Damac Water Vein at Damac Riverside by Damac

Developer: DAMAC Properties
Damac Water Vein at Damac Riverside by Damac

Damac Water Vein is a new residential project located at Damac Riverside, offering a luxurious collection of 4- and 5-bedroom townhouses with various sizes starting at 2,300 sq ft. Imagine living a unique life amidst the charming nature of green gardens and flowing water streams that create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Water Vein is surrounded by everything that meets one’s needs in terms of amenities that are designed specifically to enhance one’s feeling of comfort and well-being. Damac properties provide accommodations that are only a few minutes away from the most well-known landmarks and main destinations.

The modern designs of the water vein at Damac Riverside are in harmony with the tranquil nature in an exceptional and unparalleled combination, and facilities and services are spread throughout the project in an organized manner to cover the needs and requirements of the residents. Book your unit with the lowest deposit now and receive it in Q4-2027.

Damac Water Vein Luxury Residential Project:

  • Located in Damac Riverside.
  • Offers 4- and 5-bedroom townhouses starting at 2,300 sq ft.
  • Surrounded by green gardens and water streams.
  • Designed for comfort and well-being.
  • Located near famous landmarks.
  • Modern designs blend with a tranquil nature.
  • Organized facilities and services.
  • The lowest deposit booking is available.

Water Vein at Damac Riverside by Damac Properties

Damac Water Vein Location

Water Vein is located within Damac Riverside, a distinguished gated community that offers residents an integrated lifestyle that combines liveliness and interactivity with tranquility and privacy, and is easily connected to the most important roads and main axes through which residents can go anywhere within a few minutes and without suffering.

Places Nearby Water Vein at Riverside

  • 9 minutes away from Damac Hills.
  • 12 minutes away from Al Maktoum International Airport.
  • 15 minutes away from Metro.
  • 16 minutes away from Expo 2020.

Top Amenities in Water Vein

Water Vein by Damac invites you to experience a new concept of luxury that takes your life to the highest levels of enjoyment and preserves unforgettable memories with family and friends.

  • Zen Spa.
  • Floating Opera.
  • Floating Sports.
  • Essential Oil Lakes.
  • Aqua Gym.
  • Retail Outlets.
  • Floating Cinema.

Damac Water Vein Townhouses

Water Vein Townhouses

Vein at Damac Riverside includes an exclusive collection of townhouses with exterior designs dominated by white, which blend seamlessly with nature, represented by lush green gardens and sparkling blue water elements.

Water Vein Townhouses by Damac are available in spacious floor plans and open floor plans. They are also equipped with the latest appliances for a more comfortable life and elegant finishes, with outdoor terraces overlooking the surrounding landscape for more privacy.

  • Water Vein Townhouses are available, with spaces starting from 2,300 sq ft.

Damac Water Vein Prices & Payment Plan

Damac offers competitive prices, which vary based on the type of unit, whether it consists of 4 bedrooms or 5 bedrooms, and also based on the spaces. Check the prices below.

  • The starting price of 4 bd townhouses at Water Vein at Riverside is 1,990,000 AED.
  • The starting price of 5 bd townhouses is 3,180,000 AED.

Water Vein Payment Plan

When you choose Damac Water Vein, you will find payment facilities up to 3 years, with an attractive 70/30 payment plan, allowing you to buy your dream home and pay its value in a way that suits you.

Why Choose Damac Water Vein?

You may probably ask yourself why I would choose this project, and what distinguishes it from others.

The simple answer is that Damac Properties provided the 3 elements that customers are most looking for within its project “Riverside Water Vein”, which are:

1. Location: The customer always looks for a location that is connected to many major destinations, so that he can go to work easily, and on his way, he can take his children to schools and nurseries, if he wants to shop, he will find commercial centers near him, and if he wants to spend enjoyable times, he will find various facilities and recreational activities.

2. Tailored amenities: designed to enhance residents’ comfort and well-being.

3. Luxurious surroundings: high-end, specialized amenities provide a premium living environment.

4. Damac’s Reputation: Known for its expertise and quality developments.

  • Down payment 10%
  • Payment method 70/30
  • receiving date Q4 2027
  • Price 1,900,000 AED
  • Space 2,300
  • Last Update 2024-06-13

Community: Damac Riverside

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