Orla Residence NEW Cairo by ICapital

Developer: I Capital Developments
Orla Residence NEW Cairo by ICapital
Prices start from 5,000,000 EGP
10% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The project Name Orla Residence
Project Location New Cairo
The developer i Capital
Payment System 10% down payment, and 8-year installments
For inquiries 01101112515

Orla Residence by I Capital Development opens people’s eyes to a new world of deluxe lifestyle where they can get exposed to heavenly-made natural scenes where all their demands are served immediately in exceptional quality.

To break the rapid pace of Egyptians’ lifestyle from work to home with no chance to contemplate and enjoy nature, i Capital decided to luxuriate residents’ housing experience in Orla Residence New Cairo by authorizing the natural elements to be the compound’s prominent design component.

I Capital development aims to introduce a new gated community where the smallest detail is precisely and exclusively developed to match residents’ needs, in terms of location, types of units, and price.

So if you are seeking perfection and looking to guarantee the future of your family in a luxurious area such as New Cairo, a highly accessible point from all over Cairo, Orla Residence Compound would be your perfect match.

Orla Residence New Cairo

The Location of Orla Residence

Orla Residence Compound is located in the heart of New Cairo, for easy access, the compound is spotted on the first plot of the intersection between Suez Road and N’Teseen Street.

Indeed, how I Capital Company was prudent while choosing the location of its new project “Orla Residence New Cairo, led to the ease of accessibility to either Madinet Nasr or Masr Gedida which can be reached within 15 minutes, in addition to its proximity to New Capital City.

Orla Residence New Cairo

Orla Residence New Cairo

Types of Residential units in Orla Residence New Cairo

Capital Development aims to launch outstanding apartment-based projects that take the luxury of apartments to a new level; a distinguished level at which residents can find their favorite space, interior division, and premium quality.
It’s necessary to mention that each residential building in Orla Residence contains 6 floors: one ground and 5 typical floors.

Here’s the division of apartments you can find in Orla Residence New Cairo, starting from one-use person apartments to big family units:

  • One-bedroom apartment
  • Two-bedroom apartment
  • 3-bedroom apartment

Kindly, consider that the company will deliver all units in a semi-finish, any further requirements can be done easily in accordance with the company’s notice, or any outer finishing companies.

The Land Space of Orla Residence New Cairo

I capital Development aims to break the boundaries of a gated compound that usually focuses on utilizing the space with the hugest number possible of residential units, by providing a totally different new world of a community where residents can enjoy, inhale, experience, and discover.

In other words, the ORLA Residence in New Cairo is designed in alignment with the modern urban designs that allocate the largest space of the project to creating lush greenery areas, which represent around 82% of ORla Compound New Cairo total space.

Dedicating around 18% of the project space to building the residential zones led to minimizing the residence capacity from 180 families to 130, which gives residents the chance to enjoy the verdant.

Ora Residence Master Plan

The Architectural Design of ORLA Residence

To add an exceptional touch of elegance and deluxe, I Capital Company contracted with Egypt’s leading design companies that managed to innovate a new design that features a blend between classicism and contemporariness.

It’s notable to highlight how I Capital respects people’s privacy and comfort in their designs, as each residential building in the ORLA Residence Egypt features open greenery space with a minimum space of 25 meters, and 100 meters in some modules.

TOP Features & Services in Orla Residence in New Cairo

ORLA Compound in New Cairo is categorized as one of the best-gated communities in terms of integration and service quality.

In other words, I Capital Company embarks on an accumulated lifestyle where residents are privileged to begin their day with picturesque scenic views or enjoy a pedestrian walk with their beloved pets.

And in the mid of the day, residents can find plenty of options regarding administrative offices with fast WIFI to finish their tasks or operate their businesses if a resident owns a business.

At night, There’s another completely rejuvenated scenario where property owners can seize their free time by going to the gym, enjoying quality time with their family in the mall, or having a nice dinner in the nearby cafes.

Check the available amenities inside the project:

  • Orla Residence New Cairo includes a strip mall that rolls over 6000 meters.
  • Swimming Pools in different spaces and elegant designs.
  • Residents in Orla Residence New Cairo residents have access to free wifi in the co-working spaces.
  • Parking lots are built all over the compound to ease parking.
  • Security is preserved through a strong and modern surveillance system, e-gates, and security guards.
  • Water features are the dominant Hardscapes in Orla Compound’s design.
  • The Kid’s area contains multiple entertaining games with security kept in mind.
  • The outdoor fitness center promotes residents’ well-being and supports them to practice their preferred sport with professional coaches and trainers.
  • Barbeque roofs are attached to the top of each residential building.
  • The compound includes multiple venues that can be utilized and equipped to hold different types of events.

Orla residence prices & Payment System

Orla Residence features competitive prices that cannot be missed out because of its superior quality represented in the compound’s design, construction material, unit variety, and the attached amenities.

  • The price starts from 5,000,000 egp.

GOOD NEWS, the company announced that the starting meter price in Orla Residence Egypt for those who attend the launch on Tuesday, 7 March 2023, will enjoy a price reduction to 23k. In addition to a refund of 50k.

Hurry up to Book Your Unit now & Enjoy a 50k Refund! 

The payment system in Orla Residence Compound

I capital company blatantly disregarded the rules of the payment system in Egypt by offering a highly flexible payment system that came as follows:

  • To buy an apartment in Orla Residence, all you need to pay is a 10% down payment
  • The installment period can be extended over 8 years.

The developer of Orla Residence

Orla Residence Compound in New Cairo was launched by I Capital Company; a leading real estate company in Egypt that was founded in 2006.

Throughout 17 years of experience in the development field, the company has been thriving to be labeled as Egypt’s forerunner real estate company by redefining customers’ main requirements and interpreting them into actions.

well-personalized units, multi-use spaces, high quality, and strategic location are the foremost four traits that make any project for ICapital go viral and sell all its units in a short period.

Top faq about Orla Residence Egypt

Who is the developer of Orla Residence Egypt ?

I Capital Development

Where Orla Residence is located?

New Cairo

What are the types of units in Orla Residence?

apartments( 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms

How can I contact the consulting team Orla Residence New Cairo?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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