environment approach.

La Verde New Capital Compound

La Verde Compound

The Architectural Design of La Verde New Capital

The Architectural Design of La Verde New Capital Compound is inspired by Mediterranean techniques, a smart design that implies the highest level of modernness where, yet, the classic Egyptian vibe is still preserved.

The project’s developer has contracted with experienced figures in the design firm, who are capable of providing real value for property owners, to follow and implement the latest modern design techniques for more practicality, comfort, and luxury.

For example, homes in La Verde Compound in New Capital are specially designed in a way that allows the perfect amount of sunlight to embrace the rooms’ inner corners for a light calm experience, allowing the freshened air to go in, and finally, the neat colours and materials used in apartments to impose an extensive level of solace and durability.

La Verde New Capital Compound

The design of La Verde in New Capital

Types of Residential Units in LaVerde Compound

The company followed customers’ voices in the smallest details, even in deciding what type of unit would be provided in LaVerde Compound.

After in-depth analysis, and coping with the era of technology, the company figured out that buyers’ visions and demands have differed and multiplied.  Therefore the company offered a huge selection of apartments, duplexes, villas, and studios in totally different spaces and different interior divisions.

Check out the available units in La Verde in New Capital:

  • The space of a two-bedroom apartment in Laverde New Capital with a garden is 145 m2, and the garden space is 45 Sqm.
  • The space of a two-bedroom apartment (G01) is 155 Sqm, and the garden space is 65 m2.
  • The space of four-bedroom apartments (type A) that includes 4 terraces is 190 Sqm.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments (102) is 155 Sqm.
  • The space of the two-bedroom apartments is 135 m.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments that include 2 receptions, 1 living, and a lobby is 208 Sqm.
  • The space of Duplex (type B) is G01 is 155 m2 for the first floor, and 158 m2 for the second floor. The garden area is 75 m2.
  • The space of a duplex (Type A) which includes four bedrooms in addition to the maid’s bedroom is 270 Sqm.
  • The space of the duplex (Building A G04) is 280 Sqm, in addition to a 45-meter garden.

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Villa in La Verde New Capital Compound

Villa in LaVerde New Capital

Top Features & Services in La Verde in New Capital

Each detail in La Verde New Capital Compound is precisely picked and designed to boost residents’ lifestyles to experience luxury and comfort.

Here’s an overview of the top significant facilities and features in Compound La Verde:

  • The sporting hub in La Verde New Capital is meant to support a healthy lifestyle where residents are privileged to practice their favourite sport without going too far from home. It includes tennis and squash courts, running tracks, and pools.
  • La Roca Village in La Verde is perfectly designed to provide residents with an unforgettable walking experience in which they can check what’s new in retail stores, taste new dishes, and participate in different activities.
  • LaVerde Mall provides a multi-use experience where residents can enjoy their shopping and take a break in one of their favourite restaurants, while in parallel, kids are spending quality time in the kid’s area.
  • Bike trails and pedestrian trails are considered significant features that add more security to residents.
  • The quality of the medical centre in La Verde New Capital Compound is strengthened with professional doctors and experienced medical staff.
  • La Verde New Capital supports the business environment by providing cutting-edge administrative offices and modern equipment.
  • The clubhouse is perfectly designed to give an extra boost to residents during the day through branded restaurants and outdoor activities.
  • The compound includes a Nursery is considered a huge plus for parents and new couples, as the nursery promises a valuable and interactive education, in addition to a high level of security.

La Verde New Capital Compound

La Verde New Capital Prices & Payment System

Offering superior quality at unbeatable prices is one of the main considerations for LaVerde Development to place its projects on the top list of the best compounds in Egypt.

  • The Company offers units for sale in La Verde New Capital with 15,000 for the meter price.

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The payment plans in La Verde

The company was keen to diversify its payment plans with distinguished applicable traits upon customers’ different requirements.

  • The First Plan: A 5% down payment is required to own a unit in La Verde Compound in New Capital, the remaining cost can be paid periodically over 8 years.
  • The second plan: Customer has to pay only 10% to be able to extend the instalment period over 7 years.
  • The third plan: Interested customers have to pay a 15% down payment while signing the contract in addition to 5% after 6 months. The rest can be paid effortlessly over 8 years.

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Prices of La Verde New Capital

La Verde New Captial Compound

The developer of La Verde Compound in New Administrative City

La Verde Company for Development was launched in 2017 and became one of the notable real estate companies that provide well-curated and luxurious homes.

The company has a clear mission of being a benchmark in the housing industry in Egypt; a branded name for providing high-quality residential spaces in prime locations with fascinating landscapes.

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FAQ about La Verde New Capital

Who is the developer of La Verde New Capital?

La Verde Company

Where is La Verde New Capital located?

New Capital City,

What are the types of units in La Verde New Capital ?

Townhomes- villas- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in La Verde New Capital ?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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