Mazarine New Alamein- Unique Coastal Experience

Developer: City Edge Development
Mazarine New Alamein- Unique Coastal Experience
Prices start from 8,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
10 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Project Name Mazarine
The Developer City Edge Development
Types of residnetial units Aparthotels, villas, chalets, duplexes, twinhouse,
Payment Plans Down Payment starts from 5%, and the Instalment period lasts up to 7 years.
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Mazarine New Alamein Resort, developed by City Edge Company, proves how the coastal experience in Egypt is completely changed from a medium-served coastal area to a fully integrated complex where owners are still exposed to the main advantages of the city lifestyle.

Mazarine New Alamein promises an extensive level of integration where residents can enjoy endless services, such as a commercial area, medical centre, a smart ecosystem, excellent leisure time, a 5-class hotel, a sports hub, etc.

Moreover, Mazarine Resort on the North Coast includes awe-inspiring views which are clearly represented in the Mazarine Lagoon, artificial fountains, the golden beach, and breathtaking green nature.

Last, but not least, Mazarine prices & payment plans were perfectly set in a smart system to appeal to all customers’ requirements.

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Mazarine New Alamein

Mazarine Resort Location

Mazarine Resort Alamein is located close to Alamein airport, with a distance of 54 km. The location of Mazarine Village is perfectly situated near the most vital areas in Alamein City, such as Fouka Bay and Sidi Abdelrahman.

If you are willing to Up-level your family’s summer experience in Mazarine City Egde, you need to know the nearby places in detail.

  • The international road is around 400 meters away from Mazarine.
  • The distance between Mazarine New Alamein and Marsa Matrouh-Alexandria road is less than 107 km.
  • The distance between Mazarine New Alamine and the Alamine Airport is 54 Km.
  • Borj Arab is one of the nearby places from Mazarine village with 89 km.
  • The required time to arrive at Mazarine El Alamein from Cairo is 2.5 h.
  • The needed time to arrive in Matrouh from Mazarine City Edge is two hours.
  • Mazarine New Alamein is close to Masa Hotel, Fanara port, and the culture palace.

The land space of Mazarine New Alamein

City Edge Company launched its milestone “ Mazarine New Alamein” ” on a large land of 72 Feddan, a huge land space where residents can find their commercial, entertaining, medical, and essential needs.

The design of Mazarine Resort in Al Alamine City offers an all-year-round coastal seamless experience where they can enjoy the bluish colour of the sea and the golden sand as a primary view for all units.

As the first Horizontal project in New Alamine’s lagoon, Mazarine North Coast is ideally designed to provide around 296 luxurious units for its customers, these units are varying from Villas, Duplexes, and apartments.

Types of Residential units in Mazarine New Alamain

In Mazarine Resort, residents are privileged to choose their favourite units from many options of villas- Duplexes- apartments.

Each unit is provided within distinctive spaces and smart interior division, check the available spaces now:

  • The space of Ground-floor chalets1, which includes three bedrooms, is 175 m2.
  • The space of the first-floor chalets1, which includes 3 bedrooms, is 199 m2.
  • The space of a roof-based penthouse starts from 52 m2, the roof space is 44 m2.
  • The space of Ground-floor chalets3, including 3 bedrooms, is 159 m2.
  • The space of first-floor chaletes3, that includes three bedrooms, a dressing room and a terrace, is 175 m2.
  • The space of the second-floor unit3, which includes three bedrooms, a dressing room and a terrace, is 175 m2.
  • The space of two-bedroom chaletes4, on the ground floor, is 131 m2.
  • The space unit4 includes two main bedrooms and 2 terraces, which is situated on the first floor, is 205 m2.

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Mazarine Chaletes

Top features & services in Mazarine New Alamein

Mazarine New Alamein is perfectly designed to change the common perception of how vacation areas are dispatched from the daily essential facilities.

Therefore, the exerted efforts of City Edge Development were clyster clear in the premium quality of the provided leisure and essential facilities around Mazarine Village.

The Mazarine resort in Alamein is divided into different spaces (The Marina- Hotel- The Beach Club – Central business district- Central park)

The central business district is one of the main landmarks in the Mazarine resorts that completely how people perceive the coastal resorts; a huge area that includes 16 buildings for different business purposes.

The Boulevard is considered the focal point that people visit to fulfil their needs in different aspects, including fashion, leisure, and dining.

Check the available facilities feature in Mazarine Resort Egypt:

  • The Commercial area“ Boulevard” offers luxurious brands and stores in different industries.
  • Mazarine Resort supports using generators to enable vacationers to enjoy their summer freely to the peak.
  • The lighting network in Mazarine Resort is an automated system that works once the sunlight goes off.
  • Similar to the compounds in Cairo, Mazarine is designed with private garages to add more safety.
  • The swimming pools in Mazarine New Alamein are various and prestigiously developed by high-standard quality.
  • A Medical emergency centre and many pharmacies support the medical needs in the resort.
  • Mazarine hosts a well-equipped sports hub to enable vacationers to keep their practice up.
  • The Boulevard in Mazarine New Alamein provides different amusement activities for kids.
  • A Cinema hub for movie lovers.
  • Excellent Housekeeping and laundry services 24/7h.
  • Mazarine New Alamein includes A world-class hotel to promote tourism in Egypt.
  • Mazarine New Alamein is perfectly secured with smart technological systems of Fiber-optic sensors
  • The food court serves the best western and eastern cuisines.

Mazarine North Coast

Mazarine New Alamein Prices & Payment Plans

City Edge Development offered a competitive price list for its units in Mazarine New Alamein; this price list guarantees a richer coastal experience that proceeds its time.

In one of the most multi-functional resorts on the North Coast ” Mazarine New Alamein”, you will enjoy a wide selection of residential units that suits your needs.

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The payment system in Mazarine New Alamein

The payment system offered in Mazarine is considered one of the main benefits that buyers can avail of; the company extended the instalment period up to 7 years.

  • Buyers can pick their perfect unit by paying only 5% as a down payment and pay the rest over.

The Developer of Mazarine North Coast

City Edge Company for development launched Mazarine North Coast to be a new landmark for both Egyptians and foreigners in Al Alamein City. City Edge company was founded in 2017 with two main shareholders the New Urban Community Authority” & the Housing and Development Bank.

Since the company’s commencement, it has been endeavouring to enhance the housing experience in Egypt by providing sustainable values for the coming generations.


The total number of projects developed by City Edge is 11 projects, varying between residential, business, and commercial.

Portfolio of City Edge Company 

  • North Edge Towers.
  • The Gate, North Coast.
  • Downtown, Alamein City.
  • Zahya New Mansoura.

FAQ about Mazarine New Alamein

Who is the developer of Mazarine New Alamein resort?

City Edge Company

Where is Mazarine North Edge located?

Alamein City

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Mazarine New Alamein Resort?

Contact the following number: 01101112515


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