7 Reasons to Invest in New Capital City

7 Reasons to Invest in New Capital City

Investing in real estate is one of the safest and most successful investments not only in Egypt, but also all over the world, as people always tend to secure profitable investments at the same time, but the biggest challenge is how to choose the right property in the right place, and recently investments began to trend to the New Administrative Capital.

New Capital City is one of the modern cities that receive great attention from the Egyptian government, which was established to relieve pressure on Cairo, as it is scheduled to become the future capital of Egypt, which will be home to administrative, commercial, residential, and other projects.

In this article, we will review the top 6 reasons that make you invest in the New Administrative Capital in Egypt, and how investment in new capital can get you passive income.

Reasons to invest in new capital

Reasons to invest in new capital

1- The New Capital City Featured Location

New Capital extends over an area of 17,000 feddan in a strategic location in eastern Cairo between the regional ring road, the Cairo – Suez road, and the Cairo – Ain Sokhna road, on the borders of Badr City.

Also located near New Cairo, the Fifth Settlement, and Mostakbal City, this makes it in a vital place that is easily accessible from various regions.

In addition to the well-developed transportation network that the government plans to implement, including rapid ways of transportation such as the monorail that is scheduled to link the Administrative Capital and New Cairo, and the electric train that connects Adly Mansour Station to the New Capital passing through Obour City, Al Shorouk and Badr.

2- Integration at its peak in the New Capital City

One of the main reasons for investing in New Capital is its integration level. Egypt new administrative capital is perfectly-developed to simulate the practical lifestyle in the main cities of Egypt by including all the essential services that make life easier, fulfiled, and rejuvenating.

The Administrative Capital is a capital, not a residential city. The New Administrative Capital developed to become the future Capital of Egypt, where it hosts the government with its ministries, as well as the embassies of different countries of the world, the presidential palace, and the House of Representatives, in addition to the residential, administrative, and commercial districts.

The provided services in the New Capital Egypt can be categorized as the following:

I- Educational & Cultural Services

The New Administrative capital of Egypt includes more than 40 private and international language schools, and there are more than 12 international universities with various scientific disciplines.

It offers a good environment where the new generation can become well-educated through a modern curriculum and positive teaching techniques, which makes it the perfect opportunity to invest in real estate in Egypt.

II- Medical Care in New Capital Egypt

Medical Care is considered one of the crucial reasons to invest in the New Capital City, as the government aims to provide the city residents will receive the perfect care level in Egypt and worldwide.

New Administrative Capital includes one of the largest medical cities in the Middle East, and the medical city contains a clinic complex equipped with 170 clinics in various specialties, and consists of 16 medical buildings, in addition to the large hospitals in the city.

III- Sports services

The portion of investment in New Capital by developers can be highly summerized in the number of sporting clubs it possess, and how they are helping owners to keep pace with a new healthy life.

The sports city in New Capital Egypt is one of the top features that has to be highlighted, as it’s built over 93 Feddan including all of the following:

  • Covered halls.
  • Soccer fields.
  • Five-a-side courts.
  • Squash courts complex.
  • Basketball court complex.
  • Track length of 3 lm.
  • Tennis court complex.
  • Swimming pools.

IV- Entertainment

Green spaces represent half of the city’s area, including gardens, parks, and tracks for jogging and cycling.
Cinemas that present the latest films, and theatres that present the most beautiful theatrical performances.

For example, Capital Park is one of the largest parks in the world and includes large amusement parks with different types of games.

However, the real estate developers in Egypt collaborated in establishing a group of well-faceted and deluxe malls to provide residents with the perfect shopping and entertainment experience ever through a group of activities for adults and kids, and local and international retail stores.

Check the mall list in New Capital City:

  • Mall East Tower New Capital.
  • Lafayette Mall New Capital.
  • Mall Monorail Tower New Capital.
  • Oia Twers New Capital.

3- Return on investment in New Capital City

The New Administrative Capital Egypt achieved unexpected records in the volume of its investment, as it reaped 70% of the sales volume in the entire real estate market during the year 2020, surpassing New Cairo and the North Coast.

In other words, investment in New Capital is considered a guaranteed passive income opportunity for anyone is seeking to increase his savings. As the premium City location, exceptional integrated services, and innovative designs, and the non-stopping development in the area will lead to the enlargement of its worth.

So, an X number that paid right now will lead in generating 2x or 3x number later.

Towers in New Capital City

Elegant towers in New Adminstrative City

4- Capital of Records

Egypt new capital is called the City of Records, because it includes many important landmarks that compare with the most famous international landmarks such as the Iconic Tower, which is classified as the highest in Egypt and the entire continent of Africa, it also includes the largest area of towers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the Green River.

All of these landmarks contributed to attracting the attention of investors to the New Capital from different countries of the world.

The Green River in New Admisntrative Capital

The Green River is one of the longest series of parks in the world, due to its area equivalent to 6 times the area of Central Park in New York, with an area of more than 1000 Feddan, and a length of more than 10 Km.

The Green River includes many gardens and parks, as well as a botanical garden, a commercial center, and a zoo, in addition to an open theatre and various health resorts. Indeed, no one can deny that the green river is

New Adminstrative Capital

5- Well-developed infrastructure

The Administrative Capital is distinguished by its strong infrastructure, whose services are as follows:

  • Communication networks cover the whole city.
  • Water networks provide water to all areas of the city.
  • Electricity networks provide electricity around the clock, and there are power generators that operate when the electricity is out.
  • Branched road and transportation networks that facilitate movement inside and outside the New Capital.
  • An international airport on an area of 16 km within the city.
  • Important Developer Companies in the Administrative Capital

6- The diversity of Luxurious and integrated Compounds

The New Administrative Capital includes many different residential projects in terms of designs, spaces, and prices, due to the diverse number of developers who made their own mark through their projects in the new capital, and the most prominent of these developers are Misr Italia Developments, Taj Misr Developments, and Gates Development.

Each residential Compound address a certain group of people’s interests and their definition of luxury, check a group of the best residential compounds in New Administrative City

  • Il Bosco New Capital Compound.
  • Armonia New Capital Compound.
  • De Joya New Capital Compound.
  • Park Lane New Capital Compound.
  • La Verde New Capital Compound.
  • Catalan New Capital Compound.
  • Castle Landmark New Capital Compound.
  • Vinci New Capital Compound.

New Capital City

7- Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the main reasons to invest in the New Administrative Capital. As the Ministry of Housing Utilities and Urban Development in Egypt is taking a new approach in which the New Capital will become an Eco-Friendly City to keep pace with the worldwide initiative of reducing nonrenewable energy and keeping it for future generations.

All Compounds in New Capital City rely on 70% renewable energy to generate electricity and light, and it’s expecting that the city will become a zero-pollution city.


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