Villette Sodic- Luxurious Homes| 2023 Price

Villette Sodic- Luxurious Homes| 2023 Price
Prices start from 13,000,000 EGP
25% Down payment
3 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Villette Sodic
The Developer Sodic Company
Available Units Standard villas- Twin villas- townhouses
Payment Plans Down payment starts from 25%, and the instalment period lasts tp 3 years.
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Sodic Villette takes place on the top prestigious compounds in Fifth Settlement that relabel how a luxurious housing experience should be perceived.

Besides the innovative architectural design of the buildings and residential units in Villette by Sodic, the compound is renowned for a top-notch complex that provides different services of high quality, including a sports club, social hub, pharmacies, shopping centres, entertaining activities, etc.

In Villette Sodic Compound, residents can find multiple well-personalized housing options at super competitive prices and premium finishes.

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Villette Sodic New Cairo

Villette Sodic Location

The location of Villette Sodic Compound is located in a strategic area in the Fifth settlement close to a group of prestigious compounds and different administrative buildings. The perfect location of Villette Compound was determined by Sodic to provide residents with proximity to the main highways and gateways of Cairo.

Living in Villette New Cairo Compound gives residents full access to the main education and administrative facilities in the Fifth Settlement.

Top Places Near Sodic Villette

  • Sodic Villette in the fifth settlement is located 10 minutes away from the American University in New Cairo (AUC).
  • Villette Sodic New Cairo is 5 Minutes from Eastown Residences.
  • The compound is only 15 minutes away from Cairo-Sokhna Road.
  • The distance between Cairo International Airport and Sodic Villette is 25 minutes.
  • Residents need around 20 minutes to arrive at their destination at Madinat Nasr.

Besides the vitality added to Sodic Villet by choosing a luxurious neighbourhood by Sodic Company, extra functionality is added to the compound location due to its citation in the heart of Fifth Settlement, New Cairo.

Choosing a residence in New Cairo has become a clear demand for many buyers who are looking for an exceptional level of integrated services and eye-pleasant views, all at competitive prices.

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The land space of Sodic Villette in Fifth Settlement

Sodic Company introduced one of its largest projects in New Cairo “ Sodic Villette” on a huge land space of 300 Feddan in the heart of Fifth Settlement. Such space was an elementary factor in providing multi-functional spaces with a high level of customization due to residents’ needs.

Indeed, Sodic Company was keen to dedicate around 85% of its project space Villette by Sodic to designing lush greenery parks and water-based features; an eye-pleasant composition for an ultra-modern lifestyle.

Villette New Cairo represents contemporary architectural designs of solution-based buildings and well-served facilities.

sodic Villette

Residential space in sodic Villette

Types of residential units in Sodic Villette

The master plan of Villette Sodic is perfectly set upon a deep analysis of customers’ requirements for the house of their dreams.

Accordingly, Sodic Villette provides a wide variety of housing options in different spaces, including apartments, duplexes, standalone villas, and twin homes.

Type of Unit  Space
Twin House
  • The space of the twin house in Villette starts from 257 m2 to 314 m2.
  • The average space of a Townhouse starts from 260 to 307 m2
Standard Villa
  • The space of a standard villa is 170 m2.
Two-Floor Villa
  • The space of a two-floor villa starts from 654 m2, the ground space is 186, the first floor is 198 m2, the roof space is 45 m2, and the basement space is 214 m2.

Sodic Company takes how the interior division and the finish, including floor colours and paint materials, can the unit turn into a masterpiece into its consideration while outlining Villette’s master plan.

Now you can the perfect interior design for your family 

Top Features & Services in Villette by Sodic

Integration and premium quality are the top essential components of the Sodic Villette Master Plan, as Sodic Company was keen to provide its customers with all types of luxurious and essential services for a promising lifestyle.

Get an overview of the available services in Villette:  

  • Villette Sodic offers its customers a multi-functional Sports Club in which residents, both children and adults, can practise their favourite sport under the supervision of proficient trainers.
  • Jogging tracks in Sodic Villette are paved to enable residents to enjoy their walk uninterruptedly.
  • The Social Club of Villette New Cairo provides different setting areas and social activities to promote residents’ social life.
  • Sodic Villette features a group of five-star Restaurants & Cafes that serve mouth-watering dishes.
  • The Electricity in Villette by Sodic has backup energy from clean solar energy.
  • The compound is renowned for its extensive Security system for belongings and persons.
Sodic Villette Compound

The residential buildings of Villette by Sodic

Villette Sodic Prices & Payment Plans

Villette by Sodic Company offers many residential units for sale at unbeatable prices that grant buyers a high value.

The payment system in Villette Sodic New Cairo doesn’t feature competitive prices only; an easy-to-handle instalment period was prioritized by the company, The average price of a mid-size unit in Villette Sodic New is 13,000,000 Egp.

  • The new plan allows customers to pay a 25% booking fee and the remaining has to be paid over 3 years.

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The Developer of Villette| Sodic

Sodic Company is the official owner of Villette Compound; a super prestigious compound in Fifth Settlement.

Sodic Company was founded in 1996 with a clear message of improving people’s quality of life in a genuine way that makes their life better, their belief in the importance of people’s voices helped them to launch well-personalized housing options and multi-faceted spaces.

Since its commencement, the company has been collaborating in developing and enhancing lands all over Egypt, with a vivid commitment to fourth-generation cities.

Sodic Company developments include JUNE on the North Coast, Sodic East and Sky Condos in New Cairo, and VYE & October Plaza.

Besides the promising residential projects by Sodic, the market witnessed other successful business-based projects, such as EDNC, the Polygon Extension, and the Portal in Sodic West.

Other Projects in New Cairo

FAQ related to Sodic Villette

Who is the developer of Villette New Cairo?

Sodic Company

Where is Sodic Villette located?

Fifth Settlement

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Sodic Villette?

Contact the following number: 01101112515


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