Scene 7 New Capital Compound by Akam

Scene 7 New Capital Compound by Akam
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Project details
Project Name Scene 7 Compound
Compound Location The new capital city, G2 in the 7th district.
The Developer Akam Company
Types of residential units Apartments- Duplexes
Payment System Down payment starts from 0%, and different instalment systems lasts for 10 years.
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Scene 7 New Capital has become people’s first choice when it comes to a prestigious lifestyle, developed by Aakam Company, in one of the most strategic locations “R7”.

Akam Company introduces a new perspective for residence compound where it shapes a community for only those who are looking to enjoy each moment in their life indulging their senses with flawless fascinating scenes.

The smallest details in Scene 7 New Capital was perfectly chosen through the eyes of residents, a multi-functional residential place in the heart of the New Capital City that people call home.

Scene 7 Aakam delivers a well-personalized experience to the full, in terms of the space of units, the diversity of activities, and prices.

If you are looking for the perfect place to up-level the lifestyle for your family, Scene 7 Compound in New Capital is the ideal choice.

Scene 7 New Capital Compound

Scene 7 Compound Location

Scene 7 New Capital Compound is located in the 7th district in the New Capital city, specifically in G2.

Akam Company was keen to choose a strategic location for Scene 7 New Capital to privilege its residents with the proximity to the main facilities in the compound, including the financial district, and the Education hub.

The direct location of Scene 7 Akam on the main axis in the capital city guarantees residents effortless movement around, and outside, the city.

The nearby places from Scene 7 Compound

  • The diplomatic district
  • Al Wazarat street( Ministries street)
  • The presidential palace

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The space of Scene 7 Akam land & its division

Akam company selected a huge land space of around 44 Feddan to be able to provide its customers with one of the most multi-functional communities that perfectly serve both the luxurious and essential needs of owners.

Akam Company decided to dedicate around 20% of the Scene 7 New Capital space for building residential, commercial, and administrative buildings, and the remaining area is immersed with enchanting landscapes driven by nature.

The architectural design, in terms of division, of Scene 7 Aakam showcases the company’s brilliant choices in providing safety. As the compound roads are divided into three lanes; one for pedestrians, one for green areas, and the final one is dedicated to traffic, which enables owners to enjoy their morning and night jogging safely.

The flawless division of Scene 7 Compound grants residents a perfect view where they can experience sophistication to the full.

Scene 7 land space

Types of residential units in Scene 7 New Capital

Akam company diversified the types of residential units and their space, so buyers can find the perfect space he/she dreams about.

The approximate number of residential units available for sale in Scene 7 is 1,550 units, all featuring green parks or waterways. Each building in Scene 7 akam includes around 7 floors, in addition to a flour ground that features an elite superior entrance.

The space of the available residential units in Scene 7 New Capital ranges from 80 SQM to 236 SQM.

  • The space of a small two-bedroom apartment is 88 m2.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments is 128 m2.
  • The space of four-bedroom apartments is 143 m2; two out of four master bedrooms are included.
  • The space of four-bedroom apartments with two terraces is 189 m2.
  • The space of four-bedroom units provided with three terraces and two bathrooms is 200 m2.
Most importantly, the symmetrical architectural design of residential buildings is perfectly outlined with top designing architects who are capable of representing a smooth balance between modernity and classicism.
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Why Scene 7 Akam is called The “Sports Compound”?

Indeed, Akam Company was determined to represent a radical change in how sports are perceived by residents through one of the largest sports zones in New Capital City.

As the sorts zone in Scene 7 Akam hosts the top sporting academies in Egypt to grant the highest level of practicing for both children and adults. The sports academies in Scene 7 compound are (Go Padel, Adam Dance Studio, Hit Clan, Winner’s tennis academy, Spark Academy, Archery Hub, El Borolossy, and Boost Academy.

Most importantly, the CCTV system, one of the top advanced monitoring technologies, is implemented all over Sports to enable parents to watch their children remotely during their rest.

Main Services and features in Scene 7 New Capital

Scene 7 New Capital proved its expertise in designing well-personalized residential communities in the way that the company outlines the main and luxurious service that residents needs. Indeed, it’s never about quantity, it’s the quality that Akam provides that classifies the project as one of the best.

  • The commercial zone in Scene 7 shall be mentioned as one of the most mixed-use areas, as the mall includes the most-known local fashion & furniture brands, and restaurants
  • Scene 7 New capital features multiple spots for safe parking.
  • The clubhouse enables residents to enjoy quality time with their favourite ones.
  • The Kid’s area brings the latest games for little residents.
  • The medical centre in Scene 7 New Capital features a strict system and proficient medical staff.
  • The sports zone in Scene 7 compound offer training in tennis, archery, football, fitness, dance,
  • swimming, squash, padel, etc.
  • The Smart security system of cameras and E-gates is implemented throughout the compound to grant the highest levels of safety for both belongings and persons.
  • Scene 7 New Capital offers multiple venues for holding events and celebrations.
  • Residents in Scene 7 compound will be able to fulfil their distinct tastes in food through a wide selection of high-class restaurants and cafes.

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Scene 7 Prices & Payment plans

The prices of Scene 7 Compound impressed buyers in Egypt as the compound has excelled at the expected quality in terms of design, services, and location.

Besides the competitive prices of Scene 7 Akam Compound, Akam announced multiple easy-to-handle payment plans:

  • First plan: Customers can get their unit by paying 0 down payment provided that he/she has to pay the cost over 5 years.
  • Second plan: Customers can pay 6% as a down payment, and pay the remaining over 6 years.
  • Third Plan: Customers can pay 10% of the total unit cost and pay the remaining over 8 years.
  • The fourth plan, and the last one, allows buyers to pay over 10 years provided that they have to pay 10% as a down payment and pay 5% of the total unit cost after three months.

Akam company announced that The delivery date for residential units shall be within 4 years.
considering that An amount maintenance fee is added to the total cost, considering that it’s totally free for the first 100 Buyers, as announced by Akam Company.

Units in Scene 7 New Capital would be delivered in a partial finish. yet, if a customer needs the unit to be fully finished by the company, he can ask for it.

Scene 7 New Capital Developer

At the beginning of 2018, Akam Company for development was founded to be one of the top pioneers, a non-stopping growth company, in the real estate sector that offers real value for its customers through implementing a notable change in the perception of housing.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the main associated entities for Akam, subsidiaries, are Residence real estate development, Bennayat development & innovation, and AL Muhaid consulting.

Through its short journey, Akam managed to provide around 30 buildings in communities around the East and West of Cairo, giving huge attention to picking the most strategic areas to connect customers with the main facilities in Egypt.

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Frequently asked questions about Scene 7 New Capital Compound

Who is the developer of Scene 7 Compound?

Akam Company

Where is Scene 7 located?

New Captial city, G2

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Scene 7 Akam?

Contact the following number: 01101112515

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