5 reasons to choose Taj City for your next home

5 reasons to choose Taj City for your next home
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Last updated 2022-04-19

Taj City New Cairo Compound

Taj City Compound in New Cairo is one of the most important and recent distinguished residential projects of Madinet Nasr for Construction and Development specialized in the construction of real estate and modern mega projects. directions.

The residential units in Taj City New Cairo, Suez Road, are distinguished by their diversity between independent apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and villas. The Taj City compound in the Fifth Settlement, Taj City, contains integrated and recreational facilities and services that will meet the needs of the residents so that individuals can enjoy a modern, upscale and luxurious life.

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Taj City New Cairo

Taj City Compound

The location of the Taj City compound, Suez Road, Taj City

Taj City Compound is located in the Fifth Settlement in the best location inside New Cairo; It is located on the ring road in the Fifth Settlement in particular, the area that connects Al-Thawra Street and Cairo-Suez Road; it also directly overlooks the JW Marriott and Kempinski hotels and Cairo Festival Mall.

The location of Taj City New Cairo is characterized by close distances between the most important hubs and landmarks within Cairo; Where the compound is located at a distance of:

  • 5 minutes from Cairo Airport.
  • 5 minutes from 90th Street.
  • 10 minutes from Nasr City and Heliopolis.
  • 20 minutes from downtown.
  • 20 minutes from the administrative capital.
Taj City

Taj City Compound, Suez Road

The design and space of Taj City Compound, Fifth Settlement

Taj City New Cairo is not considered a natural compound, but rather a small city with integrated services; Where the compound was implemented on a huge area (900 acres); This space is the largest among New Cairo’s compounds; All buildings within the compound were built on an area of ​​only 18%, and the rest of the space was distributed to services, green areas and landscaping.

This huge area and the small percentage of buildings helped in the presence of large separations between the units, which allows great privacy for all residents of the compound, which is the most important factor that customers look for; The space and the professional engineering design of Taj City Compound also provided a great diversity in the types and spaces of residential units inside the compound.

Within the Taj City project, you will find units with various designs such as:

  • Independent apartments.
  • Stand Alone Villa.
  • Town Villa.
  • twin villa.

You will also find great diversity in the spaces of these units, as the spaces start within the Taj City project:

  • From 65 meters up to 280 square meters.

Taj City Compound |  An integrated city in the heart of the Fifth Settlement

Taj City New Cairo Compound Services

The Taj City New Cairo Compound is distinguished from other projects, because the project includes all basic and recreational services and everything that an individual needs, in addition to being distinguished by the presence of security and safety, as it was contracted with major companies specialized in the field of security and guarding to ensure the highest levels of security It is what everyone is looking for anywhere.

The latest types of cameras were carefully distributed within the Taj City compound, the entire Suez Road, to ensure access to the highest levels of security and safety. The project management also provided many shops and major banks that are indispensable to any individual. Among the most important services provided in the project:

  • Fabulous swimming pools have a variety of designs.
  • Gardens with large green areas give the owners a feeling of comfort and freedom.
  • A private car park for all those present in the Taj City project, New Cairo.
  • Gardens for children to enjoy and not have to leave the compound.
  • See you for a morning walk and fresh air.
  • Guard and security throughout the day without holidays.
  • There are many artificial lakes and artificial fountains in a good area of ​​the compound, in addition to the presence of spaces
  • The green one works both to give a special magic view that relaxes the psyche.
  • Luxury restaurants are available in Taj City, Fifth Settlement.
  • There are cafes to listen to with friends.
  • Special areas for children’s games and a large entertainment area for children, characterized by safety and a variety of entertainment facilities.
  • In the Taj City project in New Cairo, there is a gym that offers a lot of sports.
  • A cultural club for lovers of cultural sessions and reading.
  • Equipped gyms in order for the company that owns the project to ensure that the residents have a healthy, balanced life.
  • There are many water bodies inside the compound to give luxury and joy inside the compound.
  • social Club.
  • Spaces for barbecues in green areas.
  • Dedicated seating areas in the trees for reading.
  • Banquet halls for birthdays and special occasions.
  • Business rooms for holding meetings and conferences.
  • Schools for all educational levels and universities.
  • Medical centers of the highest level.
  • There is a well-equipped clubhouse in Taj City, New Cairo.
  • International luxury hotels with the latest engineering designs.

Taj City Compound |  An integrated city in the heart of the Fifth Settlement

Payment systems in Taj City Compound, Fifth Settlement, Taj City

The developer followed a wonderful system to pay the value of the units within Taj City New Cairo, where it introduced several systems to pay the value of the units.

With a down payment starting from 0% and installments up to 10 years; All you have to do is choose your next unit in the middle of an integrated service city and choose the payment system that is right for you only.

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The company that owns the Taj City project in New Cairo

Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development is a leading real estate development company in Egypt. The company was established in 1959 as a public company, and it was listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 1995.

Madinet Nasr Real Estate Development Company initially developed about 40 million square meters of land in various parts of Egypt.

Since then, through a qualified team of more than 450 professionals, Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development has developed a number of mega projects in addition to infrastructure projects throughout Egypt.

With the comprehensive restructuring of the company, Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development expanded from its target groups to include the upper class.

Madinet Nasr Housing has contracted with the most famous international engineering and architectural design companies for real estate development.

 The most important residential projects of the company include:

  • Strip Mall New Cairo.
  • Tag Sultan Compound in New Cairo.
  • Sarai Compound New Cairo.
  • The Taj City project is the latest project undertaken by the company.
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