Taj City New Cairo by Madinet Masr Developments Prices 2024

Developer: Madinet Nasr For Housing and Development
Taj City New Cairo by Madinet Masr Developments Prices 2024
Prices start from 10,500,000 EGP
5% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project Name Taj City compound
Taj City Location Extension of El Thawra St in front of Cairo International Airport
Taj City space 3.4 million sqm, approximate 900 Feddans
units` Types Apartments - Standalone Villas - Twin villas - Town Villas
Payment systems 5% down payment, up to 8 years installments
developer name: Madinet Nasr developments
for inqiures: اتصل بنا

Taj City New Cairo is an unmissable opportunity to experience luxury to the extreme where the contemporary urban architecture mixed with the glamour of the eye-pleasant semi-natural views of turquoise and green elements.

Living in New Cairo city provides customers access to all livable places all over Cairo because of its strategic location.

Indeed, the modern design and the strategic location of the compound aren’t the only advantages, as residents in Taj City New Cairo can experience integration by getting all their services on time.

If you are willing to ensure a top-flight lifestyle for your family, granting them the all needed possibilities regarding education and sports, Taj City shall be your first choice.

Own a distinctive unit in Taj City Compound and enjoy a luxurious life in a unique project

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Taj City New Cairo Location

taj city location

Taj City New Cairo’s strategic location is one of the main reasons beyond the increasing demands of customers to invest or move in the compound. as Taj City compound is situated on the ring road inside the fifth settlement through which residents are easily connected with both Al Thawra Street and Cairo-Suez Road.

Moving to Taj City New Cairo grants residents a view of JW Marriott and Kempinski hotels and Cairo Festival Mall, which adds more sense of sophistication to the compound.

However, Taj City Cairo proximity to the administrative city with around a 20-minute distance enables residents to take advantage of all the available amenities in the city.

The Nearby Places From Taj City New Cairo

  • Taj City New Cairo is minutes from Cairo Airport.
  • It’s only 5 minutes away from 90th Street.
  • People who are heading to Nasr city or Heliopolis need only 10 minutes to arrive.
  • Taj City MNHD is 20 minutes from downtown.

The Luxurious Design of Taj City

Taj City was constructed on a huge area (900 Feddans); the largest space among New Cairo’s compounds, in one of the strategic spots in the fifth settlement.

It’s notable to mention the outstanding collaboration between MNHD and Egypt’s top designers to bring 21-century applicable designs that are meant to take your experience to where luxury is the main theme.

The Compound’s structure is set in alignment with the contemporary urban techniques that intend to devote the largest part to green natural space; thus, the residential buildings occupied only 18% of the compound’s total space.

The above-mentioned structure contributes to separations between the units, which implies a sort of privacy for all residents of the Taj City compound.

Madinet Masr For Development and Construction ( MNHD) gave much consideration to user experience in Taj City Master Plan by providing different housing options through a property buyer can call home; a home with all the specifications that he looks for including.

Compound Taj City Master Plan

a residential building taj residence in taj city new cairo

The Taj City Masterplan showcases a perfect division of the Compound’s main facilities across the area; these facilities can be noticed in: (International School- Commercial Spine-Business Hotel- Sporting Club- Office Mall- Strip Mall)

Taj City is divided into different areas and phases with a unique purpose for each one, including ( Taj Vile-Shayla-Taj Gardens-Lake Parks-Park Residence- Taj Ts)

Types of Residential units in Taj City Compound

Apartments, Standalone Villas, Twin villas, and Town Villas are the four main types of residential units in Taj City Compound.

Unit space variety is one of the top advantages provided in the Taj City compound New Cairo where residents can pick a unit of their dream in scalable spaces starting from 86 Sqm as a minimum space to 280 Sqm.

  • The space of Standalone Villa starts from 484 M2, considering that around 227 M2 is designed for the Basement area.
  • Villa Type B is designed with an average of 472 M2, as a gross space. 210 M2 of the total space is dedicated to the Basement floor.
  • The space of a Townhouse (Type A) starts from 285 M2 to 350 M2.
  • The space of apartments in the Park residence phase starts from 171 M2 to 326 M2.
  • There are commercial units strat with 58 m2 to 485 m2.

