Why Badya Palm Hills Compound is worth your attention?

Why Badya Palm Hills Compound is worth your attention?
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Last updated 2022-09-07
Project details
Compound Name Badya Palm Hills
The developer Palm Hills Developments
Project Location 6th of October city, October oasis St, From South Dahshur Link
unit types villas - Twin house - apartments - Penthouse
payment system 0% down payment, 10 years installments
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Badya Palm Hills is a one-of-a-kind urban experience for those looking for sophistication and serenity in an integrated residential project in which residents can find all types of essential and luxurious facilities and services that match their needs.

Badya Palm Hills is considered a frontier project for Palm Hills Developments that surpassed buyers’ expectations with its authentic urban design, and its perfect personalized experience regarding units and their different types.

If an accessible prestigiously-integrated community is what you are looking for, then Badya Palm Hills October shall be your first choice.

If you have any inquiries about the prices of Badya Palm Hills 6 October or want to book your residential unit with the best payment systems, contact us at the following number:

Badya Palm Hills location

In one of the most prestigious areas, Badya Palm Hills is located within 10 minutes of the heart of 6 October city which represents a focal point between east and west Cairo on the Oasis road.

What distinguishes Badya location is its accessibility to the new highways in Egypt through which you can arrive at your destination effortlessly. Ring Road and Alexandria Desert Road are the two main roads near Badya compound.

Most importantly, the access of the newest transportation network in Egypt, the Monorail, to October City is expected to greatly facilitate the movement from and outside the City.

Badya 6 October is situated near a group of five-star residential and commercial projects, such as Mall of Egypt – Wadi Degla Club – Media Production City – Movenpick Hotel.

If you are willing to enhance your housing experience in Badya Palm Hills and benefit from its reputable and eminent neighbourhood, then it’s necessary to get an overview of the nearby places.

a residential buidling in badya palm hills

modern design in badya

Places near Badya October project

  • Badya compound is situated close to Sheikh Zayed.
  • Those who are heading to Cairo Downtown from Badya Palmhills will drive only 30 Km.
  • Badya Palm Hills is 15 minutes away from The Great Pyramids in Giza

The Luxurious Design of Palm Hills Badya

Palm Hills Company discreetly selected a massive land space of ​​3000 Feddan to serve all the residential, commercial, and recreational aspects ideally.

Badia Palm Badya Compound was designed in alignment with the cutting-edge architectural techniques that were implemented by leading companies to deliver the highest value for customers.

Remarkably, 70% of the total Palm Hills Badya space is devoted to providing vast green spaces so that each area is privileged with a full overview of a park.

Impressively, 2.7 billion Egyptian pounds were invested to apply Badya 6 October’s distinctive structure that was divided into main 6 neighbourhoods where all types of services are perfectly provided.

Toward a sustainable environment in the heart of October 6 City, Badya Palm Hills October compound drives 30% of the compound electricity from the solar energy, in addition to applying a new water consumption technique that is expected to save around 20% of the total water use.

Fascinating building in badya palm hills

night times in badya palm hills

Types of units in Palm Hills Badya

Palm Hills Badya is renowned for its diligence to user experience by providing several housing options in different spaces so customers can pick what suits their families’ needs.

Palm Hills relies on the modern style that links modernity and urbanization and suits the taste and nature of each individual, using a team of experts and specialized engineers to add everything that is new and advanced.

The master plan of Palm Hills’s first phase includes a considerable number of residential units of 340 villas in addition to other 1,040 units including different types.

The diversity of residential units in Badya 6 October has been resembled in the following types ( Grand Villa – Villa – Town House – Twin House – Apartments)

Kindly note that the available in Palm Hills Badya ranges from 86 Sqm up to 600 meters for a large villa.

  • The available Apartments for sale are provided in different spaces that start from 85 Sqm up to 250 Sqm.
  • The net land area of Townhouses in Badya Compound starts from 185 sqm.
  • Townhouse’s net land area starts from 190 square meters.
  • Twin House’s space in Badya compound starts from 234 Sqm up to 263 Sqm.
  • Standalone villa starts from 195 m² up to 500 m² as a net land area.

