Park Lane New Capital Compound- El Attal Holding

Park Lane New Capital Compound- El Attal Holding
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Project details
Compound Name Park Lane
The Developer El Attal Holding
Available Units Villas & duplexes
Payment Plans a 7% down payment is required to own your unit, and the rest is paid over 8 years.
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The Park Lane New Capital Compound is your next destination for a parallel prestigious and integrated experience in the heart of New Capital City, with all means of luxury delivered with excellence,

The Compoundhood is a new innovative real estate concept provided by El Attal holding aims to assign each small detail in the development and after-sales phases to customers’ requirements; a lifestyle where they can get engaged with their senses feeling at home.

Livability is represented as has never been seen in the Park Lane Compound; the connectivity of spaces, the authentic layout designs, and the quality of services all have the same mission, which is residents’ comfort.

Time to take your next step at Park Lane Compound!

Park Lane New Capital Compound

Park Lane Compound Location

El Attal Holding Company opts for one of the most strategic locations in the New Capital City residential area “7th district”, which is D2 Plot. D2 Plot is directly situated on the central axis near Sewedi University and the Diplomatic District, giving extra luxury to the compound’s neighbourhood.

If the Park Lane Compound location is one of your top choices, you need to check the nearby places from your “Future Home”:

  • Park Lane Compound is located 5 minutes from the Green River, the largest park in the New Capital City that covers around 6,200 Feddan.
  • It’s only a 15-minute distance to arrive at the Residential Palace from Park Lane New Capital.
  • Park Land New Capital is located 5 minutes from both Fattah Aleem Mosque & the Cathedral Church.
  • Residents in Park Lane New Capital can arrive either in New Cairo or the fifth settlement within 20 minutes.
  • Tiba Rose Compound is considered one of the top nearby remarkable compounds to Park Lane.

The Land Space of Park Lane New Capital Compound

Park Lane New Capital is a 26-Feddan Compound that represents a new concept of how the classicism of Egypt antiquity can be blended into the modernness of the day, where both elder and current generations can find their expected scenario, in a seamless neighbourhood.

Park Lane New Capital Compound is distinguished by a smart master plan set by El Attal Holding team that aims to maintain life balance. In other words, the Park Lane Compound in New Capital City is ideally partitioned into 3 segmentations, each one is meant to cater to residents’ needs through service, facility, or even a feature.

For more a visionary experience, the Park Lane New Capital Compound comprises intertwined private terraces over flexible retail space and dining venues, driving home a human scale and sense of true mixed-use development and community

Park Lane New Capital Compound

Types of residential units in Park Lane New Capital Compound

El Attal Holding Company managed to create a unique experience for residents in Park Lane Compound New Capital by offering different types of units, such as apartments, pent clouds, and airy duplexes.

Check the average space for each type of unit:

  • The space of type A unit is 121 sqm to 293 Sqm.
  • The space of type B4 starts from 121 Sqm and 300 Sqm,
  • The space of Type C3 starts from 262 Sqm to 360Sqm
  • The space of Type E5 starts from 147 Sqm to 329 Sqm.
  • The space of type G1 starts from 87 Sqm to 177 Sqm,

Here’s your reference for what is the type that each symbol implies:

Type B4
  • It refers to Ground Duplexes- Roof Duplexes- Roof Apartments- Typical Apartments
Type A
  • It refers to Ground Floor- Typical- 4th Floor – 6th – 7th Floors.
Type C3
  • It refers to Ground Duplexes- Middle Duplexes- Typical Apartments
Type E5
  • It refers to Roof Duplexes & Typical Apartments
Type G1
  • it refers to Garden Apartments & Typical Apartments

Enjoy a cosy view from your Verrands Now!

It’s worth mentioning that El Attal Holding succeeds at providing a wide selection of appealing units in perfect spaces and perfect internal layouts in Park Lane New Capital. Yet, the used quality in finishing and quality is not less superior to the design, as the company was keen to classify its project with durability.

Top features & Services in Park Lane New Capital Compound

The Park Lane New Capital Compound represents how a vibrant lifestyle should be, as the compound is full of integrated luxurious spaces that empower residents to pursue their interests for a balanced lifestyle. A lifestyle where leisure and labour interweave in one scene.

The skyline lounge in Park Lane New Capital can be used as a reference, as it’s partitioned into 3 different spaces (Reading room- lounge- shared study area)


Discover more services:

  • The stream plaza stretch along the middle of the Park Lane Compound to give a space for residents to indulge their senses with the awe-inspiring views of the greenery parks and the brilliantly-designed fountains.
  • The flying bridge is one of the prominent features in Park Lane Compound’s designs that add an extra layer of sophistication and authenticity to the place.
  • The town avenue is, which includes stores, restaurants, and boutiques, a modern dynamic retail area that overlooks the luxurious glass facades of the buildings to get in harmony.
  • The Crossfit gym in Park Lane New Capital Compound is a perfect place that residents can cope with the modernity of the day, get nutrition-based plans and keep their exercise
  • Access control covers all the spaces for more safety.
  • The Shared study area and the Reading Room are available at the skyline lounge where residents can share their hobbies with their like-minded peers.
  • The Boutique cinema in Park Lane Compound is the perfect place for family members to share quality time.

Park Lane Compound

Park Lane New Capital Prices & its Payment System

El Attal Holding offers a real investment opportunity in New Capital City by offering competitive prices for the available units for sale in Park Lane Compound. Indeed, El Attal Holding Company managed to provide more facilities for residents while investing in Park Lane by announcing one of the top easy-to-handle payment systems:

  • Purchasing a unit in Park Lane New Capital Compound, phase 1, requires paying a 7% down payment. The remaining cost is paid over 8 years.

Meet our consulting team and book your place NOW!

El Attal Holding Company: The Park Lane Compound developer

El Attal Holding is one of the leading ever-stopping companies in Egypt that succeeded at joining various sectors in the real estate industry while featuring a high level of dominance in all fields (food suppliers, interior designs, manufacturing and finishing kitchens, construction materials economic developments, home appliance, and engineering consultancy, and security tools.)

The long history of El Attal Holding Company which started in 1948 and kept expanding has empowered the company to launch a one-of-a-kind residential project where the smallest detail perfectly caters to residents’ needs.

El Attal Holding Company strives to find real opportunities in the Egyptian market where it can provide a real sustainable solution for residents to improve and boost the investment cycle.

After a long record in the development industry and the success of Compoundhood in New Capital City, El Attal Hilding is currently working on developing two masterpieces in both North Coast and Ain Sokhna.

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FAQ related to The Park Lane New Capital Compound

Who is the developer of the Park Lane New Capital Compound?

El Attal Holding Company

Where is the Park Lane New Capital Compound located?

New Capital, D1 plot

What are the types of units in the Park Lane New Capital Compound?

duplexes- villas- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in the Park Lane New Capital Compound?

Call the following number: 01101112515

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