Upgrade your experience in Scenario Compound New Capital

Upgrade your experience in Scenario Compound New Capital
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10% Down payment
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Project details
Compound Name Scenario Compound
The Developer Akam Development
Available Units Apartments- Duplexes- Penthouses
Payment Plans 10% down payment and 7-year instalment
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Scenario New Capital Compound is a one-of-a-kind residential compound that is prestigiously designed to redefine the housing experience in Egypt by providing the utmost comfort and luxury for its customers.

Scenario Compound was launched and developed by one of the top market leaders “Akam Development Company”, the company pushed its full capacity to introduce new innovative designs and well-personalized housing options in a strategic location in New Capital City.

Scenario New Capital Compound offers a wide selection of recreational and commercial services that include a huge commercial mall, sports club, kids area, gym, outdoor cinemas, private garages, and entertainment hubs.

If you are willing to take your experience to the next level, get ready to get a true consultation from our sales experts.

Scenario Compound Location

Scenario Compound is located in one of the most strategic areas in the heart of New Capital City in the 7th District (Plot A2) near a British university.

Akam Development made its research perfectly to the most pivotal spots in the New Capital City to grant its customers great proximity to all the significant and most-visited places.

Scenario Compound New Capital is situated close to the Presidential palace, Al Masa Hotel, the Green River, and the Cathedral church.

The distinctiveness of the Scenario’s neighbourhood lies in its proximity to a group of highly luxurious compounds such as Midtown Sky and Il Bosco Compound.

  • Scenario Akam is 5 minutes away from Al Fattah Aleem Mosque.
  • Only 20 minutes to arrive at your destination in New Cairo and the fifth settlement.
  • The distance between Scenario Compound and the Green River is 5 minutes.

Being situated on Muhamed Ben Zayed Axis is a great opportunity through which property owners can go to their destination, wherever it is, with no effort.

The Architectural Design of Scenario Compound New Capital

Akam Development selected a considerable land space of 39 Feddan to launch one of the most luxurious residential compounds, Scenario Compound New Capital.

Akam Company ideally outlined the space of its compound so that the capacity of the residential space didn’t exceed 20% of the total space, while the remaining is allocated between awe-inspiring landscapes and recreational and entertaining services. This division grants customers the ultimate comfort and immediate delivery of their needs.

Akam Company aimed to introduce a state-of-art community by delivering new urban mixed-use designs that would be a true inspiration in the real estate firm for the next generations. As the buildings in Scenario Compound imply a high touch of sophistication and elegance.

Living in Scenario Compound New Capital provides you with a high level of privacy through a considerable space between buildings ranging from 36 M2 to up to 65 M2.

The solid expertise of Akam Company in designing a place that people can call home is crystal clear in its classification of the available residential units.

Scenario New Capital Compound

Types of units in Scenario Compound New Capital

Upon customers’ top requirements, AKAM designed Scenario Compound New Capital with a variety of apartments and villas in different spaces.

The company launched around 1500 residential units with a total number of 49 buildings on a total land space of 7000 Feddan; all units are privileged with a flawless breathtaking view.

The compound provides two types of buildings, the first one is composed of ground and 7 floors and the second type includes a ground, three floors, and a basement.

If Scenario is the perfect match for you, check the available units now:

The available space that can be found in Scenario New Capital Compound ranges from 131 M2 up to 456 M2 which enables buyers to have a wide selection.

  • The smallest apartment in Scenario starts from 131 M2 for a two-bedroom with one terrace included.
  • The space for Four-bedroom apartments is 154 M2 with two bathrooms and two terraces included.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments is 136 M2.
  • The average space for a five-bedroom unit is 255 M2. This type includes three terraces and three bathrooms.
  • The space of Double-floor units in Scenario Akam starts from 368 M2. The first floor includes Two terraces, two storage, Maidroom, a lobby, and a reception. The second floor includes 5 bathrooms and a terrace.
  • The largest unit two-floor unit in Scenario is designed in an average space of 451 M2 with a total number of 5 bedrooms and two bathrooms on the first floor, while the ground floor is likely to be dedicated to storage and reception.

Yet, Akam Development provides its customers with premium quality regarding the finish that comes in a super perfect interior division.

Customers are entitled to requiring to receive their units either fully finished or semi ones.

Top benefits provided in Scenario New Capital Compound

By enlightening the main theme of the compound “ Create your scene”, Akam Company partitioned its community into well-customized places in which residents have got something exciting to experience.

It all started from the notion that residents’ comfort does really matter; therefore, Scenario New Capital Compound offers a wide variety of amenities in all of the following aspects ( educational, commercial, and entertainment)

  • The compound design was outlined in alignment with providing different water-based views such as fountains.
    Outdoor Cinemas add more layers of entertainment inside the compound.
  • Central Kitchen in Scenario New Capital Compound tends to make everyday parties and events easier.
  • Akam reinforced sports enthusiasts by constructing a huge sports club where residents can find endless sports that are supervised by expert coaches and trainers.
  • Scenario New Capital Compound is featured with private and shared garages across the buildings.
  • Swimming pools in Scenario are ideally designed to fit different ages.
  • The compound offers a clubhouse that strengthens the bonds between the community adding more fun.
  • A perfectly-equipped gym is a perfect addition to the compound to help residents enhance their lifestyle for a more proactive mentality and better health.
  • Scenario Compound features multiple playgrounds for children with the highest level of security guaranteed.
  • Scenario Compound is designed with vast lush greenery spaces to alleviate daily stress.
  • The Yoga area is a place where residents can keep their morning and night routines of spiritual and mental sports.
  • The Reading area fulfils the cultural needs of residents in Scenario.
  • The Scenario New Capital BBq area is designed with all possibilities of excitement.
  • Scenario New Capital Egypt provides a 24/7 smart security system.
  • The compound offers paved tracks for promenading and different activities.
  • Similar to other projects in the new capital city, Scenario Akam includes a huge commercial mall where customers can find their favourite stores and brands.

Scenario Compound

Scenario Compound Prices and payment plans

Scenario New Capital Prices grant customers a high return on their investment because of the compound’s superior quality and superb provided services.

Indeed, the announced payment plans by Akam Development are the top in the market as it features customization and controllability.

What are the payment plans in Scenario New Capital Compound?

    • Scenario New Capital Compound’s first plan allows customers to pay a 5% down payment and 10% from the remaining cost at the end of the year. In this system, customers can pay their dues over 6 years.
    • The second plan allows residents to purchase the unit of their dream with only a 7% down payment and pay the remaining over 7 years.
    • The third plan requires paying a 10% down payment provided that the remaining cost is paid over 8 years.
  • The fourth and last payment plan states that customers can pay 25% as a down payment and pay the rest of the total cost over 5 years. This system deducts 15% of the total cost with no interest.

Akam Development

Akam Company is one of the reputable real estate companies in the Middle East that managed to obtain a huge percentage of the real estate buyers in Egypt because of the company’s high commitment to delivering units to the said specifications.

Akam New Capital intends to go beyond customers’ expectations in different aspects regarding the prime locations, personalized options, well-utilized opportunities, and prestigious designs that customers deserve.

It’s noteworthy to mention that Akam Development managed to achieve 5 billion Egp sales driven by its eminent project in the New Capital City, Scene 7.

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Top Frequently asked questions about Scenario Compound

Who is the developer of Scenario Compound?

Akam Company for Development

Where is Scenario Compound located?

New Capital City, R7

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Scenario Compound?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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