Mountain View Icity October | ideal environment for you

Mountain View Icity October | ideal environment for you
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Last updated 2022-05-29

Mountain View Icity October showcases a one-of-a-kind housing experience, delivering the highest quality of luxurious lifestyle through a strategic flawless location, splendid buildings and designs, and a fully-integrated community.

Mountain View Icity October is considered one of the top-notch residential projects launched by Mountain View Company in the heart of October with only 10 minutes distance from The Nile University.

An outstanding integrated lifestyle where all your requirements and needs are delivered with excellence is what distinguishes the compound among other projects.

So, If you are looking for a compound where luxury and all means of comfort are provided in a livable location in October, Mountain View ICity October compound shall be your first choice.

amazing architecture designs in mountain view icity october

streets and corniche inside the compound

Mountain View ICity October Location

The location of Mountain View ICity October was strategically chosen by Mountain View Company, after a well-researched long discussion, in a centric spot of October city with only a five-minute distance from Mall of Arabia.

The wisely chosen location of the compound provides residents with accessibility to the most livable places in the city and main roads.

Check the nearby places to Mountain View ICity in October and the expected time to arrive at your destinations:

  • The average time to arrive at Juhayina Square from Mountain View ICity 6 October is 4 minutes.
  • Mountain View I City October is only 20 minutes away from the Mall of Egypt.
  • The distance between Mountain View I City October and Dar Fouad is only 10 Minutes.
  • The compound is 10 minutes away from the Nile University.

The total space of the compound

Mountain View Company selected a massive land space of 500 Feddan to offer a wide range of different residential units for its customers, helping them to find their perfect fit, in addition to their vision of delivering integration as the main theme.

The total number of residential units in the Mountain view ICity October amounted to 14,000, including distinguished types that were added to the Master plan based on the market needs.

It’s worth mentioning that the Mountain View Company assigned its flagship project to Egypt’s experts in the field to bring out exceptional elegant designs that can flawlessly simulate the modern lifestyle of Europe.

Types of units in Mountain View Icity October Compound

Mountain View company endeavours to offer a personalized housing experience for its customers by providing different types of residential units.

If you are willing to take your everyday life to the highest luxurious level in Mountain View Icity October compound, you can find different housing options that include I-Villa Park- I-Villa Sky- I-VIlla sky- Twin house- Grand Villa.

ivilla inside mountain view icity october

ivilla, one of unit types available in the compound

Check the available space for each type of unit:

  • The space of apartments in Mountain View icity October compound starts from 100 SQM to 240 SQM.
  • The space of the Sunroof type starts from 130 SQM to 155 SQM.
  • The space of I Villa, Roof and garden are included, starting from 180 SQM.
  • The average space of I-Villa Park Mountain View ICity is 220 SQM.
  • 265 SQM is the average space for I Villa Sky.
  • The space of Townhouse villas starts from 185 SQM up to 265 SQM.
  • Twin house villas that are featured with two separate gates are provided in a huge space of 325 SQM.
  • 350 SQM is the announced space for Grand Villa that includes four or five bedrooms is

Mountain View ICity October Compound Design

The authentic innovative designs implemented by the company’s most experienced team in Mountain View ICity compound are classified as the 6 October number 1 regarding designs modernness.

The Master Plan of Mountain View ICity October Compound dedicates the largest part of the compound, 80% of the total space, to building lush greenery spaces and breathtaking views to let you, as a resident, experience the simplicity of nature blended with luxury.

The remaining area, around 20% of the compound space, is designed for building residential and commercial units and facilities.

Top 7 services in Mountain View ICity October compound

Mountain View company successfully represented a transformative change in the real estate industry in Egypt through its prestigious project, the Mountain View ICity compound.

The facilities allocated in Mountain View ICity October Compound are perfectly selected to fit the customers’ needs in all aspects of life.

  • The compound includes a restaurant-based area in which residents can experience mouth-watering dishes.
  • Medical needs are one of the main priorities delivered in Mountain View I City Compound by providing highly-competent clinics.
  • Mountain View October is featured with its breathtaking views where both the green and turquoise colours are
  • spread all over the compound through fountains and parks.
  • The compound hosts a group of prestigious stores and brands.
  • The compound’s clubhouse is meant to provide you with quality time.
  • Mountain View Icity October offers different swimming pools for both kids and adults.
  • For relaxation, Mountain View 6 October includes spa and Jacuzzi hubs for both genders.

landscape in mountain view icity october

Mountain View ICity October Prices and Payment Plans

Mountain View ICity October prices are considered a true investment opportunity because of their high Return on investment. The compound has customized multiple payment plans so that customers can choose the most suitable one.

Purchasing a unit in Mountain View ICity October compound is a perfect choice for whoever is looking to invest in the compound by extending the payment period up to 10 years, provided that an amount of 5% as a down payment shall be paid first.

The developer of Mountain View ICity October

Mountain View Company for Development is one of the forerunner companies in the real estate industry in Egypt that managed to introduce inspiring designs and practical options in its projects.

Since the company’s inception in 2005, it kept expanding all over Egypt, especially in East and West Cairo, the Red Sea Coast and the North Coast, with remarkable projects that were featured as the gain of the year.

The company celebrated earning considerable profits, which amounted to 4.75 billion, throughout the last year from the first phase of its booming project Lagoon Beach Park.

Other projects by Mountain View Company

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