Samana Developers

Samana Developers is one of the forerunner real estate companies in the United Emirates that represents a pivotal role in the development and innovation of the housing industry.

Samana Group of Developers has been endeavouring, since its inception in 2018, to embrace 5 centric features in all its projects: Prime Location, innovative designs, high-sufficient integrated community, manageable payment systems, and, finally,
eco-friendly projects by incorporating energy-efficient systems, designing green spaces, and relying on sustainable materials.

Samana Dubai embraces one of the most influential business strategies which is prioritizing the customer-centric approach, and in which the company is committed to making all the decisions in alignment with the customers’ requirements and needs.

Samana Group of Companies

Samana was founded out of collaboration between more than 10 local and global companies that integrated their capacity and presence in the market to take the residential industry in Dubai to the next level of innovation and elegance.

Samana Companies

1- Samana Developers
2- AAA Associates Immigration services
4-STAR ( Executive Business Center DMCC)
5- Star Business Center
6- Samana Capital Limited
7- Samana International properties
8- Capital (Investment company limited )
9- Emirates Developers

Samana Properties Dubai

Samana Dubai joined the real estate market in 2018 with its very early milestone “Samana Green”, an accumulated residence located in the heart of Arjan that fills the gap between luxury and practicality.

Thereafter, the company commenced to work on a wide collection of off-plan residential projects with premium standards and quality.

Samana off-plan Projects in Dubai

Residence Name  Doc
Park View  2024
Samana Waves Q1, 2026
 Miami  Q4, 2024
 Miami 2 by Samana  Q2, 2025
 Samana Santorini  Q1, 2025
 Samana Mykonos  Q3, 2025
Ivy Gardens Samana Q2, 2026
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