Madinet Masr Rebranding its identity

Madinet Masr Rebranding its identity

After being an icon for exquisite developments and mega constructive projects in Egypt since 1959, Mnhd Company, previously known as Madinet Nasr, decided to show up with a new powerful costume to equip the market for a new generation of notable expansion and diverse remarkable projects.

Being labeled with the name “Misr” instead of Nasr is considered an audacious and conceptions initiative that connotates the company’s readiness to go into a quantum leap in which they’re going to dominate the real estate industry in Egypt.

Indeed, the old name of the company was chosen due to its key role in building and developing Nasr City to be one of Cairo’s main residences today where thousands of families settle.

However, it’s expected that Madinet Masr MNHD initiative will push the company to collaborate with several governmental entities to have a hand in taking critical decisions whose purpose is to enhance and reshape the housing industry.

Madinet Masr Company

Madinet Masr for housing & development-MNHD

Madinet Masr reinforced its blueprint in the market

Throughout more than 60 years of experience, Madinet Masr for Housing & Development has been striving to enhance the development industry, more specifically the housing market, in Egypt by providing effective solutions.

These solutions can be summarized in 4 major aspects: centric luxurious locations, a variety of residential units that meet customers’ different needs, innovative and practical design, and a suitable level of integration.

1-Centric Location:
Choosing a prime location that is close to the main gateways of the city is one of the main features that Madinet Masr MNHD is keen to distinguish its projects with.

It’s conspicuous how Madinet Masr for housing and development aims to develop fully-sufficient communities, where all the residents’ commercial, residential, and recreational needs can be delivered easily within the borders of the compound.

In other words, the residential projects of MNHD include, more or less, the following services: Sporting clubs, pharmacies and mini markets, retail stores, cafes, health hubs, daily maintenance services, etc.

3- luxurious & Practical Designs
MNHD has provided expertise in picking the world’s leading design companies in Egypt to offer solution-based designs.

The more modernity the buildings seem, the more luxury residents will experience.

4- Different Types of Units 
Madinet Masr Company for housing and development managed to determine the most required residential units in the market and their space ranges.

Accordingly, Mnhd compounds are the perfect fit for different customers, whether they are looking for a two-person apartment or a big villa.

Today, the company celebrates its success in providing compelling residential communities with more than 32,000 families; 32,000 homes are satisfied with their new luxury lives.

Madinet Masr “MNHD” Top Residential Projects

Among 15 outstanding projects and Madinet Masr prime contribution to building the Nasr City, MNHD is proud to be the implementor behind the scenes of launching Sarai Compound and Taj City. 2 projects that reshaped the concept of residence in Egypt with their exquisite integrations and designs.

1- Sarai by Madinet Masr for Housing & development

Sarai is a prestigious gated project in the heart of New Cairo that features a distinguished level of luxury and comfort.

Location: the project is located 10 minutes away from American University (AUC).

Available Units: Apartments, townhomes, villas

Payment System: Madinet Masr decided to facilitate the payment process of Sarai compound by extending the installment period over 10 years, in addition to requiring a small portion of a 10% down payment.

Sarai MNHD

Sarai MNHD

2- Taj City- A milestone for MNHD

Taj City promises its customers a new elegant lifestyle with mesmerizing views and urban designs.

Location: the project is located 5 minutes away from 90s Street.

Available Units: Standalone villas, apartments, townhomes.

The payment system: in this project, MNHD surprised its customers with a flexible payment system of 0% down payment and a lengthy installment period that lasts up to 10 years.

Taj City by Madinet Masr Company

Taj City by Madinet Masr Company

Madinet Masr For Housing and Development- A Real Estate Icon

Despite that the first image that comes to mind when someone mentions MNHD is its distinguishing blueprint in the housing industry, yet, the company owns an honouring portfolio of commercial, administrative, and sporting projects all over Egypt.

However, it’s necessary to highlight that the company proudly announced how it succeeded at exceeding a new sales ratio during the last year with a revenue of 747 million Egp.


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