Royal Maxim New Capital by Modon

Royal Maxim New Capital by Modon
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A new collaboration between Modon Development and Maxim Hotel lead to the launch of one of the most cutting-edge milestones in New Capital City “Royal Maxim hotel; a seven-star hotel that is expected to add real value to the hospitality industry.

Royal Maxim Modon Hotel features a palatial exquisite design that is rolling over a massive space of 8,000 Feddan where property owners can get exposed to the highest levels of comfort and luxury.

Information about Royal Maxim Modon In New Capital

Royal Maxim New Capital is counted as the fifth project for Modon Development in Egypt, despite the fact that it was introduced to the market in early 2020.

Royal Maxim Modon in the New Capital City characterizes a superb exterior design that tackles royalty as the main theme, an impressive height of 30 floors, where the summit is nearly touching the sky, making it a vivid sight.

To collaborate in the development of the new fourth-generation cities, Modon Development decided to situate its project in the downtown of the New administrative City; Egypt’s dream of the 2030 Agenda.

A strategic location that is surrounded by several vital places such as the museum zone, parliament & ministries district, and the green river.

It’s notable to mention that Ahmed Hussien was responsible for setting a deluxe theme for the interior designs, a layout that is partially inspired by the earthy colours intertwined with the ultra-modern furniture to add a true sense of elegance.

Types of Units in Royal Maxim Modon

The collaboration between Modon Development & Maxim Company led to the launch of an enthralling project “Royal Maxim Modon” that composes three categories of units: administrative-based units, commercial units, and residential units.

1- Administrative units in Royal Maxim Modon in New Capital

Modon Development offers an unmissable opportunity for any business owner who is looking for a unique location office where his employees can experience luxury. The developer was keen to offer different spaces for the administrative units in Modon Royal Maxim with an immaculate interior division.

2- Commercial units in Royal Maxim New Capital

Modon Development specialized terrains to build commercial units, so all residents and visitors in Royal Maxim New Capital can find their significant purchases easily.

Indeed, the strategic location of Royal Maxim amid New Amdisntrative vital areas creates a genuine investment opportunity for entrepreneurs.

3- Residential units in Royal Maxim

If you’re looking for deluxe aparthotels that classify a new level of comfort and integration, Modon Royal Maxim New Capital unit is your perfect choice.

As the project includes multiple medical, recreational, and commercial facilities that serve customers’ main needs. In the latest announcements by Modon development, it’s revealed that they’re studying the market to be able to set competitive prices for its customers.

Top Features & Services provided in Modon New Capital Project

The company strives to situate its new project “Royal Maxim”, with the contribution of Maxim Development, on the top list of Luxurious hotels in Egypt. Therefore, the company launched a group of well-served amenities that came as follows:

  • Security & CCTV System
  • Restaurants & Cafe
  • Retail Stores
  • ATMs
  • Parking lots
  • Excellent Housekeeping services
  • Storage units for owners
  • Prayer areas
  • Triple Play
  • Smart Fire System

Royal Maxim Modon Pricies & Payment System

Surprisingly, despite the high-class quality provided in the project, Modon & Royal Maxim Company managed collaboratively to set attractive prices.

Moreover, the company decided to extend the installment period of royal maxim hotel apartments over 20 years, which is considered a good-fortune opportunity for both investment and residence.

  • The down payments required to own a unit in Modon Royal Maxim start from 40,000 Egp.

The developer of Royal Maxim Hotel in the New Administrative City

Modon Development is the efforts of more than 30 years of worldwide experience in the real estate industry that was introduced to the Egyptian market under the new brand name of Modon.

Since its inception in 2020, the company managed to set its footprint in the real estate industry by expanding all over Egypt with iconic and outstanding projects that are classified with their exceptional level of elegance and luxury.

Modon Development previous projects

  • Garden View
  • Sephora Height
  • The Tower
  • Modon Mega Tower
  • Green River Tower
  • the business tower
  • Central Iconic Tower


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