Solana New Zayed-ORA:Your Home With 5% deposit

Solana New Zayed-ORA:Your Home With 5% deposit
Prices start from 18,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project Name Solana
Project Location New Zayed
The developer ORA
Available units Villas- Twin houses- Townhouses
Payment System 5% down payment, and 8-year installment
For Inquiries 01101112515

Solana Compound is a new gated residential project launched recently over a land space of 316 Feddan in New Zayed by Ora Development; a flagship project that will take the housing industry in Egypt to a new exquisite level.

Ora Development decided to follow up with the newly-viral construction concept of creating a city inside a city. In other words, Solana New Zayed Compound includes a huge group of the best-selected services and facilities, such as a health club, a medical building, a sporting club, a retail area, and landscapes.

The project offers a variety of luxurious and well-curated residential units with premium materials through which residents can experience elegance. These units are twin houses & villas.

So, if you are willing to dig deep into a worldwide class of luxury and sophistication, Book Your Villa now in Solana New Zayed with no single hesitation.

The location of Solana Compound in Sheikh Zayed

Solana Compound resembles a highly strategic location in New Zayed City, one of the most luxurious areas in Zayed, nestled directly on Mehwar el Dabba Road.

Ora Company was prudent to offer their residents a deluxe lifestyle by choosing a vital spot near Vye and Belle Vie. Moreover, the compound is located near several educational facilities, such as Misr Information & Technology, 6 October University, Nile University, Cairo University

The distance between Solana & Nearby Places

  • The distance between Solana Zayed & Sphinx International airport is 30 minutes.
  • To arrive at El Ahly Club you will need to drive around 24 minutes only. However, heading to El Gezira Club, you will need about 34 minutes.
  • For outings in Arabia Mall, Hyper, or Mall Misr you will need to drive an approximate distance of 20 minutes.
Solana New Zayed Location

The location of Solana October

The Land Space of Solana New Zayed Compound

Over a huge land space of 316 Feddan, Ora Development launched Solana New Zayed Compound representing a fully-served residential gated compound where all customers’ social, essential, and luxurious needs are fulfilled within the compound.

Solana Compound in New Zayed is expected to represent state-of-art landscapes with verdant parks and water jets; unique views that please the soul and attract the eye.

The Compound “ORA New Zayed” offers commercial and residential units with a total space that exceeds 25% of the project land space which tighten the possibility for both residents and investors to experience the luxury.

The Architectural Design of Solana New Zayed

Ora Development disclosed its interest in providing a perfectly-balanced lifestyle, by setting up a smart master plan for Solana New Zayed where facilities and landscapes are dominating the scene.

Ora Compound announced its willingness to introduce a new cutting-edge architectural design that provides residents with the highest levels of luxury and comfort that they can look for.

Indeed, Solana New Zayed Compound doesn’t showcase genuine only in the exterior design, instead, the company is planning to offer a group of well-designed units in degradable spaces with flawless interior partitioning.

In order to perform its vision in Solana Sheikh Zayed, the company set picky criteria to choose which design company to contract with to brilliantly execute its theme.

Solana New Zayed Compound

Solana Project in New Zayed

Types of units in Solana Compound New Zayed & their spaces

Solana Compound New Zayed is the perfect choice for premium housing units with different spaces, check out the available types now:

  • The space of the standalone Villa (1A) is 388 Sqm including 5 bedrooms, 1 maid bedroom is included.
  • The space of Villa (1B) is 383 Sqm, it includes 5 bedrooms with an optional basement attached in some designs.
  • The space of the One-Storey Villa is 319 Sqm, it includes 4 bedrooms with the freedom to choose your design between a roof-based villa or a Basmenet-based villa.
  • The land space of Villa 3 in Solana Compound in New Zayed is 337 Sqm.
  • The space of Villa 4 is 249 Sqm, it includes 4 bedrooms and a basement.
  • The space of the Twin House in Ora New Zayed is 240 Sqm, two floors.
  • The space of the townhouse middle is 210 Sqm, and the space of the Corner townhouse that includes 3 bedrooms is 249 meters.

Which Unit Suite You the Most?

Solana New Zayed Villas

Villas desgin in Solana by Ora

Top Features & Services in Solana New Zayed

Solana Compound in New Zayed offers you a one-of-a-kind opportunity through which you can enjoy an opulent lifestyle where all types of facilities are nestled steps away from your home.

  • Solana New Zayed comprises a mid-size sporting club with 9 courts included, where both adults and kids can enhance their level by being supervised by a master group of coaches and trainers.
  • Ora Development supplied Solana Compound with a Health Club where residents have access to the spa, jacuzzi, and sauna.
  • Ora development intensifies the project security through highly-trained guards, E-gates, and, finally, CCTV systems.
  • Solana in New Zayed features a multi-use retail area where residents can get their daily needs and shop local brands and stores.
  • To enjoy fine dining with your beloved ones, residents don’t have to step out of the compound, instead, they can visit one of the most-known available restaurants that serve both western and eastern dishes.
  • Medical service is one of the main important facilities in Solana Sheikh Zayed that people look for when they move to a new house; hence, ora development offers a medical building that hosts doctors in different specializations.
  • Solana El Sheikh Zayed includes multiple well-finished commercial stores to boost investment and assist entrepreneurs to invest in highly generating income projects.
  • Including garages in the master plan of Suana New Zayed Compound by ora is one of the most important features that facilitate parking and lessen any sort of crowding
  • Solana Zayed features separately-designed promenades so residents can practice their daily yoga, cycling, and running safely.

Solana Compound Prices & its Payment System

Solana Compound in New Zayed is considered an unmissable investment opportunity for 2 reasons. First of all, the project offers an exceptional level of luxury through its premium quality, innovative design, and integrated services.

Secondly, and most importantly, the company managed to set a perfect pricing strategy for the provided services that would grant passive income in the future.

Check the prices of each available unit and hurry to book your place:

  • The average price of a mid-size unit in solana new zayed is 18,000,000 Egp.

The Perfect Prices For the Highest Quality in ORA New Zayed 

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Payment System in Solana New Zayed Compound

Ora Development facilitates the payment system of Soalana New Zayed villas by offering a prolonged installment period that lasts up to 8 years.

  • To purchase a unit in Solana New Zayed Compound, you can pay only a 5% down payment in two equal installments over 8 months.

Ready To Unlock The Secrets of Luxury With ORA New Zayed?

The developer of Solana Compound Sheikh Zayed

Solana Compound Sheikh Zayed was launched by Ora development; a forerunner real estate company founded in 1997.

The company aims to introduce well-customized residential projects that exceed customers’ expectations by enhancing the housing experience in Egypt through a prime location, deluxe services, and authentic design.

Among numerous projects launched by Ora Development, and besides the excellency represented in ORA New Zayed Project, Zed East is the prominent milestone that situated ORA on the top list of trustworthy developers in Egypt.

FAQ about Solana New Zayed

Who is the developer of Solana New Zayed?

ORA Company

Where is Solana Compound located?

New Zayed

What are the main units in Solana New Zayedr?

villas- townhouses- twin houses

How can i contact the consulting team in Solana New Zayed?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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