Sharjah in UAE is positioned as one of the most sought-after residential cities in the United Arab Emirates due to its distinctive natural terrain, family-centric neighbourhoods, and impressive integration class and attraction places.

After years of focused dedication from the government and developers Sharjah Emirate has become home to more than 100 communities, under construction and already settled areas, that are featured with a diverse range of housing options, amenities, and lifestyles.

If you’re new to UAE or Sharjah specifically, and you’re looking for a convenient place to live in or a new off-plan property to invest in, you need to have a quick overview of the most renowned communities:

1- Al Khan
Al Khan is a waterfront community located in the southern suburb of Sharjah city, along the coast, known for its scenic views, beautiful beaches, and cosy atmosphere.

The community boasts a modern residential lifestyle represented in the allocation of shopping malls, restaurants, recreational facilities, and tourist places.

2- Al Taawun
It’s one of the top iconic neighbourhoods in Sharjah City that is situated along the curve of Al Mamzar Lake and Khalid Lagoon. A bustling area features diverse types of residential units that include apartments, villas, and townhouses, in addition to a group of commercial units.

3- Muwaileh
If you’re looking for a thriving residential community in Sharjah with only a 25-minute distance to Dubai, then you need to consider looking for properties for sale in Muwaileh. It offers multiple affordable housing options, including studios, apartments, duplexes, and an exclusive group of villas.

4- Al Nahda
Al Nahda community is located on the Dubai-Sharjah borders with access to Sheikh Mohamed Ben Zayed. Indeed, Al Nahda is home to multiple jogging tracks, sporting hubs, and vibrant commercial centres, in addition to a group of high-class and affordable properties.

The community offers a mix of apartments and villas, along with a variety of amenities such as schools, parks, and shopping centres.

5- Al Majaz
A thriving waterfront neighbourhood situated along Khalid Lagoon, featuring picturesque views of lined tree walkways and scenic landscapes.

The community boasts upscale living experiences through a variety of commercial malls, schools and education entities, and administrative offices.

6- Al Qasimia
Al Qasimia features a good investment opportunity for those who invest in the industrial sectors in Sharjah. It’s located in located on the Dubai-Hatta Main road, close to the Al Madam area.

Yet, It offers a mix of villas and apartments, along with easy access to schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping centres.

Top Developers in Sharjah

Sharjah City is a vibrant and cosmopolitan community that is meticulously designed to cater to residents’ top-level needs, in terms of prestigious residential communities and well-developed facilities, which is clearly are provided by Sharjah’s top developers.

Knowing top developers in the city will assist you in finding the perfect home to settle in, and of course, the most profitable investment opportunity through which you will guarantee a high income.

1- Alef Group

Alef Group for properties commenced its track in the real estate industry in Sharjah in 2013 by providing solution-based and luxury projects, including residences, leisure, and retail.

Alef communities in Sharjah, Hayyan and Al Mamsa, are classified with their superior modern designs dominated by picturesque views of lined-tree walkways and crystal lagoons.

2- Sharjah Holding

Through its partnership with Majid Al Futtaim, the company played a critical role in the economic growth of UAE’s real estate. When it comes to looking for prestigious properties, you can consider a luxury apartment or villa in one of the following projects: Al Zahia, Worood (1,2,3), Al Zohour (1&2), Orchid plots, and Al Yassmine.

3- Eagle Hills

Eagle Hills is a global real estate company with a vital dedication to providing innovative designs and super-curated residential projects. Since its commencement, it launched around 14 waterfront destinations and 11 cities.

Indeed, Address Residence in Al Fujairah is the most prominent project for Eagle Hills in Sharjah that is worth mentioning because of its astonishing master plan that comprises 4 buildings, and 10 villas, in addition to 172 branded and serviced apartments.

4- Tilal Properties

Tilal Properties aims to enhance the quality of lifestyle in Sharjah, UAE, by providing mix-use residential developments such as Areej, Shams, Morooj, Al Mas Villas, and Naseem Residences.

5- Arada

Arada Development contributed to the development process of Sharjah City by launching 7 well-integrated residential projects: Areej Apartments- Misk Apartments- Nest Project-Tiraz-Vida Residence at Aljada- Sendian- Sokoon.

Top Off-plan Properties for Sale in Sharjah

Sharjah is witnessing a revival in the housing industry by urbanizing huge land areas to launch numerous off-plan properties that tick all the right boxes in terms of luxury and payment flexibility.

  • Jouri Hills
  • Masaar Saro
  • Arim by Alef Group
  • Darb 3 at Al Mamsha Raseel
  • Hayyan
  • Areej at Tilal City
  • Morooj North Plots
  • Almass Villas Plots
  • Aysha Residences
  • Ramhan Island Villas
  • Crystal Residences

The Related F&Q about Sharjah City

What are the top Off-plan Properties for Sale in Sharjah?

Jouri Hills Masaar Saro Arim by Alef Group Darb 3 at Al Mamsha Raseel Hayyan Areej at Tilal City Morooj North Plots Almass Villas Plots Aysha Residences Ramhan Island Villas Crystal Residences

Who are the top Top Developers in Sharjah?

1- Alef Group 2- Sharjah Holding 3- Eagle Hills 4- Tilal Properties 5- Arada Developments

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