Badya Palm Hills Compound: Why buy a property for your family?

Badya Palm Hills Compound: Why buy a property for your family?
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Last updated 2022-04-19

Badya Palm Hills 6 October Compound Badya Palm Hills is one of the most important and best real estate projects implemented by Palm Hills for Real Estate Development in the most prestigious areas of 6th of October City, which is famous for being among the finest residential cities in Egypt.

This is due to its enjoyment of all the basic and recreational needs that made all those looking for these services to find them by heading to the city, especially to the Badia October project, which is a unique residential edifice.

Where the architectural designs are inspired by the best residential projects in the world, executed with great care and accuracy, so that all residents of New October Badia live a life of complete luxury in the true sense of the word, as it is a real investment opportunity that will not be repeated again.

It is also a unique urban experience for those looking for calm and sophistication in an integrated residential project in which there are many services and units with different designs and areas that suit all customers’ desires.

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Badya Palm Hills Compound

Badya Palm Hills location

Badya 6 October is located 10 minutes or 15 minutes from the center of 6 October in the most prestigious area in the city, which will become a link point between east and west Cairo, which is Creative City on Al-Wahat Road, about 15 minutes from the Pyramids of Giza and a distance of 15 minutes from the Pyramids of Giza. About 30 km from the center of Cairo.

This project is also one of the most connected projects with new highways and new means of transportation in this part of the capital, such as the fourth metro line, monorail and high-speed trains that will serve this space in the near future.

Places near Badya October project

  1. Badya Palm Hills is close to Sheikh Zayed City in a few minutes.
  2. The city of Badia Palm Hills is separated from the Pyramids of Giza by approximately 15 minutes.
  3. The compound is 30 km away from downtown Cairo.
  4. Badya Palm Hills Compound is close to the most famous areas and projects of 6 October City, such as: (Mall of Egypt – wadi degla club – Media Production City – Movenpick Hotel).
  5. It is also close to the Ring Road, Alexandria Desert Road and Axis Road, which facilitates the movement from the compound and access to many areas in a few minutes.

Badia Palm Hills project site

Compound badya 6 October design

Badia October Compound was designed with the latest and best engineering and architectural designs implemented by major international companies, on an estimated area of ​​3000 acres, or more than 12,600,000 square meters.

To distinguish Palm Hills Badya in this area as being among the most important, best and largest real estate projects located in the heart of 6th of October City, this feature adds all the basic and recreational services, but also complementary services within one residential project in the heart of 6th of October City.

Palm Hills relies on the modern style that links modernity and urbanization and suits the taste and nature of each individual, using a team of experts and specialized engineers to add everything that is new and advanced.

Badya Palm Hills October project space

The huge Badia October project was established on an area of ​​3,000 acres, as it contained 6 residential neighborhoods, and each neighborhood had its own service area on an area of ​​360 acres.

It is also expected that 30% of the project’s electricity will be generated by the solar energy system, and water consumption will be reduced by about 20% less than other cities.

Badya Palm Hills project space 6 October

Units Spaces in Badya Palm Hills 6 October Badya 6 October

Palm Hills announced that the first phase of the project will include 340 villas and 1,040 units with investments of 2.7 billion Egyptian pounds. The residential units in Badya 6 October project will have different areas and varying types between (Grand Villa – Villa – Town House – Twin House – Apartments). .

The spaces start from 86 meters and reach 600 meters for large villas, including 350 square meters of buildings. The project also includes many activities and integrated recreational services that serve all family members. Also, the spaces are divided as follows:

  • Apartments spaces start from 85 square meters up to 250 square meters.
  • Townhouses space starts from 185 square meters for buildings, and on a plot of 215 square meters.
  • Townhouse Corner space starts from 190 square meters for buildings, on a plot of 215 square meters.
  • Twin House space starts from 234 m² up to 263 m², on a land area from 300 m² up to 370 m².
  • As for the standalone villas: start from 195 m² up to 500 m², on a land area from 265 m² up to 800 m².

Noting that all spaces have been divided in a way that takes into account public and private services and facilities, which provide all means of luxury and pleasure to its buyers, and that the project will be constructed in six phases.

