Zoe Palm Hills Compound

Zoe Palm Hills Compound
Prices start from 9,000,000 EGP
0% Down payment
10 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project Name Zoe
Project Location 6 october
Available units Garden-based apartments & Penthouses
The Payment System 0% down payment, and 10-year installments
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Palm Hills Company celebrates adding a new extension “Zoe” to badya 6 October featuring a new exquisite level of luxury and comfort through rejuvenating and well-fulfilled lifestyle.

Choosing the word “Zoe”, which means life, as the compound brand name is the perfect match for a residential community that simulates the richness of life in its natural resources; starting from fresh breathing air and verdant greenery spaces where everything is planted organically.

In other words, Palm Hills Company paid attention to representing a new cutting-edge design that tackles elegance and sophistication as the main layout components; by enclasping the scene with lush verdant and water jets.

Zoe extension in Badya 6 October is your perfect choice to enjoy a new meaning of life where everything is painted green and blue.

Zoe Badya Palm Hills

The Location of Zoe Compound

Zoe extension of Badya Palm Hills represents a focal point between the east and west of Cairo. The strategic location of Zoe promotes connectivity as the main theme, as the compound can be easily accessed through the 26 July Corridor, Al Wahat Road, Zowail Road, and the Ring Road.

The distance between Zoe 6 October & other nearby places:

  • The distance between Zoe 6 October Compound and the Mall of Arabia is 25 minutes.
  • The distance between the project and Palm Hills October is 25 minutes.
  • The distance between the project and Grand Egyptian Museum is 25 minutes.

The Architectural Design of Zoe by Palm Hills

Palm Hills Company is renowned for its prudence when it comes to choosing the master planners and architects who have to set up a practical, yet elegant, design for its project.

It’s crystal clear that the construction of Zoe Palm Hills is set in alignment with a smart scheme referred to as 5-10-15, the number of minutes calculated to arrive at any place in the compound.

So, residents of Zoe project by Palm Hills will need only five minutes to arrive at the commercial area and around 10 or 20 minutes to arrive at any nearby eminent commercial mall in October City for entertainment purposes.

However, the greenery element is deemed a dominating scene in the compound, it’s your first sight from your balcony, your nearby restaurants, and the mall. It includes 3 parks: Liner park, the community park, and the sports park.

Types of Residential units in Zoe Compound

Palm Hills Company has never failed at exceeding its customers’ expectations by providing the most compelling housing option. By choosing a variety of land spaces and distinguished interior designs, customers are privileged to find their perfect match between a large group of deluxe apartments & penthouses in Zoe Compound.

  • The space of a one-bedroom apartment in Zoe Project in 6 October is 60 m2.
  • The space of a garden-based apartment that includes 2 bedrooms starts from 125 m2.
  • The average space of 2-bedroom apartments on typical floors is 131 Sqm.
  • The space of a roof apartment is 107 m2; the roof area is 8 m2.
  • The space of 3-bedroom roof apartments starts from 135 Sqm the roof area is 21 m2.
  • The space of a garden-based apartment on the typical floor that includes 3 bedrooms starts from 167 m.
  • The space of 2-bedroom apartments on the typical floor that includes a garden starts from bedrooms start from 154 m2.

Day after day, property owners have become more aware of the rejuvenating and luxurious lifestyle they deserve; the high quality that they cannot avail of. Therefore, Palm Hills is keen to classify its project with the highest quality of finishing and construction.

Penthouse in Zoe Palm Hills

Penthouse in Zoe badya Palm Hills

Top Features & Services in Zoe Extension in Badya Compound

Palm Hills Development intends to take the resident’s experience to the highest levels of luxury & integration, by building a livable and highly rejuvenating lifestyle.

To make it the perfect choice for interested property owners, Palm Hills Collaborated with prominent education academies in Egypt to build Badya international school, in addition to 5 national and international schools.

Let’s imagine how you can spend an energetic and highly-fulfilled lifestyle in Zoe Extension in Badya Palm Hills with access to all of the available features:

  • Palm Hills Club is a remarkable icon in the project that offers multiple sporting and social activities for both adults and kids.
  • Zoe promotes well-being through access to a huge sustainable farm operated by an aquaponics system to generate 100% healthy and organic plants.
  • Mixed-use open spaces in Zoe Badya Palm Hills are a complementary addition to the project so residents can enjoy their walk while purchasing their daily needs.
  • A huge Business Park that is perfectly developed to fulfill the main demands for a healthy and encouraging business environment.
  • Palm Hills Company strives to ensure residents of their health through 24-hour Medical Clinics.
  • Security is a concept not a feature in Zoe project in 6 October, as the developer aims to provide a one-of-a-kind experience where residents can be exposed to a new level of safety through a surveillance system, E-gates, and guards.

Apartments prices in Zoe Compound by Palm Hills

Zoe Palm Hills Compound stood out in the rivalry competition in 6 October with its exceptional premium quality and competitive prices. The price of a garden-based apartment designed in an average space of 125 m2 is 9 million.

The payment system in Zoe Badya Compound

There’s no doubt that Palm Hills Development managed to create a community that excelled in all its competencies and traits to feature perfection in terms of design, location, facilities, prices & payment system.

  • Hence, the company decided to enable its customers to book their dream house in Zoe Badya Compound with a 0% down payment, and, instead, install the remaining over 10 years.

The developer of Zoe Project in Badya

Zoe Project is the recent turning point for Palm Hills Development; a leading real estate company.

Palm Hills Company was established in 2005 under the supervision of Mansour and Maghraby Investment and Development Company. Genuine Brand names that strive to enhance and luxuriate the housing industry in Egypt by considering the customer as the main factor in taking critical decisions related to the location, design, and spaces.

Throughout 25 years of experience, they succeeded in launching more than 25 remarkable housing and coastal projects all over Egypt, in addition to a group of well-developed commercial and hospitality projects.

FAQ about ZOE Extension

What are the starting price in ZOE Extension

9,000,000 EGP

Who is the Developer of ZOE?

Palm Hills Development


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