O West Compound 6 October by Orascom Development

O West Compound 6 October by Orascom Development
Prices start from 12,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
7 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name O West October
The compound Location 6th of October City
The Developer Orascom Company
Types of units Twinhouese- Townhouses- Villas- Duplex- Lofts
Payment System 5% down payment & 7-year instalments
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prices start from 12,000,000 Egp

O West Compound 6 October is a real opportunity for a prestigious super integrated housing experience in which all your needs are delivered through a wide range of premier amenities.

O West Compound is considered one of the top-flight additions of Orascom company in one of the most pivotal locations in 6 of October city, hat later possessed great attention from property buyers for its orientation-based approach.

Luscious greenery areas, fully-integrated spaces, well-divided residential spots, and a medium size business hub with practical options, in addition to medical and security services, are the top services that distinguish O West Orascom Compound.

If the above-mentioned criteria are what you are looking for, then being fully aware of the compound details will help you make the right decision on the spot.

Compound owest October A Place you call home

The location of O West Compound 6 October

o west october location

In Parallel with Oasis Road, O West Compound is located near Gardenia Compound with a high proximity space of 10 minutes to Sheikh Zayed City.

Orascom Company determined a new oriented-based approach while choosing the location of its 1st residential project in 6th October to be highly close to Egypt’s main gateways and top facilities in Egypt.

Nearby Places from O West Orascom

  • O West Orascom is located 3 minutes from the Mall of Egypt.
  • The distance between the compound and the ring road is 7 minutes.
  • Those whose destination is Juhayna Square will need only to drive 5 minutes.
  • The distance between O West Compound and October passage is 10 km.
  • The Compound is closely located to Arkan Plaza within 7 Minutes 
  • Dahshour Road is 3 minutes from the compound.
  • Just 10 Minutes from Mehwar.

The Architectural Design of O West Compound 

On 1000-Feddan Land, Orascom constructed the project on a considerable height of 30 m from the surface, which gives all units perfect landscape views and molid temperature.

The residential units and facilities in O West are designed by top-experienced designers who managed to represent a balance between the European luxurious techniques and the expected conventional classic designs that are a landmark in the fourth-generation cities in Egypt.

The residential spaces showcase a specialization to a certain category of units. For example, 60% of the total units are dedicated to Villas ( Twinhouses- Townhouses), while the remaining quantity, 40%, is dedicated to designing apartments ( Penthouses- Duplexes).

It’s notable to mention that the total number of apartments in O West Compound 6 October amounts to 900 units stretching over 50 Feddan.

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Residences and Neighbourhood in O West Orascom

The architectural design of O West October

Orascom Company offers a one-of-a-kind housing experience in which each resident can find a place to go, an activity to enjoy, and high quality to receive. 

O West Orascom is partitioned into different spaces upon purpose; each space is provided with what makes it suitable and highly appealing for residents through amenities and personalized choices.

Orascom contracted with HOK, one of the forerunner designing firms, to brilliantly designs the residential spaces providing multiple solution-based housing options in O West Orascom.

Regarding designing the landscapes, Orascom covenant with the world’s leading stupendous views that managed to represent new fascinated landscapes with a flawless mixture of green areas and refreshing blue features.

1– Hillside Bliss in O West October 

Hillsides is a waterways-based area that is specialized in offering Villas in different spaces, twin houses and townhouses are included. Hillside O West October offers magnificent landscape experiences of green parks and artificial fountains.

Types of units feature Hillside Bliss

  • Prime Villa in O West October is designed within an average space of 250 Sqm.
  • The space of horizon Villa is 322 Sqm
  • The space of GrandVilla is 400 Sqm.
  • 255 is the space of Townhouse Type H1
  • Townhouse K Type is provided within a space of 200 Sqm, two floors are included.

2- Club Residences | New Phase in O West Compound 6 October 

Another premier residential space in O West 6 October, Club Residences is distinguished with its strategic spinal location that overlooks one of the largest sports clubs in West of Cairo.

Units in Club Residences are designed with modern painting techniques( White theme or Dark theme) that help residents to get conceptualize more space and more sort of tranquillity as a wellness impact for the light-coloured themes.

In O West Compound 6 October, you can find a variety of housing options in different spaces, for more details contact us either through Whatsapp or phone number.

3- Hillside Villas 

O West October

In Hillside Villa, residents will get blessed with perfectly designed landscapes and eye-pleasant views that promise a cheerful morning and peaceful night walk.

