Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound

Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound
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Last updated 2022-08-28
Project details
Compound Name Lake West
Compound Location Sheikh Zayed
Compound Space 43 Feddan
The developer Cairo Capital Company for developments (CCD)
Types of Residential units Villas-Town corners
For inquries 01101112515

Lake West Compound in Sheikh Zayed City is a new top-flight residential project that resembles a multi-functional complex catering to the needs of 21 century with a considerable land space of 43 Feddan.

In the heart of Sheikh Zayed, Lake West Sheikh Zayed was developed by Cairo Capital Company for the development to be a true manifestation of how a strategic location can make people’s lives easier and more content.

Lake West Zayed offers a wide range of villas with distinguished spaces starting from 265 m2 BUA, each unit is well-developed to provide residents with well-used corners.

If you are looking for a luxurious community in a prime location with a superior level of facilities that exceed your expectation, Lake West Compound is a perfect choice.

Lake West Compound

The location of Lake West Compound

Lake West Compound is located near the entrance to Gate 3 in Sheikh Zayed City, representing a focal point for the main facilities and amenities in October. Moreover, the accessible location of Lake West Zayed makes it easier for residents to move around the city effortlessly through the connected highways and gateways.

Check out the nearby places from Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound:

  • Lake West is 7 minutes away from the Mall of Arabia and Juhayna Square.
  • Lake West is only 15 minutes from the New Grand Egyptian Museum
  • It’s around 20 minutes to arrive downtown from Lake West Egypt.
  • Lake West Sheikh Zayed is located in front of Beverly Compound.

The Land Space of Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound

Cairo Capital Development launched its top-notch project on a huge land space of 43 Feddan, the compound’s strategic location and vast land are genuine references for the company’s expertise in providing integrated spaces.

The architectural design of Lake West Cairo Capital is a fabulous simulation of European techniques where the one-floor units are standalone in the neighbourhood sored in the Egyptian Culture to provide more sense of elegance and belonging for residents.

Cairo Capital Company collaborated with Egypt’s top architects who outlined flawless and smart designs that ensure the best atmosphere of vivid sunlight and cool air.

Lake West Compound

Lake West Compound in Sheikh Zayed

Types of Residential Units in Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound

If you are looking for a prestigious compound in the heart of Sheikh Zayed that offers you a unique selection of housing options in different spaces, Lake West Compound is a perfect choice.

Cairo Capital Company for development was committed to including a range of spaces that start from 109 m2 to 290 m2, check out the available spaces in more detail now!

  • The area of Twin in Lake West Sheikh Zayed is 290 m2 (BUA).
  • The space of Town Corner in Lake West is 256 m2 (BUA).
  • The space of Town Corner A is 285 m2 (BUA).
  • The space of Town Corner B is 285 m2 (BUA).
  • The space of the Townhouse is 256 m2 (BUA).
  • The space of Villa A is 338 m2 (BUA).
  • The space of Villa b is 282 m2 (BUA).

All units feature a premium quality finish that promotes material longevity.

  • Kindly consider that (BUA) refers to a built-up area which is the total space of the constructed land for a unit including any attached facilities such as parking and gardens.

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Lake West Compound Villa

Villa in Lake West Compound

Top Features & Services in Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound

Lake West Compound in Skeikh Zayed showcases a superior level of integration through which residents can fulfil their essential and luxurious needs, all in premium quality.

  • The sports hub in Lake West Zayed Compound is the perfect place for both adults and children to pursue their favourite sport under the supervision of professional coaches.
  • A smart security system encompasses advanced cameras, e-gates, and safeguards.
  • Shared Garages were added to the compound in a perfect distribution to enable residents to park their cars anytime safely.
  • Lake West Sheikh Zayed offers a safe Playground for children to experience fun and safety.
  • The jogging lanes are spread all over the neighbourhoods so residents can enjoy their walk safely.
  • Modern breathtaking landscapes comprise lush greenery areas and water-based elements.
  • The commercial area in Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound includes many world-class and local stores and brands so residents can purchase their needs effortlessly.
  • The Restaurant area in Lake West Compound is renowned for its special mouth-watering dishes in both western and eastern cuisines.
  • A spa and Jacuzzi centre provides five-star services so property owners can relax at the end of the week.

Lake West Prices & Payment Plans

Lake West Sheikh Zayed offers villas for sale at competitive prices that are set ideally by Cairo Capital Company to improve the housing industry in Egypt.

The prices of Lake West Compound are considered the top privileges provided in the compound that encouraged many buyers to upgrade their housing experience, as the average price for Villas in Lake West Compound is 4.500.000.

For more details regarding the price of each unit, CALL us now!

The Payment system in Lake West Compound Sheikh Zayed

Cairo Capital Company for development prioritized the ease of payment for the available units for sale in Lake West. Accordingly, the company offered multiple payment plans so buyers could choose only the one they prefer!

1-First Payment Plan:

One of the most required plans where buyers can buy their unit with a 0% down payment, provided that they have to pay the total cost over a long period of 5 years.

2-Second Payment Plan:

It requires paying a 10% down payment and paying the remaining over 6 years.

3-Third Payment Plan:

Buyers have to pay a 15% down payment and pay the remaining cost over 7 years.

Kindly consider that the maintenance fees are 15% which has to be paid before receiving the unit within 3 months.

The Developer of Lake West Compound:

Cairo Capital Company For Real Estate Developments is the official owner of Lake West Compound in the heart of Sheikh Zayed.

At the beginning of 2016, Cairo Capital Company was founded in Egypt with a long experience of 20 years in the Saudi Market, the company’s vivid vision was to be the first choice for the luxurious and customized housing industry in October City.

The philosophy of Cairo Capital Company (CCD) relies on providing high standards and creative solutions for its customers so they can get the highest value on their investments.

During the company’s short but fruitful journey, they were committed to launching impactful developments in West Cairo, more specifically in Sheikh Zayed City.

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FAQ Related to Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound

Who is the developer of Lake West Sheikh Zayed Compound?

Cairo Capital Company for Developments

Where is Lake West Compound is located?

Sheikh Zayed City

What are the types of units in Lake West Compound?

Townhomes- villas

How can i contact the consulting team in Lake West Compound?

Call the following number:01101112515

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