Roses New Capital- Luxury Apartments |2023 Prices

Roses New Capital- Luxury Apartments |2023 Prices
Prices start from 1,900,000 EGP
20% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Roses
The Project Owner Golden House
The Compound Location New Capital City, L6 in the eighth district.
Available units Apartments- Duplexes
For inquries 01101112515

Roses New Capital is one of the top-notch residential projects that was launched recently by Golden House Company with the highest levels of luxury, in terms of design, service quality, and types of residential units.

Roses Compound in New Capital City offers an exceptional vibrant experience for residents where they can enjoy outdoor activities, fine dining, and a flawless shopping experience.

Yet, Golden House was keen to uniquify its project with competitive prices and easy-to-handle payment plans, Check Now!

The location of Roses Compound

Roses Compound by Golden House is located in the heart of New Capital City in the 8th district, more specifically, inside L6.

Golden House managed to distinguish its project with a prime location near the top facilities and amenities provided in the New Capital City, as visiting one of the following places won’t require more than 10 minutes; these places are the Opera House, Expo Land, the financial district, Abd el Fattah Mosque, Cathedral Chruch, Mall, and the Green River.

The land space of Roses New Capital Compound

Golden House Company prioritized sufficient land space to reflect integration in its highest forms inside “Roses New Capital”, therefore, a land piece of 22 Feddan was the considerate one.

The landscapes in Roses Compound occupied the largest space, as around 80% of the project’s total area is filled with open green spaces and promenading tracks.

From first sight, one can notice how luxury and eliteness are embodied in the smallest details inside the compound; one can realize that the perfect random treat would be an ever-stopping lifestyle.

The Architectural Design of Roses Compound

Roses Compound in New Capital was constructed according to the latest European architectural techniques that guarantee an exceptional lifestyle where luxury and practicality are dominating the scene.

Golden House Company partnered with Egypt’s top construction and design company to come up with a flawless internal division for units, a smart design in which each corner is well-utilized to cover different needs. Al Juran Company, which specializes in engineering consultancy, is one of the main partners for Golden House.

The infrastructure of Roses New Capital is considered Golden House’s main priority, as the quality of construction, the planning and management for water pipelines, sanitation, and construction materials are all picked and implemented carefully to ensure everlasting functionality.

Roses New Capital Compound

The design of Roses Compound

Types of residential units in Roses Compound in New Capital

Golden Rose Company realizes customers’ needs for a variety of options that lead to price variation. Therefore, the company included three prominent types of residential units ( apartments-duplexes- villas) in different spaces in its master plan.

  • The space of two-bedroom apartments in Roses Compound is 113 Sqm.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments in Roses in New Captial starts from 140 sqm to 189 Sqm.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments is 200 Sqm.
  • The space of four-bedroom duplexes in a medium size starts from 220 Sqm².
  • The space of four-bedroom apartments starts from 240 Sqm.

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Roses Compound

Top features & Services in Roses New Capital

Living in a luxurious compound ” Roses” where awe-inspiring landscapes and contemporary architectural design are the main needs for some, yet, finding a community that surpasses in terms of design while offering wide recreational services in premium quality is the ultimate choice for all.

Golden House Company managed to represent an iconic place that can stand alone with its ultra-modern design, vast lush greenery areas, and smart level of integration.

  • The design of Compound Roses comprises pedestrian tracks that run across the compound, connecting the residential areas and the open spaces together.
  • The three entrances of Roses Compound are supported with E-gates, the length of each gate is 3 meters, to ensure people’s safety.
  • Roses New Capital compound features a smart security system through cameras implemented all over the compound, in addition to the role of the safeguards whose responsibility is to guarantee the safety of persons and belongings.
  • The Club House is considered the perfect addition to Roses Compound, as it provides open spaces for community members to share their interests and hobbies together.
  • The Compound promises interested buyers 5-star maintenance and housing services for property owners.
  • Roses in New Capital include breathtaking landscapes and green parks.
  • The Food Corner plot in the Compound provides a super tasty experience by serving eastern and western cuisines.
  • The commercial area includes hypermarkets and shopping stores.

Roses New Capital

The prices of Roses Compound & its Payment System

Purchasing a unit in Roses Compound in New Capital is considered a valuable opportunity for anyone looking to get a luxurious customized home in a high-class neighbourhood, or a person looking for a way to invest.

  • Roses Compound prices start from 1.300.000 Eg for a medium-sized apartment of 130 Sqm.

Time to experience luxury in Roses New Capital!

The payment system in Roses New Capital

According to the payment system of Roses in New Capital, Golden House Company for developments set perfect payment plans that appeal to customers’ different demands.

  • First Plan: A 0% down payment is needed! This system requires no initial payment for the reservation, instead, the buyer is allowed to pay the cost over 6 years.
  • Second Plan: a 10% down payment is all buyer needs to own his/her perfect home in Roses
  • Compound, the remaining cost is eligible to be installed over 8 years.
    Third Plan: a 20% down payment is required so customers would be able to pay their costs effortlessly over 10 years.

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The developer of Roses New Capital Compound

Roses New Capital Compound was developed by Golden House Company, one of the notable real estate companies in Egypt.

Golden House Company was founded in 2013 with a clear scheme of enhancing the perception of housing in Egypt, by providing customized homes, authentic luxurious designs, and integrated services.

Since its commencement, the company contributed to developing different places all over Egypt, such as New Cairo and New Capital City, Ain Sokhna. The top projects launched by Golden House that shall be highlighted as a real milestone in the real estate industry are Palm Beach Al Sokhna, La Sarina Sokhna, and La Sarina Ain Mousa.

Recently, Golden House partnered with Marina Group for project management and marketing consulting to market and deliver each unit in Roses Project to its proper customers.

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FAQ about Roses New Capital

Who is the project owner of Roses New Capital?

Golden House Company

Where is Roses located?

New Capital, L8

What are the types of units in Roses New Capital?

Townhomes- villas- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in Roses Compound?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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