Mountain View North Coast Resort| New Proejct in Ras El Hekma

Developer: Mountain View Projects
Mountain View North Coast Resort| New Proejct in Ras El Hekma
Prices start from 5,800,000 EGP
10% Down payment
8 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Mountain View North Coast Resort in Ras el Hekma offers a one-of-a-kind coastal experience where property owners can enjoy both the integrated capital lifestyle infused with the coastal luxurious vibes.

Mountain View Development intended to leave its footprint in the coastal experience by supplying the resort with high-quality luxurious and essential services, so owners can enjoy their stay to the full.

To elaborate, Mountain View Resort on the North Coast includes a restaurants plaza, a retail area, a women-secured beach, a social club, a kids’ area, and.

Moreover, each unit available for sale in the resort is perfectly designed to suit buyers’ different tastes and requirements. The available units are (Villas- Apartments- chalets- twin houses).

If you’re still questioning why investing in Mountain ViewRas El Hikma is the right choice, then you need to get exposed to how the master plan of the project is going to give you an exceptional level of luxury.

The location of Mountain View North Coast Resort

Mountain View Resort is located in a deluxe point on the North Coast, which is Ras El Hekma. One of the most luxurious areas on the North Coast that privileges residents with enchanting views of the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s necessary to highlight the perfect location of Mountain View North Coast on the Alex-Matrough road, killo 200, accentuate the accessibility of the resort through the following roads: Cairo-Alexandria desert road, Wadi Natroun Road, and, recently, arriving at the resort through Fouka Road has become available.

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The distance between Mountain View & Other Places

  • The distance between Mountain View North Coast Resort and Alexandria is 200 km.
  • The resort is located 15 km away from Fouka Exit road.
  • Arriving at Marina from Mountain View El Sahel requires around 90 km of driving.

The Land space of Mountain View North Coast

With the purpose of producing a fully-fledged community that would be a role model in the housing industry, the developer set the milestones of its project “Mountain View North Coast Resort” on a huge land space of 121 Feddan.

The company managed to seize this massive area by providing a superb balance between the coastal nature and the innovation feature in producing well-crafted units and elegant designs.

This means that despite the dominating natural scene in the resort, a property buyer will be able to find his perfect match from around

  • 1137 chalets available for sale in Mountain View El Sahel.

Yet, a large space of Mountain View Ras el Hikma is dedicated to establishing a sporting hub and commercial area, in addition to other facilities.

The Architectural design of Mountain View North Coast

Mountain View Ras EL Hikma

Mountain View achalets in Ras El Hikma

Mountain View Company delivered the planning phase of Mountain View North Coast to a group of top experts in Egypt who managed to copycat the Greece experience here in Egypt.

In other words, once a sight perceives the scene in the resort, a person would be impressed with the remarkable symmetrical Greek-based designs that address both the bluish and white colours as the main components.

Stunningly, Mountain View Resort in Ras El Hekma is partitioned into smaller villages with unique designs, and distinctive types of units for each one.

Prominent Stages In Mountain View Ras El Hikma

Knowing the features of each island in Mountain View Ras El Hikma Resort is necessary to be able to choose what is the best choice matching your specification. However, the reaction of customers would be above the maximum if they asserted how these isles (SKALA, Crete Islands, Rhodes island, island Paros, Evia) exceeded their expectations.\

1- Skala Stage in Ras El Hikma

Skala isle is considered the latest edition of Mountain View Ras El Hikma which gathers all the heavenly features of its predecessors. What distinguishes Scala is its construction on a high terrace that enables residents to enjoy a panoramic view of the sea.

Skala MV Sahel occupies around 41 Feddan from the project’s total space, providing different types of studios and chalets

2- Evia Ras el Hikma

The perfect vacation dream has come to reality when you are an owner in Evias Ras el Hikma. Evais is designed to take you on a spellbinding journey to the Greek islands.

Most importantly, Evia Mountain View North Coast offers a group of social and entertaining activities so residents can take the right break they need.

3- Crete islands Mountain View

This stage has been labelled as one of the largest islands in Greece to reflect its mesmerizing views. The Crete Stage is distinguished by 10 swimming pools, in addition to a stunning beach lagoon that was implemented by Lagoon Company.

