Palm Hills New Cairo | Your gateway to a richer life

Palm Hills New Cairo | Your gateway to a richer life
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10% Down payment
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Last updated 2022-07-12
Project details
Compound Name Palm Hills new Cairo
The developer Palm Hills Developments
Project Location New Cairo city, adjacent to the 2nd ring road
unit types villas - twin houses - apartments - townhouses - duplexes
payment system 10% down payment, 7 years installments
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Palm Hills New Cairo is one of the flagship projects of Palm Hills Company that introduced a transformative change in the real estate industry in Egypt through its inspiring and authentic architectural designs that perfectly fascinate the eye.

Palm Hills Company set its first milestone in the project with a clear-cut mission of providing a one-of-kind deluxe housing experience where they can get captivated by the exceptional level of the community’s service integration.

Living in Palm Hills New Cairo grants you immediate access to a variety of services, including nutrition-based services, proficient medical staff, a commercial mall, a food corner area, a clubhouse, etc.

Palm Hills New Cairo Location

The location of Palm Hills New Cairo compound was perfectly chosen among the top opulent compounds to be close to Cairo’s main roads for more accessibility.

Palm Hills’ new Cairo location is considered highly close to both the middle ring road that extends from Belbeis Road to Dabaa Axis, with a total length of 156 km, with a clear purpose of connecting the new cities including El-Mostakbal- 6th of October 6 – El-Sheikh Zayed – New Administrative Capital El-Obour – El-Shorouk)

It’s important to know that the compound is located near the mountain View Icity, Madinety, and the Egypt Judiciary.

If Knowing the nearby places from the Palm Hills compound is one of your main demands, check this:

  • Palm Hills New Cairo is located at a distance of 8 km from the sports city in the administrative capital, which is an excellent plus for sports enthusiasts.
  • 4km is the distance between Palm Hills Compound New Cairo and Abd el Fattah Aleem Mosque.
  • Only 5 km needed to arrive at Al Mostakbal City( Future City).
  • Shorouk City is located within a distance of 9 km.
  • Palm Hills compound is 15 minutes from the American University (Auc).
  • The compound is situated near Rehab at a distance of fewer than 10 km.
  • Those whose destination is the new airport will need to drive a distance of 20 km.

Palm Hills New Cairo Design

The contemporary design of the Palm Hills New Cairo compound went through different developmental phases which the collaboration between the Americal construction Company Sawa was the first; the company draws the outlines of the compound into consideration with the modern architectural techniques that can cope with the luxury of the Egyptian classicism.

The Master Plan of the residential part, set by Sawa company, went beyond magnificence, where the residential units are established a considerable length above the sea, which is 330 meters.

The residential areas occupy only 18% of the total compound to give owners more space to enjoy the breathtaking green frontage and the enchanting artificial lakes.

It’s worth mentioning that the first phase of Palm Hills New Cairo Compound was entirely delivered to its owners during the last quarter of 2021.

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palm hills fifth settlement apartment building

Buildings in Palm Hills New Cairo Compound

Palm Hills Compound New Cairo space

Palm Hills Compound New Cairo, a 500-Feddan compound, is flawlessly divided into three main sections; each section is prestigiously equipped to match everyday life, considering that the total space of the first phase is 95 Feddans.

The residential part is considered the first section shall be highlighted that occupies only 18% of the total compound, as mentioned in Palm Hills New Cairo master plan, with a great diversity of unit options.

The second part is the service-based areas sprawling the compound with a total space of 100 Feddans, where residents can fulfil all their luxurious and essential needs.

The remaining part was devoted to showcasing the sublime artistic capabilities of the company’s top designers who tend to fascinate residents with a vast lush greenery space, modern-cut trees, lakes, and artificial fountains.

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unit of type twin house inside palm hills new cairo

Residential units in Palm Hills Compound New Cairo

For a personalized experience through which you can find an option or many that amazingly fit your specific requirements, Palm Hills Compound New Cairo is your perfect pick.

