Telal North Coast Resort by Roya Development

Developer: Roya Development
Telal North Coast Resort by Roya Development
Prices start from 9,000,000 EGP
5% Down payment
7 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The project Name Telal
Project Location North Coast
The developer Roya
Available Units Chalets & Standalone villas
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Telal Soul on the North Coast has become the first choice for those looking for a prestigious and integrated residential experience, in which all their family members can enjoy their long-stay vacation.

Being part of Roya Developments means predicting the best choices, in terms of location, design, and prices.

With more than 26 years of experience in the market, Roya Company launched a state-of-art coastal project, in the heart of North Coast, where your eyes will be pleased with the turquoise sea and stunning golden sand that perfectly embrace your home.

The developer of Telal Sahel has more than 26 years of experience in the real estate field, which means mastery and quality in flawless execution.

So, if you are looking for a prestigious vacation spot on the Mediterranean Sea with competitive prices and flexible payment plans that start from a 5% deposit, Telal North Coast by Roya is your perfect fit.

Telal North Coast

Telal Soul on the North Coast

The Location of Telal North Coast

Telal North Coast is the best proof of Roya Group of Developments’ long-time experience, which appears in its distinguished choice of project location in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

The resort is located on the North Coast with an ideal overlook of the Mediterranean Sea, so you can enjoy the best view ever every morning in Telal Sahel.

To reach the project, you will take the route of Alexandria-Marsa Matruh at Kilo 141. Telal Soul resort is also located near many services and facilities that will help the residents fulfill their needs.

Places near Telal Soul on the North Coast

  • Ghazala Bay
  • Ghazala Al Wad
  • Hacienda Bay Resort
  • El Alamin Airport
  • El Dabaa Road
  • Fouka exit
  • Kali Coast
  • Katameya Coast
  • the New city of El Alamein
  • Ras El Hekma area

The space and design of Telal North Coast

Telal North Coast is built on a massive space to offer different types of units and many services to meet the individual’s needs.

The resort is 134 Feddan, and it is divided between buildings and units with 20% of the land space and 80% dedicated to green lands that surround all units and services.

Telal Soul on the North Coast is designated to be the view of prestige and lavish life by dealing with the best architecture within Roya Developments.

The project of Roya Group has the advantage of a direct overview of the Mediterranean Sea that extends over 1500 metres with a depth of 800 metres.

Telal Resort North Coast

Telal Resort North Coast

Available units in Telal Soul on the North Coast

The developer offers 3 prominent types of units in Telal Soul with different spaces starting at 85 metres square; all units distinguish themselves with a greenery view surrounding the resort.

Essential facilities are provided near the residential units, such as pharmacies and supermarkets, and it also offers a delivery service 24 hours a day.

  • The space of chalets in the Telal North Coast starts from 85 m2.
  • The space of the Penthouse Chalet  is 185 m2 (terrace space is 34 m2)
  • The space of a Standalone villa is 280-meter square (the garden space is 250 m2)

Own your unit in the Telal Sahel and take advantage of the best payment methods that extend over a long period of time.

The services & facilities in Telal Resort North Coast

Roya Group offers all facilities that are needed by all individuals, and it makes sure to deliver the best service.

The residents of Telal El Sahel will enjoy the perfection of living in the resort; they will find medical, entertainment, and education services.

  • The health club in Telal Soul on the North Coast will serve you with its best services.
  • The kids area is fully secured and offers different games and activities.
  • Pharmacies work 24 hours a day and have a delivery service.
  • There are supermarkets near every unit in Telal Roya Sahel to meet all needs.
  • Swimming pools suit all ages at the Roya Group Project.
  • The security team has trained with the best companies to ensure the residents’ safety all day long.
  • Surveillance cameras are distributed throughout the Telal Soul .
  • Telal North Coast Village offers three different units with spaces ranging from 85 metres square to 280 metres square.
    electronic gates with ID access.
  • A massive space dedicated to garages, ensuring the safety of periodic hygiene.
  • Commercial areas and entertainment spaces that offer all needs in one place.
  • Restaurants and cafes deliver all kinds of different kinds of dishes and drinks.

Telal North Coast Prices & Payment System

The prices in the project start at 2,000,000 EGP; all units will be delivered after 4 years after contracting, and the unit prices in Telal Village Sahel are:

  • The chalets in Telal North Coast start at 2 million EGP and go up to 4 million EGP. Units are finished to high-quality standards, and the chalet space in the resort starts at 85 metres square.
  • The penthouse chalet space starts at 185 metres square, and its price ranges from 5 million EGP to 8 million EGP.
  • Telal standalone villa space starts at the 280-metre square with a beautiful garden and the price of this unit starts at 11 million EGP and goes up to 12 million EGP.

The standalone villa unit will be delivered semi-finished.

Telal North Coast

Chalets in Telal Sahel

The payment method of Telal Soul

Telal Soul on the North Coast is your best choice in everything; the resort offers the ideal designs and the perfect location, but the advantages don’t end here; the developer is also keen to make your choice so much easier with the payment plan.

Try to think about having it all in the same place with Roya Group for Development, which has thought wisely about the payment process and made it extend over a long period of time to let its customers enjoy their vacation time while paying without facing any obstacles.

The payment method in Telal El Sahel is:

  • The downpayment is 5% of the unit value.
  • the instalment is extending over 7 years.
  • After 3 months of dealing with the developer, there is a 5% payment.
  • The unit on Telal North Coast will be delivered in about 4 years.

Why invest in Telal Soul on The North Coast?

Telal Soul project on the north coast is considered an unmissable opportunity for both those looking for a stunning vacation spot to enjoy quality time with their families, even or for anyone who is willing to invest his saving in a coastal chalet.

Here’s some points that evoke you to take the first step toward your coastal home dream

  • Telal Soul resort is designed to give you the highest prestige, entertainment, and leisure you may look for.
  • Telal North Coast offers competitive prices and controllable 7-year instalments.
  •  The developer, Roya Company, pays huge attention to customers’ voices by offering a well-cooperative support team after and during the sale.
  • The project’s location is surrounded by various vital areas so residents can experience livability.
  • The company aims to follow the highest standards regarding quality.

The developer of Telal North Coast

Roya Development is the one that stands behind the Telal North Coast Project; the company is keen to provide all aspects of enjoyment and prestige in the same place.

With its perfect choice of Telal Soul location on the North Coast and its diversity of units and spaces to meet all needs, it additionally provides distinguished types of services, such as medical, educational, and entertainment.

Roya Company for Development was founded in 1997 by one of the greatest architects in Egypt, Hisham Shoukr.

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Faq about Telal Soul Sahel

What is the down payment required in Telal Soul El Sahel?

5% deposit

what is the installment period allowed in Telal Soul El Sahel?

7 years


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