Inside Crete Stage of Mountain View North Coast, you can choose your unit from standalone villas, twin houses or chalets.

4- Island Paros Stage

On 50 Feddan land spaces, Mv Company launched a new stunning phase in Sahel that is called Island Paros. The Paros features a state-of-art scenic view because of its eye-pleasing lagoon, and human-made aqua features.

Paros phase in mountain view Ras el Hikma

The Available units in Mountain View North Coast

Mountain View Development managed to determine the market needs in terms of unit types and its designs, hence, Mountain View North Coast Resort offers a wide selection of chalets, beach houses, townhouses, road units, and studios.

  • The space of chalets in Mountain View Sahel starts from 92 m2.
  • The space of apartments starts from 125 m2.
  • 205 M2 is the minimum space for villas.
  • The twin house starts from 155 m2.

Surprisingly, the company offers three premium finishing packages in the units of Mountain View North Coast with a distinctive style for each one: the standard design, the Greek design, and the Retro Style.

Consider that the price of each unit varies according to its specification, for example, a garden-based unit would be a little bit higher than a free-garden unit.

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Services & Features provided by Mountain View North Coast Resort

To provide a premium quality lifestyle that customers deserve, the company has to fulfill their various needs with certain types of service or facilities.

For more clarification, kindly read the provided services underneath carefully:

  • Mountain View North Coast Resort includes a commercial area where local brands are available to showcase their products, and well-known restaurants are preparing their customers’ favourite meals.
  • The company is well aware of how privacy is important for women; thus, they provided a private and secure beach for them.
  • Agora is a multi-use plot in Mountain View North Coast where residents can fulfil their shopping needs and allow their kids to have some fun.
  • The Spa is one of the most significant features that has been added to the list, as it allows residents to feel comfortable, energetic, and ready to chill.
  • The sporting hub supports different types of sports such as tennis.
  • For the reason that visiting the gym has become an essential routine in both the city and coastal lifestyle; the company provided a modernly-equipped one.
  • The promenade trail in Mountain View Ras El Hekma Resort provides owners with a distinguished experience where they can enjoy their morning walk with their beloved ones while the Greek vibes surround them.
  • The company designed more than 15 swimming pools to enable residents to rejuvenate their summer experience with no crowding.
  • Finally, Mountain View Resort on the North Coast hosts a fuel station so no one has to get out of the resort to fuel their cars.

Mountain View Ras El Hikma Prices

Despite the fact that Mountain View Ras El Hikma is one of the top projects that dominate the coastal market, the company offered competitive prices for each unit to encourage investment.

  • The price of the available chalets for sale in Mountain View Ras el Hekma starts from 360,000,0 Egp.

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The Payment systems in Mountain View Resort in Ras el Hekma.

What can encourage people to invest their money in properties is their value in the market, and indeed, the value of Mountain View North Coast is driven by its premium quality and standards delivered in the smallest details.

The company facilitate the payment system through diverse payment plans and prolonged instalment period.

  • Buying a chalet in Mountain View Ras El Hekma requires only a 10% down payment while signing the contracts, in addition to 5% after three months. The remaining cost can be paid in equal instalments over 8 years.

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 The developer of Mountain View North Coast

Mountain View North Coast was developed by Mountain View Company; a landmark in the real estate industry that offers solution-based projects featuring an exceptional level of luxury and comfort.

The company believes that decisions are made according to what extent they can make people happy, from their belief, the company managed to set a forerunner vision to make peoples’ lives easier, more valuable, and more content.

And during its long journey in the housing industry market, Mountain View Company managed to acquire the largest portion of its customer base in Egypt through commitment.

Today, the company houses around 64,000 families, with a noticeable profit growth through the last couple of years( 2021 & 2022) that amounts to $1.21 billion.

Other Villages on The North Coast

Faq related to Mountain View Ras El Hekma

Who is the developer of Mountain View Ras El Hekma Resort?

Taj Misr

Where is Mountain View Resort ?

Ras El Hekma

What are the types of units in Mountain View Ras El Hikma Resort?

Chalets- apartments- studios

How can i contact the consulting team in Mountain View Ras El Hikma Resort?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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