Villaria Compound in 6 October City

Villaria Compound in 6 October City
Prices start from 6,500,000 EGP
40% Down payment
4 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project Name Villaria
The Developer Marid Development
The Location October
Types of Units Apartments- Duplexes- Penthouses
Payment System a 40% down payment Installment lasts up to 4 years.
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Villaria Compound in 6 October is one of the top residential projects that has been receiving high demands from buyers because of its innovative design, strategic location, and easy-to-handle payment plan.

Mirad Company, the project Developer, managed to exceed customers’ expectations with the Villaria’s distinctive design that is perfectly intertwined with the breathtaking views. In other words, residents are going to enjoy an industrial revolution in architectural design while still being exposed to natural views.

More surprises are yet to come, the company provides super manageable payment plans for its customers with a prolonged installment period that lasts up to 4 years in Villaria 6 October.

So if you are looking for a place to settle in with your family where you can enjoy a prime location in 6 October, contemporary architectural design and variety of units, and, definitely, competitive prices & easy payment systems, then Villaria Compound in 6 October shall be your 1st choice.

villaria Compound

Residential blocks in Villaria Compound

The Location of Villaria Compound

Mirad Company paid more attention to the significance of the project location to customers, for this reason, the company determined to situate Villaria Compound in the heart of 6 October “ Sheikh Zayed” with proximity to both Gamal Abd El Naser axis and 26 July axis.

Moreover, the vitality of Villaria Compound’s location is represented in its nearness to different shopping malls and medical hospitals, such as Mall of Arabia and Zohor Hospital

The Nearby Places from Villaria 6 October

  • Villaria 6 October compound is located 3 minutes away from El Nekaba Club, however, it’s situated close to El Remaya Club & and 6 October Club.
  • The compound is 10 minutes from 26 July axis.
  • It’s only 5 minutes to arrive at Hypder 1 Market.
  • Badr tigers, Badr City, and the Egyptian pioneering languages schools are the top three prominent education facilities near Villaria October.

The Land Space & Architectural Design of Villaria Compound 6 October

Villaria Compound in 6 October city is one of the smallest gated communities that features a considerable integration level and breakthrough design.

As the compound was established over a 5-Feddan land space, which represents around 12,000 meters, where the advantage of the landscape serenity is still preserved.

Mirad Company paid a huge consideration to how to offer a suburb architectural design for its customers that allow them to experience a new realm of luxury, by contracting with Egypt’s top designing firm.

  • Villaria 6 October Compound includes around 15 residential blocks at a mid-level height.
villaria Compound

Villaria Compound on 6 October

Types of apartments and different units in Villaria Compound

After intensive market research, the company figured out that the most required residential units in the nearby area in October are Apartments, duplexes, and penthouses.

Let’s have a quick overview of the available units in Villaria Compound :

  • The space of apartments in Villaria Mirad starts is 130 Sqm; however, the company offers a larger version with a total space of 186 sqm.
  • Duplexes in the compound are designed with an average space of 232 Sqm.
  • The minimum space provided for a penthouse in Villaria October is 200 Sqm.

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Top Features & Services in Villaria 6 October

Mirad Company envisages keeping pace with the luxury represented in October City by providing Villaria Compound with a variety of essential services & Features.

  • Villaria 6 October Compound includes a commercial area where residents can get their shopping needs from stores and groceries.
  • The Compound features a high level of Security through its high gates, security members, and CCTV System
  • The Compound includes Fun Zone for kids.
  • The compound’s design is accentuated with eye-pleasing landscapes.
  • Villaria 6 October includes Swimming pools for adults and kids.

Villaria Compound prices & Its Payment System

With experience that exceeded 60 years in real estate development and other sectors, Mirad Company managed to offer competitive prices for apartments in Villaria Compound.

  • The prices for apartments in Villaria 6 October Compound starts from 6,500,000 Egp.

Kindly, note that the above-mentioned price may change with the dollar price increase. For accurate details, contact us.

What is the Payment System of Villaria October?

A luxurious residential project that offers competitive prices and easy-to-handle-payment plans would be always the exact match for the property buyers.

Mirad Company launched 3 payment systems for Villaria October that came as follows:

  • 1st system requires a 40% down payment with the privilege of installing the remaining cost over 4 years. This system enables buyers to receive their units in 6 months.

The Developer of Villaria Compound

Villaria October Compound was launched by Mirad, one of the most experienced real estate companies in Egypt in 1979.

Mirad Company aims to offer its customers high-quality residential projects that can be classified as luxury, through its premium location, authentic design, and competitive prices.

Since its inception, it focused its development on several areas in Egypt, such as Maadi, El Sheikh Zayed, and 6 October. In addition to coastal towers in Marsa Allam.

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FAQ Related to Valeria 6 October Compound

Who is the developer of Valeria 6 October?

Mirad Development

Where is Valeria 6 October located?

October City

What are the main units in Valeria 6 October?

Penthouses- Duplexes- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in Valeria 6 October?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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