  • The space of Single Storey Villa, which includes two floors, private garages, and a garden, is provided at 322 Sqm.
  • Hillside includes one of the largest units in owest, the Massion. The Massion is provided in two options regarding space: the first one is 520 Sqm the second one is a penthouse-based unit with a space of 565 Sqm.

4- Tulwa | New Realm of Luxury in O West Compound

An Inspiring name was driven from ancient Egypt which means “To rise”. The distinctive design of Tuwla provides a unique experience in which residents feel a community within a community which is meters away from all the facilities in owest october.

Regarding the pleasing views, Tuwla shares the same lush greenery views and waterfront-based elements areas found in the other communities.

  • Multiple housing options are available for you in super-premium quality finishing; the available types are apartments, duplexes, lofts, and penthouses.
  • Tuwla features a peculiar unit “ Type” that is composed of 5 floors with a perfect inner division; a home within a home.

For more updates regarding the unit’s space and its division, Don’t hesitate to contact us 

5- Whyt

In a spinal design, Whyt space is designed with access to all the amenities in O West. Yet, the Whyt represents typical inspiring landscapes where both the green and turquoise elements are the main themes.

If you are looking for a superior community that is interwoven with an endless number of amenities and facilities with awe-inspiring landscapes, then Whyt shall join your list!

  • Whyt offers multiple housing options including Standalone villa Type A,
  • The space of a standalone Villa in Whyt starts from 214 Sqm.
  • If you’d like to upgrade your experience in a little bit wide standalone villa, then a 247 sqm unit that includes two floors with a roof may appeal to your needs.
  • The Last one, the middle choice, is designed with an average space of 229 Sqm.

Business district – O West 6 October 

Orascom company has enlightened the importance of providing real job opportunities for its residents by building a giant fully integrated work hub with multiple office options in a centric position in O West October.

Such an initiative facilitates the everyday life span for residents in which they can find the top needed amenities at their doorstep, which encouraged many residents to up-level a better housing experience for their families.

Benefits and features provided in O West October

O West Compound 6 October

The plan of services and amenities of O West October was set In alignment with Orascom’s vision of providing personalized highly-integrated living communities in which sustainability is one of the main themes for more aged spaces; resources that can still be reused by new generations.

Which is a clyster clear in the launch of the downtown district in O West Compound 6 October, a multi-functional space that offers different social and commercial activities.

  • O West October offers one of the super stared Gyms that provides the latest machines and proficient trainers.
  • The compound features Walking trails and bicycle bikes for an energetic lifestyle.
  • A highly-equipped medical centre promise high care level for its patients. O West is characterized by one of the largest Commercial malls in the west of Cairo that hosts well-branded stores.
  • Superior services of spa and jacuzzi are meant to lessen the pressure of a stressful working day.
  • Security is positioned as the top priority for Orascom which can be noticed through the application of smart cameras and E-gated
  • Atm Machines that are set in sprawling the compound make your everyday transactions easier
  • Kids’ playgrounds are equipped with high safety standards.
  • O West 6 October offers different multifunctional Venues
  • A Variety of offices adds more value to the business side.

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O West Compound 6 October prices and payment System

O West prices are positioned as the best real added value among the other properties in the market because of the distinctive premier quality received in return.

  • The average price of a mid-size unit in O West Compound 6 October is 12,000,000 Egp.

The instalment systems of O West Compound

O West Orascom

Besides O West Compound 6 October competitive prices, Orascom announced the launch of super easy-to-handle payment plans that enable people to pay their costs periodically with ease.

  • The most required plan allows buyers to pay a down payment of 5% and pay the remaining over 7 years.

Get Consultation for more updates and the most suitable options for You!

Orascom Company: The Developer of O West


Orascom Company is a pioneering worldwide construction company that specialized in developing infrastructure for mega Projects, in addition to its footprint in industrial and commercial firms.

With multiple top-notch projects in different countries including the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, Orascom succeeds in acquiring a large amount of real estate market customers. On the top list, O West Compound 6 October is deemed as a strong competitive project in the residential sector in October City.

The company is renowned for its highly growing four pillars: possession of a leadership role in the field of construction, striving for pivotal partnerships with top worldwide related firms, commitment to take practical initiatives toward integrated sustainable communities, and, finally, enlightening the growth opportunities related to water treatment and different related renewable energies.

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FAQ regarding O West Compound 6 October Compound

Who is the developer of O West 6 October?


What is the location of O West 6 October?

Sheikh Zayed, 3 minutes from Mall of Egypt

What is the prices of O West?

The average price is 12,000,000

What is the land space of the compound?

1000 Feddan

What is the payment system of O West Compound?

5% down payment & 7-years instalment

How can I contact the sales team in O West October?



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