Mountain View Icity New Cairo book your dream home with 5%

Developer: Mountain View Projects
Mountain View Icity New Cairo book your dream home with 5%
Prices start from 9,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name: Mountain View Icity New Cairo
project Location: locate in 5th settlement, 5 minutes from Cairo-Suez Road
project space: 500 Feddan
types of units: apartments - studios - townhouse - villas
spaces of units: start from 70 m2 to 350 m2
developer name: Mountain View
for inquires: اتصل بنا

Mountain View Icity New Cairo is the first luxurious housing choice for property buyers in the fifth settlement because of its smart opulent lifestyle that grants both comfort and a deluxe experience.

Icity New Cairo has become one of the foremost projects of Mountain View Company; a forerunner branded name in the real estate industry in Egypt.

Mountain View Icity is classified with its endless variety of duplexes and villas in prime quality and perfect space utilization, as each stage in Icity is perfectly set with peculiar specifications and benefits.

Ready To Experience Luxury in Icity Compound by Mountain View

Mountain View Icity New Cairo Location

Mountain View icity New Cairo map

The company selected the fifth settlement as a luxurious spot for Mountain View Icity New Cairo location is meant to indulge customers with the luxury resembled in fourth-generation cities.

Similar to the other projects of Mountain View company, the compound’s flawless location ensures accessibility to Cairo’s main roads, including the regional ring road.

Icity New Cairo proximity to both Madinety and the future city is considered a plus for whoever tends to get a high-end lifestyle.

If you are a big fan of Mountain View Icity New Cairo, it’s necessary to be completely aware of the site map and its nearby places:

  • The distance between the compound and Fifth Square compound is only 8 KM.
  • Those who are heading to Rehab city entrance need only 5 minutes to arrive.
  • It’s only 5 minutes to arrive at Cairo-Suez road.
  • Mountain View I city New Cairo is 16 minutes away from the American University (Auc)
  • 17 Kilometers separate the compound residents from Bader city.
  •  I City New Cairo is situated far away from the sports club in the new capital at 12 km.
  • The compound is 25 m away from Thawra Street.
  • It’s 15 minutes away from Mountain View New Cairo.

Why is Mountain View ICity worth your attention?

Toward a sustainable community, the construction of Mountain View Icity is set in alignment with the standards of environmental health in order to keep the earth’s main resource for future generations; supporting the solar energy system as a practical-based resource substitution is one of the top initiatives.

In addition, the company was keen to separate the transportation network in Icity New Cairo from the residential spaces for more safety.

The Land Space of Mountain View Icity New Cairo

classy residential buildings in mountain view icity New Cairo

On 500-Feddan Land in Fifth settlement, the developer set its first milestone of Icity New Cairo challenging itself to represent a smart-designed community.

Mountain View Icity New Cairo is composed of five successive isles that were distinctively designed with a peculiar approach for each isle.

The distinctive design of each phase in Icity New Cairo was implemented regarding the user experience granting them perfectly-utilized possibilities; however, all isles share the same premium level of facilities.

Also, similar to other projects by Mountain View development, the company set happiness-based techniques as a priority in its buildings, which can be portrayed through the light setting division and the interior design of units.

How the classicism and the contemporaneity design in Mountain View I city New Cairo design are blended smoothly showcased the company’s solid expertise in providing authenticity.

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The Architectural Design of Mountain View icity Compound

The prosperous collaboration between the New Urban Communities Authority and Mountain View Company for development gave rise to the prestigious design and construction of one of the most brilliant residential projects in Fifth Settlement” I City New Cairo”.

Beyond this cooperation, a perfect division of Mountain View Icity New Cairo Compound was implemented with the highest expertise to simulate modern urban communities where the simplicity of nature occupies a large part of the space.

The fact that 88% of the total compound space is allocated between green-based views and amenities adds a sense of sophistication and elegance to property owners because the green spaces immersed between units provide more privacy.

The master plan of Mountain View I City New Cairo supports the 4D Technique design, which is a contemporary urban-based perspective design that is applied to achieve a sustainable community.

Mountain View Icity Master Plan

Mountain View Icity is composed of 6 remarkable areas with designing a particular purpose for each one, a city within a city.

For example, Central Park assembles how sports are perceived through a dedicated city for supporting all kinds of sports under the supervision of the best coaches ever, in addition to the twenty-century gym tools.

The remaining sections in Mountain View Icity  Compound are Creek Park, Mountain Park, Club Park, Lagoon Park, and Royal Park.

Types of Residential units in Mountain View New Cairo

2 residential buildings in mountain view icity New Cairo

The ability to choose from different housing options is the first feature that customers usually look for; accordingly, Mountain View Icity New Cairo perfectly provides different housing options including I-Villa, Park Villa, Twin House, Twin house, Town House, Palaces, Duplexes, and studios.

Residents in Icity New Cairo can pick the preferred space that matches their needs starting from 115 SQM up to +240 SQM for an apartment.

  • The spaces of studios start with 70 m2 in mountain view icity.
  • Apartment spaces ranging from 150 m2 to 165 m2.
  • The spaces of iVilla Roof and iVilla Garden start from 220 m2 to 230 m2.
  • Townhouse villas ranging from 230 m2 to 250 m2 in Mountain View New Cairo.
  • the spaces of villas in Mountain View Icity New Cairo start from 215 Sqm TO 340 Sqm.
  • For the interior partition of units, I-villa is designed with two floors, a vast garden, a roof, and finally a private garage.
  • Twin house units are typically composed of 2 separate floors and 2 gates.

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Everything you need to know about MV Park Island in Mountain View Icity Compound

Mountain View Icity is known among people for the MV Park Island phase which is an outstanding residential phase situated near Mountain View 1 and Mountain View 2.