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Top services & benefits in Taj City New Cairo

apartments taj city compound new cairo

MNHD Company managed to distinguish its project by supporting the recreational, commercial, and residential demands across the compound with top-notch services and facilities.

Taj City New Cairo promises customers to boost the quality of their housing experience to the peak where they can enjoy

  • MNHD managed to meet its customers’ different personas through different services such as providing a cultural hub.
  • For security, MNHD Company contracted with leading companies specialized in the field of security and guarding to ensure the highest levels of safety for both belongings and persons.
  • Residents can experience the enchantment of nature through the artificial lakes and lush greenery areas.
    Taj City New Cairo offers a wide group of best-known restaurants and cafes sprawling the compound.
  • MNHD Company dedicated areas for children where they can recall happiness and still maintain their safety.
    Highly-equipped gym with advanced machines and experienced coaches.
  • The latest types of cameras were distributed within the compound to ensure more security.
  • Social Club is one of the livable spots in Taj City New Cairo where community members spend pleasant times.
  • Paved tracks are designated with the highest comfort and elite standards to enable residents to practice light physical activities such as Promenading and playing yoga.
  • Event hub for holding different social and entertaining events.
  • Taj City offers Business rooms for holding meetings and conferences.
  • MNHD realized the importance of educational facilities as a purchase factor for customers; thus, the compound includes an international school for all educational levels.
  • Fabulous swimming pools have a variety of designs.
  • A private car parking.
  • The compound gave much consideration to fulfilling the Medical needs through clinics and pharmacies.
  • Five-star luxury hotel designed in alignment with contemporary architectural designs.
  • Taj City New Cairo included one of the integrated administrative projects, Kensington, with an authentic design that can inspire the new designers.

Prices and Payment system for Taj City New Cairo

taj city compound

Taj City Prices are a lifetime chance that pushed many property buyers to start investing in the compound for personal or commercial use.

MNHD Company announced its price list for Taj City Compound due to the several housing options and its spaces through which the customer will not only be capable of picking their favorite unit space but also paying within the set range.

  • The average price of a mid-size unit in Taj City New Cairo is 10,500,000 Egp.

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The instalment Plan of Taj City Compound

MNHD allows residents to purchase a unit in Taj City Compound of their dream by paying a 5% down payment, which is a great opportunity for people who desire to invest in New Cairo.

  • Note that a period of 8 years is the maximum time so property owners can pay all the dues.

All you have to do is choose your next unit in the middle of an integrated service city and choose the payment system that is the right fit for you.

The Developer of Taj City Compound- MNHD

Madinet Nasr for development and construction is a forerunner real estate company that has contributed to the development transformation phase in Egypt of what people call a fourth-generation city.

Since its inception in 1959, Madinet Nasr for development expanded all over Egypt with flagship projects investing around 4 million Sqm highlighting its solid expertise in driving competencies.

MNHD Company strives to connect customers with all the potential opportunities to enhance their lifestyles. Over 60 years of continuity, the company managed to provide real-life solutions that represented a transformation in the way people live, and, definitely, the way their demands are fulfilled.

During the first quarter of 2022, MNHD broke profit records with total revenue of EGP 818.4 million, which represents EGP 12.4% revenue growth, after delivering around 361 residential units. of course, Taj City contributed to such success.

It’s worth mentioning the company is committed to delivery dates in all its projects. For example, in Taj Sultan Project, around 1700 residential units were delivered to their owners at the said time.

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Frequently asked questions about Taj City New Cairo

Who is the developer of Taj City?

Madinet Nasr Development (Mnhd)

What is the location of Taj City?

fifth settlement, 5 minutes from N' Tessen Street

What is the prices of Taj City?

The average price is 10,500,000

What is the land space of Taj City?

900 Feddan

What is the payment system of Belle Vie

5% down payment & 8-years instalment

How can I contact the sales team in Taj City New Cairo?



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