Damac New Projects : Best Investments in Dubai

Damac New Projects : Best Investments in Dubai

Damac New Projects are dominating the real estate market in Dubai when it comes to choosing a promising residence or investing in a passive income opportunity.

As Damac company has been endeavouring to establish well-integrated communities and luxurious residential projects, in addition to paying great attention to offering the facilities to satisfy the needs of its customers not only in UAE but also around the world, let’s it sheds light on Damac New Projects in Dubai.

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Damac Projects in Dubai

Since its inception in 2002, Damac Properties has launched various residential projects, and commercial and hotel projects. In each project, Damac is keen to add something valuable to its customers, in terms of location, services, and quality.

However, Zara Tower by Damac shall be highlighted as one of the best Damac New Projects in the Business Bay area, Dubai, that includes a cinema, a swimming pool, and a gym in addition to the gardens and children’s play area, some of the tower apartments also provide stunning views of Dubai Water canal.

In addition to the previous Project, Damac is also renowned for a group of outstanding residences all over Dubai, such as Zada Tower, RIVA Residence, Merano Tower, Avanti Tower, Vera Residences, Damac Akoya Project, and Damac Residential Projects in Dubailand.

Damac New Projects Dubai

Damac New Projects are numerous such as Damac Hills which offers the community of villas, flats, and hotels. The project is designed for people and individuals who are eager to enjoy recreational activities and for those who want to spend time in peace far away from their daily routine.

Another example of Damac New Projects are: Damac Sapphire & Damac the Altitude, both launched at the beginning of 2024, which offer a calm and soothing lifestyle.

However, if you’re interested in investing or buying a house in one of Damac’s New Projects in Dubai, let’s classify them according to the location: Damac Projects in Business Bay, Damac Projects in Damac Hills, and Damac Projects in JVC.

Damac New projects in business bay

The Business Bay region boasts a plethora of Damac New Projects, as it was precisely chosen to provide residents with an easy-to-access destination.

Damac Properties at Business Bay stand out as some of the most notable developments in Dubai. These projects consistently allure discerning customers who seek to embrace a lifestyle imbued with opulence and refinement. Here’s an example of Damac’s New Project in Business Bay:

1- Chic Tower by Damac at Business Bay

Damac Chic Tower at Business Bay features fascinating views of the water canals and the splendours of the city in the center of the Business Bay, as You will be able to experience a new level of luxury as the project includes therapeutic baths and beauty centres latest sports equipment.

  • Payment Plan: 20/80
  • Starting Price: 823,000
  • Handover: 2026

3- Damac altitude De Grisogono

Altitude De Grisogono by Damac is located in the business Bay. It’s the latest residential project revealed by Damac New Projects. It overlooks the Dubai Canal, the tower draws inspiration from opal- a radiant gemstone known for its captivating play of colours.

The development seamlessly blends cutting-edge advantages, including proximity to Lazy River, The residents can be connected to major destinations like Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai. If your dream comes true, you’ll enjoy an accurate collection of amenities from star-gazing to a spa beauty bar and controlled flotation pods.

  • Payment Plan: 30/80
  • Prices: AED 1.1,180,000
  • Handover: Q2 2027

Damac New Projects in Business bay

3- Damac Towers BY Paramount Hotels and Resorts

Damac Towers at Business Bay consists of four unique towers, designed according to California Hollywood architecture. One of Damac Projects that include 1200 apartments and the fourth includes the Paramount Hotel it is worth noting that all the towers share luxurious amenities and services such as the swimming pool It’s also located near the finest restaurants and cafes in Dubai.

  • Payment Plan: 30/70
  • Prices: AED 1.19M
  • Handover: Ready To Move

Damac New Project in Damac Hills

Damac Hills is among Damac New Projects which are designed as a self-sufficient suburban community that offers maximum comfort for its residents.

Living in one of the prominent projects at Damac Hills, provides you with access to family entertainment, as you will enjoy shopping in the community mall with its retail stores, eateries, and a Carrefour supermarket, etc.

1- Golf Gate 2 at Damac Hills

Golf Gate 2 is one of the latest stunning developments from Damac Properties at Damac Hills, that gracefully piercing the heavens and leaving an indelible mark on Dubai’s iconic skyline.

The project consists of a 29-story golf-inspired residential complex that is shaping up to be a haven for golf couples and individuals.

  • Payment Plan: 20/80
  • Starting Price: AED 820,000
  • Handover: Q4 – 2026

2- Autograph Collection at Damac Hills

Damac Properties added Autograph Collection at Damac Hills at the end of the first quarter in 2024, according to the latest announcements, Damac said that the Autograph Collection would include a range of meticulously designed villas ( 3,4,5) bedrooms that embody elegance and refinement.

  • Payment Plan of Damac New Project: 20/ 80
  • Starting Price: AED 5,100,000
  • Handover: May- 2027

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Damac projects in JVC

The list of Damac Projects in Jvc reflects low-rise buildings which are among Damac New Projects except for a few buildings on the outer circle of the community.

Why Choose to live in Damac Projects located at Jumeirah Village Circle? Indeed, JVC features a privileged location in the heart of new Dubai. It’s located near many important destinations like the Marina and beautiful beaches, Miracle Garden, and a few minutes away from the Emirates and the Al Barsha area.

Damac Tower 108 at JVC

Damac Tower 108 at JVC stands as a beacon of luxury and sophistication within the vibrant community of Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), with an exclusive collection of 404 residential units.

Damac Tower 108, a 33-storey tower, at Jumeirah Village Circle is the perfect destination to step into the lavish interiors and exteriors, surrounded by greenery landscapes, and be greeted by a seamless blend of sophistication and functionality.

  • Payment Plan:20/80
  • Starting Price: AED 700,000
  • Handover: Ready to Move

Damac off-plan projects

Fancy waking up seeing the wonderful views of Dubai Marina Or the Iconic Burj Khalifa? These plan apartments allow you to personalise your living space and help you to create your ideal home from the layout to the finished every aspect can be designed to meet your individual needs.

1- Elo at Damac Hills
2- Skycrest Collection
3- Utopia by Damac

About Damac properties projects

Damac always adds vibrancy to the cities where its Projects are located with a huge and diverse portfolio that includes communities, branded residences, and skyscrapers. Among Damac New Projects are Damac, lagoons, virtual 3D Tour, Ultra luxury Apartments, and canal heights

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