The construction of MV Park is driven by the Lebanon architectural designs immersed in the natural views of green and turquoise themes.

In the vein of the other projects, MV Park Island in Mountain View New Cairo provides the highest levels of luxury for its customers by delivering their medical, commercial, and entertainment needs.

The available units in Mountain View Icity park Island & their types

The available housing options in Mountain View Icity park Island include Apartments, I-villas, a One storey Villa, Villa, and a Lake house.

Type of unit size
Apartments Starts from 120 Sqm to 160 Sqm.
I-villas Starts from 180 Sqm to 235 Sqm
One Storey Villa Starts from 185 Sqm to 285 Sqm.
Villas starts from 245 Sqm to 340 Sqm.
Lake House Starts from 300 Sqm to 410 Sqm.

Payment systems in Mv Park Island

To purchase a unit in Mv Park, customers are entitled to choose from two different payment plans:

  • The first option available in I city New Cairo is paying 5% of the total unit cost and paying the remaining over 8 years.

Mountain View Icity New Cairo set 4 years of the period as its fixed delivery time for Mv Phase.

Everything you need to know about Lagoon Beach Park in Icity New Cairo

mountain view icity new cairo compound

Throughout 100-Feddan Land, Lagoon Beach was expanded inside Icity New Cairo to impress residents with its magnificent views and top-level services. The phase’s total investment has amounted to 8 Billion Egp which is a huge budget for one phase.

Lagoon Park is the favourite place for Mountain View iCity residents where the vibes of summer beaches are implemented with excellence through all-phase around Lagoon and golden sand.

The Lagoon offers around 1800 residential units where all types of houses were included to meet customers’ expectations.

The available units & their different types in Lagoon Beach Park

This phase in Mountain View Icity New Cairo is renowned for its premium types that include Townhouses, Standalone villas, I-villa gardens, and I-villa Roof.

Types of unit  Size
apartments 150 Sqm is the minimum provided space.
I-Villa Garden 220 Sqm is the minimum provided space.
Townhouse 230 Sqm is the minimum provided space.
Stand-alone Villa Starts from 215 Sqm to 340 Sqm.

Lagoon Beach Payment system

The controllable payment system is what distinguishes Beach Lagoon of Mountain View New Cairo, as buyers can purchase their unit by paying 5% of the total unit cost and the rest can be paid for 8 ears.

  • Kindly note that around 10% of maintenance is added.

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TOP 10 Services & Facilties in Mountain View I city New Cairo

Mountain View Icity New Cairo

The exquisite authentic design of Mountain View Icity 6 phases wasn’t the only privilege provided, as the compound follows the top standards of a fully-integrated community.

Through this section, you will get an overview of the available facilities and services in the compound.

  • Mountain View Icity New Cairo provides an intensive security level by providing all of the following: a smart system of cameras, well-trained safeguards, and E-gates.
  • The availability of medical needs is the first concern for buyers; thus, I city New Cairo offers clinics for the top proficient doctors in Egypt, in addition to a group of pharmacies situated across the compound.
  • The sporting club takes sports into a new realm of proficiency which is an unmissable chance for sports enthusiasts.
  • Icity Mountain View has designated tracks for residents to practice different morning physical activities.
  • Private garages offer more safety for belongings.
  • Super entertaining Kids’ area in Mountain View I city where children can spend joyful times.
  • The compound delivers outstanding relaxation services with Jacuzzi and Spa in different spots throughout the compound.
  • For a more prestigious lifestyle, the compound is full of parks and natural views.
  • Dedicated venues where residents can hold different types of events and celebrations.
  • Mountain View New Cairo is renowned for a group of the best-known restaurants and cafes.
  • 24h of Constant maintenance for all units.
  • Swimming pools are an essential entertainment element in Mountain View Icity area.
  • A huge commercial mall in Mountain View New Cairo hosts both local and global brands and stores.

The Prices of Mountain View Icity New Cairo

The prices of Mountain View Icity are considered one of the main privileges provided in the compound because the company was keen to classify its project with a high Return on Investments in terms of quality, luxury, customer support, prime location, and friendly and sustainable environment.

In Other words, the perfect depiction to say about Mountain View Icity New Cairo is that customers grant a promising future not just purchasing a unit.

  • The average price of a mid-size unit in Mountain View Icity is 9,000,000 Egp.

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The Payment systems in Mountain View Icity

Hence, the Company declared that purchasing a residential unit in Mountain View Icity requires paying a 5% down payment, provided that the remaining cost is paid within 8 years, All units are scheduled to be delivered within 8 years after the contract date.

The developer of  Mountain View Icity New Cairo

mountain view icity new cairo

Mountain View Development is one of the top leading real estate companies in Egypt that has managed to produce innovative inspiring designs and smart homes since its inception in 2005.

Mountain View Icity or the Icity Compounds received much attention from customers through the last years due to the fact that everything in the compound is perfectly designed to cater to residents’ needs.

For a constant development purpose, Mountain View Development is keen to collaborate with Egypt’s top companies in both the technology and network fields in promoting public services in its projects; such as its collaboration with Huawei Technology company and Orange.

For instance, the company assigned Mountain View Icity compound to the Intercontinental Hotels Group to supervise the service supply chain process of its hotel apartments.

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FAQ Related to Mountain View Icity

Who is the developer of Mountain View Icity?

Mountain View Company

What is the location of Mountain View I city?

locate in 5th settlement, 5 minutes from Cairo-Suez Road

What is the prices of mountain view i city?

The average price is 9000000

What is the land space of Mountain View Icity?

500 Feddan

What is the payment system of Mountain View Icity?

5% down payment & 8-years instalment

How can I contact the sales team in Mountain View New Cairo?



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