Murano Sokhna Village

Murano Sokhna Village
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5% Down payment
7 Installment years
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Project details
The project Name Murano
Project Location Ain Sokhna
The developer Wadi Degla
Available Units Chalets- villas- duplexes
Payment System 5% down payment, with long installment that last up to 7 years.
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Murano Sokhna is one of the prominent projects for Wadi Degla Development that features a distinguished level of luxury, rejuvenation, and comfort.

Along the sea and delved into landscapes is how Wadi Degla designed its masterpiece “Murano El Sokhna” to provide its customers with an indispensable opportunity on the red sea, where all dreams came true.

The project doesn’t only meet customers’ artistic features, it also fulfils their essential needs through well-faceted spaces that host retail stores and fun zones.

Murano Wadi Degla in Ain Sokhna offers chalets and duplexes at competitive prices and a manageable down payment that starts from 5%. Meet our team now and pick your unit.

Murano Village in Ain Sokhna

Murano Village in Ain Sokhna

The Location of Murano in Ain Sokhna

Murano Wadi Degla is located in one of the most luxuriously stunning areas in the Ain Sokhna Red Sea, on the beginning of Zafrana Road.

With a distance of 5 km from Katameya Road, Murano Sokhna is situated to feature easy access and an integrated spot for the perfect vacation time.

The Land Space & Design of Murano El Sokhna

Murano El Sokhna features both a strategic location and a perfectly-chosen land area that amounts to 111 Feddan.

Wadi Degla Previous experience in developing real sea coastal projects was the main reason behind the company’s mastering a well-balanced village, in which residents can enjoy the stunning turquoise sea and water-based views and still have the chance to get self treats and essential needs from the provided amenities.

The Archticutral Design of Murano Village in Ain Sokhna

The design of Murano Sokhna is set in accordance with the importance of turquoise terrains in maximizing the luxury experience, as each residential building is either surrounded or situated in front of breathtaking views.

Yet, landscapes are designed and spread all over the project to offer residents a 360-greenery view.

The exterior design of Murano Village in Ain Sokhna are painted with brightful summary and neutral colours to imply a sense of relaxation.

Murano Sokhna Chalets

Chalets in Murano El Sokhna village

Available Residential Units in Murano Sokhna

Wadi Degla Development was keen to study customers’ expectations for their dream house on the red sea before deciding which type of units will be provided in the project.

Hence, Murano Sokhna Village has become the foremost diversified option for those who are looking for any one of the available types: apartments, villas, chalets, and duplexes.


  • The space of 1-bedroom chalets in Murano Wadi Degla starts from 56 M2.
  • The average space of 2-bedroom chalets is 90 m2.
  • The space of 3-bedroom chalets starts from 123 Sqm.


  • The space of Duplexes in Murano Sokhna which is situated on the ground floor, with a garden attached, is 174 mq.
  • The space of Duplexs on a typical floor ranges from 196 m2.

Luxurious Villas in Murano El Sokhna

  • The space of standalone villas starts from 266 m2.
  • The space of the attached villa corner is 248 m2.
Villa in Murano

Top Features & Services in Murano Sokhna

To enable property owners to enjoy an extended stay in the crystal beaches and eye-pleasing nature in Murano El Sokhna, Wadi Degla was keen to upgrade the integration level by fulfilling the commercial and entertainment services.

  • The project includes a Beach Club that adds more layers of fun to residents, by offering cafes and different marine activities.
  • Murano village in El Sokhna offers a commercial plaza that is rolling over 8500 m2, in which residents can get their groceries and enjoy quality shopping.
  • Pharmacies and medical clinics are essential sections of Murano Sukhna.
  • The village launched a beauty centre “Hot Spring” which offers spa and jacuzzi services to help owners rejuvenate.
  • The Village’s security is one of the important features that is provided perfectly in the form of security guards, E-gates, and Cameras.

Murano Sokhna Prices & Payment System

Wadi Degla Company offers alluring housing opportunities overlooking the red sea in ain sokhna, in addition to facilitating the payment system.

  • Chalet’s price in Murano Sokhna starts from 2,300,000 Egp.

The Installment System in Murano Wadi Degla

Murano Wadi Degla offers 2 flexible payment systems that interested buyers can choose his/her best easily, due to the chosen development stage.

  • Units on the ground floors require paying a 10% deposit and another 10% after 3 months.
    The instalment period lasts up to 6 years.
  • Units on the typical floor start with the necessity of paying a 5% deposit and 10% after three months, and the remaining can be installed over 6 years.


The developer of Murano Ain Sokhna Village

Murano Ain Sokhna is one of the prestigious projects of Wadi Degla Development that seeks to intensify the integration level of Red Sea projects.

Since the company’s foundation, it launched around remarkable 15 projects, delivering more than 10,000 units, and around 3000 units are delivered in Murano Village.

Faq about Murano Village El Sokhna

What is the down payment required in Murano Village El Sokhna resort?

5% deposit

what is the available units in Murano Village El Sokhna?

Chalets- villas- duplexes,


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