The Gate Towers New Alamein Resort

The Gate Towers New Alamein Resort
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Last updated 2023-01-08
Project details
The Compound Name The Gater Towers
The Developer City Edge Developments
Project space 200 Feddan
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The Gate Towers New Alamein is a new milestone of City Edge Company for developments in the heart of New Alamein City.

From its name “ The Gate Towers”, the resort is designated as an open scene where the main composition goes in alignment with a panoramic sea view, the two podiums are set high uninterruptedly in the sky.

The Gate Towers Resort promises its customers an exceptional level of facilities that is meant to enhance the housing experience in the coastal cities in Egypt and exceed customers’ expectations for their vacation.

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Gate Towers New Alamein

The Gate Towers Location

The Location of Gate Towers New Alamein is situated at the entrance of New Alamein City at a distance of 107 kilos from Alexandria; a strategic location classified with its prestigious neighbourhood of high-class resorts and hotels.

Check the distance between The Gate Towers resort in Egypt and other significant areas:

  • The distance between Gate towers resort and Cairo is 261 Km.
  • The distance between the gate towers and Marsa Matrouh is 184 Km.
  • The distance Borj AL Arab is 89 km away from Gate Towers.
  • The resort is 54 km away from New Alamein airport.

The Architectural design of the Gate Towers Compound

The design of Gate Towers New Alamein is worth-mentioning because of its grandiosity that stands as the lodestar of Al Alamein City.

The compound is composed of two giant towers constructed above 5-floor malls that are served with all the facilities and amenities that a resident may look for.

Each floor features distinctive facilities, including a commercial mall, swimming pools, sports hubs, and a kids’ area.

The outstanding composition of The Gate Towers is designated to tune and form a horizontal view; a spectacular scene in which the sky embraces the view.

The Gate Towers New Alamein land space

The Gate Towers New Alamein is constructed on a 200-Feddan land with a distinctive seamless design of two giant Podiums.

The land space of Gate Towers New Alamein was perfectly chosen by the company to provide residents with a fully-served complex day and night.

The company offer a flawless selection of residential units due to market research the company performed to know the main demands of customers.

The average unit size in the Gate Towers represents a great variety to appeal to customers’ different demands, the unit space starts from 50 m2 and reaches 375 m2.

Types of residential units in The Gate Towers New Alamein

The total floors in each tower are 44 in which a variety of studios and apartments are available for sale in The Gate Towers New Alamein.

Check the average space for each unit

  • The space of studios in the Gate Towers starts from 54 m2 to 71 m2.
  • The space of one-bedroom apartments starts from 81 m2.
  • The space of one-bedroom apartments that include a terrace, a dressing room, and a reception is 147 m2.
  • The space of two-bedroom apartments that include a terrace and reception starts from 120 m2.
  • 180 m2 is the average space for a two-bedroom apartment that includes a dressing room and 2 terraces.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments starts from 210 m2.

City Edge Company offers its units in a premium quality that guarantees the highest levels of luxury in terms of finish and design.

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Top facilities & services in the Gate Towers New Alamein Resort

The master plan of the Gate Towers is a true indication of the company’s solid expertise in designing fully-integrated complexes in the heart of North Coast.

The division of services and facilities between the first five floors perfectly fulfil the main luxurious and essential needs of residents.

If you are looking for a prestigious coastal experience that has no competitors in its luxury, check the available services in the Gate Towers Egypt:

  • A huge sports hub in each tower offers five-class training and nutrition services for residents.
  • The Young visitors in the Gate Towers enjoy playing Vr games in addition to the aqua park area.
  • The Gate Towers supports the Waste management system that filters the recyclable materials for a more sustainable community.
  • The electricity generators were the perfect alternative when the light goes off.
  • Cinema halls in the Gate Towers Egypt offer a distinctive cinematic experience for all the latest and trending movies.
  • The Gate towers’ spa hub is the first choice for residents for relaxation.
  • The Gate Towers’ garages strengthen the privacy and security level.
  • The company designed Huge swimming pools in each tower.
  • The Gate Towers features a 7-class beverage experience.
  • Multiple Paranomic elevators are designed with glass facades to feature a perfect stunning view.

The Gate Towers New Alamein prices

The Gate Towers New Alamein offers a wide range of residential units and aparthotels at competitive prices.

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The payment system in The Gate Towers New Alamein

Similar to the City Edge Projects, the Gate Towers resort offers competitive payment plans in which the residents can extend the instalment up to 7 years.

Buyers can get their unit by paying only 10% of the total unit cost as a down payment and pay the rest over a 7-year period.

The developer of City Edge Development

City Edge Company added The Gate Towers resort to its portfolio in the heart of Al Alamein City as its collaboration to develop the fourth-generation cities.

Since the company’s first inception in 2017, the company managed to invest thousands of meters all over Egypt developing 11 outstanding residential projects in the east and west of Cairo, in addition to a group of projects in the coastal cities.

City Edge Company proved its commitment to classifying its projects with a rich level of luxury for both quality and standards.

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Faq about The Gate Towers New Alamein City

Who is the developer of the Gate Towers New Alamein?

Mountain View Company

Where is the Gate Towers located?

New Alamein City

How can I contact the Consulting Team inthe Gate Towers New Alamein?

Contact the following number: 01101112515

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