Sarai Compound: Near Important Roads and Facilities

Sarai Compound: Near Important Roads and Facilities
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Project details
Compound Name Sarai Compound
The Developer Madinet Nasr for Housing & Development (MNHD)
The Compound Location It's located at KM45 on the Cairo - Suez Road.
Types of residential units Apartments- Villas
Payment System 5% down payment & 8-year installment
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Sarai Compound is one of the top deluxe residential compounds of Madinet Nasr Company for housing and development that impressively managed to exceed its customers’ expectations by implementing and applying all the luxurious possibilities for a perfect home.

Perfect Location and well-served facilities are what make Sarai Compound one of the main inquiries for buyers in Egypt.

Sarai Compound New Cairo location

Sarai Compound

Sarai Compound design and space

Sarai Compound is located in a strategic spot in Al Mostakbal City (Future City) at KM45 on the Cairo – Suez Road with great proximity of 5 minutes from the New Capital City.

The fact that Sarai Compound is located 15 minutes away from the regional ring road adds more value to its strategic location through which residents have quick access to the main areas in Cairo, in addition to a quick arrival to the main gateways.

Residents can avail the flawless location of Sarai Compound New Cairo by arriving anywhere within minutes:

      • Sarai is 10 minutes away from the American University (AUC)
      • The compound is situated on Al-Amal Axis.

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The design and space of Sarai New Cairo

Sarai New Cairo Compound

Sarai Compound New Cairo

Madinet Nasr For Housing and Development has specified a huge land area of 5.5 million Sqm to launch one of its frontier projects that are expected to lead the real estate market at the current moment.

For a smart utilization that enables residents to benefit from the vast space of Sarai Compound New Cairo, the compound was partitioned into different residential spaces with a total space of 100 Feddan for each community.

MNHD designed Sarai compound New Cairo with massive lush greenery landscapes stretching all over the compound, the space of green parks amounts to 300 Feddan which means around 80% of the total space.

According to the architectural designs launched in Sarai Compound, the company was keen to produce one-of-a-kind residential units that are set in alignment with contemporary techniques providing both comfort and elegance for residents.

The turquoise lagoon is considered a prominent landmark in Sarai Compound in which residents can enjoy the summer vibes of a long waterway that is spread over 50,000 sqm

Types of residential units in Sarai Compound

MNHD verified the types of residential units and their spaces according to an in-depth analysis of the top needs in the market.

Cavana, Varana, Condos, and travel apartments are the four main luxurious residential communities provided in Sarai where residents can find the typical match of their requirements of residential units.

      • The company dedicated around 90% of the total amount of residential units to Villa types, while the remaining, 10%, was equally divided between the twin houses, townhouses, and apartments.
      • The average space of Sarai units starts from 100 m² to 180 m²; a typical apartment of 126 m² is designed to include two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a reception.
      • A 165-meter apartment consists of three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, reception, and a kitchen.
      • 260 m²is the minimum space for Standalone Villas in Sarai Compound New Cairo.

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Sarai New Cairo Compound

Sarai Nasr City for Housing and Development

 Sarai New Cairo Compound Services

Sarai New Cairo Compound is a distinctive residential complex located in the heart of New Cairo, next to the New Administrative Capital and Madinaty. It was distributed and designed to a high level of sophistication and luxury.

Purchasing a unit in Sarai Compound New Cairo grants you a one-of-a-kind luxurious home where all the needed facilities and amenities are served with excellence to make your life easier.

      • Sarai Compound is considered no 1 because of its smart security system that promises a high safety level for residents and their belongings.
      • A giant crystal lagoon that is meant to up-level your housing experience with its breathtaking view.
      • Sarai Compound is renowned for its prestigious restaurants and cafes.
      • A huge commercial mall is one of the essential services provided in Sarai, in addition to small hyper markets set sprawling the compound.
      • Private garages to add more layers of safety and privacy to residents’ belongings.
      • Well-paved tracks empower residents to practise their favourite morning or night physical routine.
      • All the residential units are designed with outer green space to add more layers of privacy.
      • The compound offers a number of pharmacies 24/7.
      • The Health hub is one of the most needed features for those who prefer to relax at the weekends.
      • Sarai Compound New Cairo is equipped with Medical centres in which the patient can find multiple specializations. Swimming pools of different sizes for adults and children.
      • A large mosque in the Saray Compound where prayers and religious rites and duties can be performed.

The most important unique features within Sarai Compound New Cairo

      • The Lagoon: The Lagoon was divided along the entire length of the compound into a harmonious geometrical division, in order to give a stunning aesthetic view.
      • Hotels: Saray Hotel is a group of hotels belonging to the capital area, which have been designed according to the latest high-end artistic designs, and include a group of luxury restaurants and a health hall.
      • Education: The Saray project management took care of the educational needs as well as the recreational needs, and designed a group of schools that could go to their schools by bicycle amidst the picturesque gardens and green spaces. There are also international universities.
      • Equestrian culture: It is one of the important cultures that many residents are keen to develop for their children.
Sarai New Cairo Compound

Lifestyle in Sarai Compound

Sarai Compound New Cairo Prices and Payment plans 

Similar to MNHD Projects, Sarai compound prices are considered a competitive advantage in the market regarding its premium quality and customized services.

MNHD offers an unmissable opportunity for buyers who are willing to buy their costs at once to get cashback of 53% of the total unit cost.

Check the available plans in Sarai Compound New Cairo

      • 5% down payment, and the remaining is paid over 10 years.
      • One of the most known payments in plans in Sarai Compound is paying around 0% down payment with a controllable payment plan for up to 8 years.

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Sarai New Cairo Compound

Unit in Sarai Compound

The company that owns Sarai Compound

Since 1995, Madinet Nasr Company has been reinforcing their grounds in the market by reinventing new architectural designs and applying new solutions to the real estate industry which was done perfectly by analysing the market needs.

From day one of the company’s foundations, MNHD successfully managed to expand in both the west of and east of Cairo developing giant residential projects that have become a landmark in the real estate industry in Egypt. 

Timeline of MNHD Constructions:

    • In 1983, Madinet Nasr Company constructed 6th October Panorama to honor the veterans of 6th October war.
    • El Safarat district was developed at Al Abbas Akad street in 1994
    • 1996 Offers the Egyptian Exchange market 
    • In 2012, the company launched one of its most prestigious gated compounds “ Sultan phase” in Taj City, thereafter, more property buyers started to well acknowledge the company.
    • 2016 is considered the first milestone of Sarai Compound New Cairo.
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