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Villa for sale in Badya Palm Hills, October

Badya Palm Hills 6th of October latest developments

Palm Hills, the owner of the project, is keen to complete the Badya project quickly, and here is a video showing the latest developments of the Badya Palm Hills project, 6 October.

Where it shows you the latest implementation of the project, the spaces between the units, the green spaces, the engineering and architectural design of the project, and the executed work atmosphere, with the continued development of Badya Palm Hills Compound and the provision of many units of different sizes.

In addition to the offers now available that Palm Hills offers to its customers

Apartments for sale in Badya Palm Hills Compound

You can now own your residential unit in the finest real estate projects in 6th of October, with payment facilities of up to 10 years, and with various spaces and designs to suit all tastes, as follows:

  • Apartments:  spaces start from (144 up to 172) square meters.
  • Townhouses: spaces start from (189 up to 230) square meters.
  • Penthouses: with spaces start from 281 square meters.
  • Villas: spaces start from (197 up to 371) square meters.

Apartments for sale in Badya Palm Hills, 6 October , in installments over 10 years, book your apartment now

Badya Palm Hills prices 6 October Badya Palm Hills

Compound badya 6 October is characterized by its prices, which are considered the best within the city of October, and the various payment systems, which makes the project one of the best residential projects.

If you have any inquiries about the prices of Badya Palm Hills 6 October or you want to book your residential unit at the best prices, contact us on the following number:

Payment and payment systems in Badya Palm Hills October compound

Badya Palm Hills project, 6 October, is characterized by very flexible payment systems that make it easy for you to own a distinctive residential unit in a sophisticated and integrated place with services:

  • Without a down payment and installment payments for up to 10 years.

Badya Palm Hills Compound Services

What are the services and features in the Badya Palm Hills project, October?

Palm Hills has provided many services and facilities in Badya Palm Hills October Compound, including many services and facilities that it provides to all its clients, which are as follows:

  • Badia Palm Hills has green spaces and landscaping.
  • There are many swimming pools of various shapes and depths to suit all ages for the residents of the Badia October project.
  • Badya palm hills project has many artificial lakes and fountains that give a special charm to the compound.
  • There is a social club in Badia Palm Hills.
  • Gym equipped to the highest standard.
  • The company that owns Badia Compound has provided a well-equipped health club to ensure that the residents have an integrated health system.
  • High security system using face print.
  • Inside the new October Badia there is a Club House, in order to achieve the highest level of luxury and enjoyment.
  • A track for lovers of jogging, walking and cycling amidst greenery and beautiful flowers.
  • Palm Hills Badya also includes an area that includes many restaurants and cafes that serve the most delicious drinks and oriental and international foods.
  • Badia Palm Hills also included a well-equipped sports area, with tennis and squash halls, and many sports.
  • A private garage for cars to maintain the general appearance and not to have any traffic jams that impede movement within the Badia 6th of October project.
  • A commercial services area for those who love shopping, buying the most famous international brands, and enjoying the availability of everything new within Badia Palm Hills.
  • An entertainment area for children, in addition to being completely safe to feel reassured and not worried about them while they are enjoying their leisure time.
  • Close to the most important educational services, from international schools and universities that provide the best educational services in Egypt.
  • A stunning view in Badya Palm Hills in 6th of October City, overlooking green spaces, landscapes, and the most beautiful flowers and plants.

Badya Palm Hills October compound is characterized by making 95% of the population live two minutes from the garden, as there is a private garden for each area located 500 meters from each neighborhood, and there are green spaces around the project and landscape, which gives an atmosphere of calm, privacy and comfort. And calm.

The company that owns the Badya Palm Hills project in October

Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company is the owner of Badya Palm Hills Compound, 6th of October, and it should be noted that the company is considered one of the leading real estate companies in the Egyptian market, and it primarily develops real estate projects and integrated real estate and commercial resorts, and was founded in 2005 by Mansour and the Moroccan Investment Company and development.

Palm Hills Developments currently owns one of the largest land banks in Egypt, and is rapidly growing to become a regional member. It has also supervised the implementation and design of more than 26 projects. The company has many residential projects, the most important of which are the following:

  • Palm Hills Katameya.
  • The Village Project.
  • Village Gardens Katameya.
  • Capital Gardens.
  • Palm Hills New Cairo Compound.
  • Golf Extension Project.
  • Hacienda White.
  • Twaya Gold.
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