BAYZ 101 Danube at Business Bay| New Launch in 2024

Developer: Danube Properties
BAYZ 101 Danube at Business Bay| New Launch in 2024

Bayz 101 Danube was launched at the beginning of 2024 to dominate a new era of lavishness and innovation in UAE, as Danube is getting ready to add something extraordinary to the housing industry in Dubai, Business Bay.

Bayz 101 is a skyscraper 101-storey building that tackles comfort and lavishness more deeply, through an exclusive collection of world-class amenities that include well-served rooftops, infinity pools, self-treat centres, sporting hubs, cafes, etc.

Through a wide array of apartments and double-floor units in Danube Bayz 101, the company provides you the opportunity to pick the most matching property to your specifications, and, definitely, enjoy a panoramic view of Business Bay’s top-level amenities and Burj Khalifa. Book Your Unit Now with AED 50,000.

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Key Features 

  • High-Class Development comprises 101 stories.
  • Prime Location in Business Bay
  • Contemporary Design
  • 1% instalment per motnh
  • World-Class Amenities

Bayz 101 by danube

Danube BAYZ 101 Apartments

Danube is renowned for sketching innovative residential designs that go in alignment with the latest-studies solution-based approaches, that tackle how to allow residents to delve deep into elegance and inspiration and, at the same time with all their needs concerned.

Danube Bayz 101 Apartments, due to Danube announcements, will feature a mix of minimalistic vibes and bold youth taste, to satisfy all needs. Here’s the available Modules:

  • Studios
  • 1BHK
  • 1BHK with pool
  • 2BHK with pool.
  • 3BHK With Pool
  • 4BHK with Pool.

To book your apartment in Bayz 101 by Danube, whether for residence or investment opportunity, contact our sales team and get all the needed information.

Danube Bayz 101 Studio

Why Invest in Bayz 101 by Danube?

Bayz 101 by Danube shall be your next step for investment and high profits; it ticks all the right boxes in property vitals, including price location, instalment flexibility, and of course, Developer fame and recognition.

Here are the top qualities that entice you to invest in Bayz 101 Dubai.

  • Business Bay Central Location
  • Freehold Ownership
  • +40 top-notch amenities
  • high ROI
  • Instalment plan that requires 1% monthly over a specific time.
  • 0% interest

Bayz 101 by danube

BAYZ 101 Danube Prices and Payment Plan

Bayz 101 Dubai, a project by Danube Properties, successfully managed to hit the balance between the project’s remarkable quality and its price affordability, which is a demand for many.

  • Studio starting Prices: AED 1.175 Million
  • 2-bedroom starting price: AED 3 Million – Pool included
  • 3-bedroom starting price: AED 4.6 Million -Pool included
  • 4-bedroom starting price: AED 5.8 Million- Pool included

For a 1-bedroom price with a swimming pool in Bayz 101 Danube, press one of the buttons below:

Bayz 101 Payment Details

With an 80-month payment plan, you’re one step away from your precious investment opportunity and your house dream.  Book Now your unit in  Danube BAYZ 101 before anyone.

  • The instalment plan longevity is 80 months, divided as follows:
  • 74% till completion date, 1% per month.
  • 26% post handover

For More Detailed information about the project’s payment plan for international and local customers, Don’t hesitate to Contact Our Team Now

How to Book an apartment in Bayz 101 Dubai?

Danube opened the door for its customers to book their places at Bayz 101 Dubai and pick the desired unit space with 50k, check more details below:

  • Studios Booking Requirments: AED 50k
  • Apartments Booking Requirments: AED 100k

Bayz 101 by Danube

Bayz 101 Danube Location

Bayz 101 Danube is located in Business Bay, a remarkable business destination and residential haven, with a direct position to Sheikh Mohamed Ben Zayed Road which allows you to arrive at whatever your destination is inside Dubai.

Danube is planning to indulge its customers with a wisely chosen location that marks a high level of integration, as it includes 699 stores, 239 restaurants, 34 mini-marts, +70 ladies and men’s salons, 15 pharmacies, 9 medical clinics, 13 trade offices, 8 banks, 13 car rental shops, etc.

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The Nearby Places from BAYZ 101

  • 2 minutes from Business Bay Metro Station.
  • 1.5 km from Burj Khalifa.
  • 10 minutes to Dubai Mall.

bayz 101 location at business bay

Facilities and Services in BAYZ 101 at Business Bay

The construction of BAYZ 101 Business Bay showcases a remarkable level of sophistication and comfort through an exclusive selection of +40 facilities that are perfectly allocated between the 3 levels on the floor, podium 1, podium level 2, and the rooftop.

  • A swimming pool
  • Sunny Deck
  • Fitness Center
  • Business Hub
  • Lush Greenery Areas
  • Library
  • Bowling Center
  • Children’s Play
  • Outdoor cinemas
  • Clubhouse with different social activities.
  • Parking lots.
  • Infinity pools
  • Sporting Facilties

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About Danube

Danube Properties is highlighted as an industry changer and rated as one of the best influential developers in UAE, which is committed to satisfying its customers and matching all their needs.

in 2017, Danube completed its first project in Jebal Ali Village “Dreamz Townhouses” and incredibly succeeded at hitting the sales record, and during a short period, the company has been operating dozens of projects all over Dubai.

Other Projects by Danube

FAQ About Bayz 101

What is Danube Properties?

Danube Properties is a leading real estate company in Dubai, since 1993

What is the history of Danube real estate company?

The company started its business as a trading company in 1993, and kept growing and expanding into multiple fields related to development, till it became Dubai's most renowned company.

Who is the founder of Danube?

Danube Company was established by Mr. Rizwan Sajan, the company's Founder and Chairman

Why invest in Bayz 101 by Danube Dubai?

Bayz 101 Danube is recommended as an investment resource, due its prime location, flexible payment plan, freehold applicability, and prices affordability.

  • Down payment 50k Booking%
  • Payment method 80 Months
  • receiving date June 2028
  • Price 1,175,000 AED
  • Space Soon
  • Last Update 2024-02-28

Community: Business Bay

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