Projects of the 50 in UAE

Projects of the 50 in UAE

Within the framework of achieving the development plan of the United Arab Emirates, the “Projects of the 50” initiative was launched, a series of development projects that rely on industry, technology, and innovation as essential elements for prosperity in various fields.

Which was announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed during the celebration of the golden jubilee, and which will be relied upon heavily for progress in many fields other than oil, whether in entrepreneurship, the digital economy, the public transport sector, food and water security, relying on the development Human capabilities and benefiting from bright minds.

The UAE is one of the countries that possess all the capabilities and elements that make it a fertile environment to attract many investments in various sectors, also it is famous for its charming and sparkling cities that are a destination for various investors and tourists from different countries of the world, the most prominent of which is the vibrant city of Dubai City, with all its Famous landmarks and strong infrastructure.

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 About Projects Of The 50 in UAE

The goal of “Projects Of The 50”  is to provide full support to strengthen the national economy, develop political relations with various countries, and make the UAE a tourist, industrial, and economic destination for various investors, with full coverage of the sectors of education, health, environment, tourism, youth, and sports, and finally advanced technology.

What are the projects of the 50?

projects of the 50 include a group of packages that constitute the path toward an advanced stage of internal development and attracting foreign investments.

The first set of UAE’s Projects of the 50

The first group of projects aims to develop and amend visa schemes, implement global campaigns to attract foreign investment, introduce national initiatives to support emerging Emirati companies, partnerships with major global economies, provide programs to support Fourth Industrial Revolution applications and establish UAE as a global nation and testbed for technologies and innovation.

Modernization of Visa and Work Permits

The new regulations introduce a “Green Visa,” expanding self-residency status for investors, entrepreneurs, and high-achieving students, a Federal Freelancer Visa for UAE and foreign workers in specialized fields, and expanding “Golden Visa” eligibility to include directors and executives.

Green Visa

A Green visa allows highly skilled individuals, investors, entrepreneurs, and top students to sponsor themselves, extends the grace period for job loss or retirement, and allows parental sponsorship.

Freelancers Visa

The first federal scheme allows self-employed individuals to sponsor themselves, with additional regulatory changes including extended business trip permits, sponsorship of parents, humanitarian case residency extensions, extended children’s age limits, and extended grace periods.

Economic Agreements with 8 Global Markets

The eight countries signed deals to share large markets, a 26% global population, and strong trade and economic relations, resulting in an economic exchange worth $80 billion.

Digital Initiatives within Projects of the 50

100 C0ders Every Day

The UAE program aims to increase the workforce of programming companies by attracting 3,000 monthly coders and providing incentives and benefits.

UAE Date LAw

The UAE Data Law, a federal law partnering with major technology companies, aims to protect privacy and limit the profit-driven use of personal data.

Pycon Summit

The UAE is set to host the ‘PyCon Summit’, the largest Middle Eastern programming summit, in the second half of 2022. The event will foster digital talent, inspire innovative technology projects, and connect programmers with public and private sectors.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Network

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Network was launched within the framework of the “50 Projects”, to enhance the various technologies available in the industrial sector to develop more than 500 national companies equipped with Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies.

Enhancing competitiveness in the business environment

Here are 3 initiatives that were launched within the “Projects of the 50” to increase the ability to keep pace with the ongoing developments of the global economy.

A new electronic portal that provides comprehensive information about the local investment environment, in addition to the services available for establishing bank accounts, with a focus on success stories in the field of entrepreneurship, thus becoming an umbrella for all local entities related to investment.

project of the 50 in uae

10×10 Program

It is a program that was launched to increase the proportion of the country’s exports to 10%, in 10 important markets: the United Kingdom, China, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Luxembourg, Poland, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. To achieve this proportion, an integrated system of Incentives and benefits.

Emirates’ Investment Summit

It is a global summit that builds lasting partnerships between the public and private sectors, by linking investment funds to these two sectors, which would create investment opportunities to attract 550 billion dirhams in foreign direct investment over the next nine years.

 5 Bn project to support Emirati projects

It is one of the most important plans of the “Projects of the 50”, which revolves around allocating 5 billion dirhams as part of the Emirates Development Bank’s 30 billion dirhams by April 2021, to support priority sector projects in the country.

This is within the framework of accelerating industrial development and focusing on advanced technology while creating job opportunities for a large number of citizens.

What are the Projects of UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is full of huge projects, whether museums, shopping centers, malls, or residential projects, in its various cities like Sharjah with its large project Sharjah Sustainable City and Abu Dhabi.

The New Project of Abu Dhabi

  • Natural History Museum.
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi Residences.
  • Mina Zayed.

Work is also underway in Abu Dhabi City to develop huge projects in the real estate development sector over vast areas, ranging from residential, commercial, and administrative projects.

Other Related FAQ Questions

What will happen to Dubai in 2040?

There are forecasts that by 2040 Dubai's population will increase to nearly 6 million people, and the city will be fully prepared for these changes.

What is the goal of UAE by 2030?

The United Arab Emirates follows a long-term plan through which it works to achieve sustainable development through many different initiatives.


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