It’s noteworthy that the interior designs of all Palm Hills units are designed according to the latest urban techniques that entitle customers to utilize its space, or reshape it upon its use.

Badya Palm Hills October project space

A unique urban experience for those looking for calm and sophistication in an integrated residential project in which there are many services and units with different designs and areas that suit all customers’ desires.

The huge Badia October project was established on an area of ​​3,000 acres, as it contained 6 residential neighborhoods, and each neighborhood had its own service area on an area of ​​360 acres.

It is also expected that 30% of the project’s electricity will be generated by the solar energy system, and water consumption will be reduced by about 20% less than in other cities.

To know more about the units available in Badya Palm Hills 6 October, contact us now

Badya Palm Hills prices

Badya Palm Hills prices guarantee the highest return on investment that a person can get out of a deal because of its perfectly designed services and strategic location.

Badya Palm Hills prices start from 1.500.000 Egp. For more details, you can contact our consultants by pressing one of the following buttons.

Payment systems in Badya Palm Hills October

Similar to Palm Hills Development projects, Badya Palm Hills October allows customers to extend the instalment period up to 10 years, which is a plus for people who invest with several units.

The percentage of down payment differs on the preferred system, so kindly contact our consultant team for more details.

Top 11 Services in Badya Palm Hills October

For over 25 years, Palm Hills Development has been committed to providing self-sufficient and fully integrated residential spaces in all its projects all over Egypt.

By spotting light on customers’ different needs, Palm Hills Company managed exquisitely to provide a top-notch community where all luxurious features are delivered.

  • Palm Hills was keen to provide the highest care levels through different Medical Centres and pharmacies that operated all day.
  • Badya Palm Hills October showcases a balance between the eye-pleasant views of the turquoise elements and lush greenery spaces and the urban spaces.
  • Health hub Palm Hills Badya is where residents can get five-star relaxation services including Spa and Jacuzzi, and other body treatments.
  • The security in Palm Hills Badya is implemented through the top-notch smart security system of 3D Cameras and E-gates.
  • A clubhouse in Badya compound is meant to add a sense of pleasure to residents’ lifestyles.
  • Well-known restaurants and cafes provide different dishes.
  • Palm Hills October contracts with reputable branded stores to fulfil customers’ purchasing demands.
  • Palm Hills Badya is featured with different kids that offer the highest security and amusement levels for children.
  • The sporting club is one of the main features of Badya Palm Hills October compound where residents can practise whatever type of sports they like.
  • Last, but not least, Badya Palm Hills October’s proximity to top international schools and universities in 6 October is an unmissable opportunity.

Kindly, note that the above-mentioned services are subject to enhancement due to customers’ requests.


Apartments for sale in Badya Palm Hills Compound

You can now own your residential unit in the finest real estate projects in 6th of October, with payment facilities of up to 10 years, and with various spaces and designs to suit all tastes, as follows:

  • Apartments:  spaces start from (144 up to 172) square meters.
  • Townhouses: spaces start from (189 up to 230) square meters.
  • Penthouses: with spaces start from 281 square meters.
  • Villas: spaces start from (197 up to 371) square meters.

Apartments for sale in Badya Palm Hills, 6 October , in instalments over 10 years, book your apartment now

a wonderful villa in badya palm hillls

classy designs of badya palm hills

Palm Hills Badya Developer 

Palm Hills Development is recognised as Egypt’s leading real estate Company that approximately invested 13.3 million Sqm all over Egypt equipping the lands to be fully competent for habitation.

Palm Hills’s expansion was allocated in different areas across Egypt as follows: the Company invested 27,589,000 sqm in West Cairo, 4,359,000 Sqm in East Cairo, and finally around 4,321,000 Sqm in both North Coast and Alexandria.

Other projects by Palm Hills Development 

  • Hacienda West 
  • Golf Extension Project.
  • Hacienda White.
  • Twaya Gold.
  • Palm Hills New Alamein
  • Golf Central
  • Palm Hills New Cairo

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Who is the developer of Badya Palm Hills?

Palm Hills Development

Where is Badya Palm Hills located?

6 October

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Contact the following number: 01101112515

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