Touba Payment Method by Madinet Masr | Innovative Payments

Touba Payment Method by Madinet Masr | Innovative Payments

After the rebranding of Madinet Masr Company, it started to take several initiatives to enable Egyptian customers to take steps towards their dream homes in the Sarai Compound.

The company’s first collaboration in this regard was launching the “Touba Payment Method”; which is an innovative payment application through which customers are enabled to pay the cost of their homes with ease.

Touba Madinet Masr is a new Payment Proptech provided by Madinet Masr as an applicable solution to approach ownerships.

What is Touba Payment Method by Madinet Masr

And Since there are many arousing questions about “What Touba Payment System is?” The company advertised for Touba through billboards as a kind of marketing teasing, and then it launched its TV campaigns for the actor “Ahmed Fahmy” reflecting the idea behind the payment system for the audience in several series.

Touba Payment Method by Madinet Masr stands on behalf of consumers, by preventing any sort of Financial stumbles that may lead to a bank cashing. It offers a seamless pathway to turn your homeownership aspirations into reality.

1- Touba Madinet Masr: Affordable Homeownership

Madinet Masr understands that every individual has unique financial circumstances, and thus offers flexible payment options tailored to meet diverse needs. So it solves different issues, one of which is providing a series of pre-signed cheques as a guarantee for his future ability to pay the required instalments, which honestly can be inconvenient for some, or even a burden.

In this regard, the Touba System divided the property price into multiple “toubas” which in Arabic is the plural noun of “Bricks”, each representing a unit of value.

So what can I do with purchasing bricks? The point is that Purchasing Toubas in Sarai Compound, Elan Phase, enables customers to invest in their homes by buying a certain number of bricks, which has to be equivalent to the available cash customers.

Madinet Masr Company designed the Touba Payment Method with customers’ convenience for Sarai New Cairo apartments.

Indeed, the Madinet Masr Payment System has to be highlighted because of its considerable return on investment value, as Over time and at any time when inflation affects prices, the value of each brick, or Touba Madinat Masr, may change in return, which means earning profits from the bricks= “Toubas”

2- Free-interest instalments by Touba Platform by MNHD

One of the main privileges of Touba Payment System of Madinet Nasr is the fact that there would be no extra interest added over time, which can be one of the headache-causing factors for those who rely on instalment systems

So, Touba Madinet Masr guarantees that owning a home will be more affordable but also provides greater transparency and financial security throughout the payment process.

The Touba Platform by Madinet Masr opens the doors to affordable homeownership in Egypt.

With its flexibility, low down payment, interest-free instalments, and commitment to customer satisfaction, this payment plan provides a viable solution for those seeking to invest in their dream home.

In Conclusion, Madinet Masr For Development highlighted that the system is still under experimentation to figure out how it would work with Customers in Egypt, and what it may need for the good of customers. Therefore, the system is only applicable to the available apartments for sale in Sarai New Cairo, Elan Phase.

An overview of Buying Toubas in Sarai

Sarai is a residential project launched by Madinet Masr for Housing & Development (MMHD) in New Cairo, a giant flagship residence that spans over 5.5 million square meters.

The compound offers a wide collection of well-designed and luxurious apartments surrounded by a huge range of amenities, including a business district, educational institutions, a strip mall, an athletic club, lush landscapes, 24-hour security, ample parking spaces, and various dining options.


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