The compound offers different residential units with multiple spaces for each type. The available types are villas, twin houses, apartments, townhouses, and duplexes.

Kindly note that the minimum space for an apartment ( A3 type) is 150 Sqm, while the average space for a villa ( B type) is 963 Sqm.

During the first phase, the company delivered around 1045 residential units fully-finished, of which 768 were apartments and 277 were Standalone Villas.

It’s expected that the compound’s residential part, 18%, will include around 4500 units by the end of the year.

Palm Hills New Cairo is perfectly designed to show a balance between the prominent deluxe lifestyle and the level of service integration.

a residential building in palm hills new Cairo compound

Top 13 features and services in Palm Hills New Cairo

Palm Hills New Cairo effectively delivers residents’ top needs with excellence in all life aspects, including medical needs, security, commercial, and entertainment.

Moreover, the company paid great attention to providing education services for residents by building an international school that suits all different ages, in addition to a nursery.

  1. The medical centre in Palm Hills compound New Cairo is supported by proficient medical staff and advanced 21-century machines.
  2. Palm Hills offers a kids’ area with the main consideration to provide all means of safety for children in addition to the high entertainment level.
  3. Palm Hills New Cairo is featured with its intensive smart security system through 4D Cameras and safeguards.
  4. The first phase features Pharmacies’ expansion all over the compound.
  5. Palm Hills Cairo Compound is designed with large green tracks where residents can perform different light activities.
  6. The clubhouse is one of the main features of the compound where residents can enjoy quality time with their families and get exposure to the community members.
  7. Food corner areas where residents can enjoy both types of western and eastern dishes.
  8. Palm Hills New Cairo Sheikh Zayed spotlights people’s health by providing a nutrition-based gym equipped with advanced safety tools.
  9. Innovative fire emergency system.
  10. There’re many private and shared garages.
  11. Palm Hills New Cairo launched a massive commercial mall to fulfill customers’ needs by hosting different brands in all specializations.
  12. Pharmacies are set all over the compound for 24 hours.
  13. Palm Hills compound is keen to provide the highest level of Maintenance services on a daily basis.

type b villa in palm hills new cairo

Palm Hills New Cairo prices

Palm Hills Compound New Cairo has set competitive prices to be customers’ first choice for residing and investing.

Kindly note that prices are subject to change from time to time, and we do our best to notify you of all the updates.

Take one of the following actions to get notified of price updates.

The payment system in Palm Hills New Cairo

To cope with the current age where facilitation is the central theme, Palm Hills Company offered different plans for its customers:

  • 1st plan requires booking with only 10% of the total cost and paying 5% while contracting. The owner is privileged to pay the remaining cost over 7 years.
  • The 2nd plan includes paying 20% of the total cost considering that the property owner is entitled to pay the dues over 8 years.

Kindly note that these plans are subject to change at any time; however, we do our best to update you with the correct information.

Who is the developer of Palm Hills New Cairo?

Palm Hills Development has been a market pioneer since its commencement in 1997, making huge progress toward a sustainable value-added community.

Palm Hills New Cairo compound is one of the company’s top-notch projects that has been receiving excessive buyer requests from customers because of its prestigious level.

Palm Hills New Cairo has been showcasing solid experience in outlining and developing around 29 projects, commercial and residential are included, including the East and West of Cairo. In addition to coastal projects that fascinatingly achieved high records of sales selling a considerable amount of residential units of 7,278

The total number of residential units launched in the West of Cairo by Palm Hills Development is 41,995 while the company launched around 9,810 in the East.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the number of sales of Palm Hills development in the first quarter of 2022 reached 5.5 billion EGP with a total raise of 62% in comparison to the sale ratio in 2021.

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Frequently asked projects in Palm Hills New Cairo

Who is the developer of Palm Hills New Cairo?

Palm Hills Development

Where is Palm Hills New Cairo?

New Cairo

How can I contact the Consulting team in Pal Hills New Cairo Compound ?

Through the following number: 01101112515

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