Blumar Sokhna Village by Wadi Degla

Blumar Sokhna Village by Wadi Degla
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5% Down payment
7 Installment years
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Project details
The project Name Blumar
Project Location Ain Sokhna
The developer Wadi Degla Development
Available Units Chalets- villas- duplexes- villas,
Installment Period 7 Years
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Blumar Sokhna is a new-state-of-art vacation plot launched by Wadi Degla Development with high living standards to boost and refine the red sea coast experience in Egypt.

As Wadi Degla luxuriously designed Blumar El Sokhna to promote the rejuvenation level for an extended stay along the sea, where residents are able to chill and practise their lives normally.

The village includes commercial spaces and activities to meet the desire of each family member, starting from the purchasing spaces to the socializing and water-based fun areas.

Blumar Ain Sokhna by Wadi Degla is the foremost preferred choice to delve into a new meaning of luxury and enjoy easy instalments and competitive prices.

Blumar Sokhna

The Location of Blumar Sokhna

Blumar wadi Degla features a premium location in Ain Sokhna on Zafrana Road, near a group of luxurious resorts and villages so residents can feel connected.

Blumar Sokhna is distinguished by its proximity to the main cities in Egypt, such as Cairo and Alex. Here’s a quick overview of the nearby roads and places from the project:

  • 3 km is the distance between the project and Marina
  • Blumar El Sokhna is 2 km away from North Coast Read.
  • The needed time to arrive at Cairo entrances is only 1 hour.

Types of residential units in Blumar Sokhna Village

Blumar Village in Ain Sokhna offers a boutique of luxurious types of units, such as chalets, villas, duplexes, villas, and apartments.

Interested buyers have the choice to pick their preferred type of unit in the desired space:

  • The space of 3-bedroom units starts from 116 Sqm.
  • The space of garden-based chalets starts from 177 Sqm, and up to 266 Sqm.
  • The roof-based chalet is designed in different spaces starting from 181 Sqm.
  • Having a unit in Blumar Sokhna Village is the right choice to feel amazed by the picturesque 180-degree view of the sea and swimming pools.

If you need to know the available chalets and apartments in Blumar El Sokhna, contact our team now.

Chalets in Blumar Sokhna

Chalets in Blumar Sokhna

The Land Space of Blumar El Sokhna

261 Feddan is the land area of Blumar El Sokhna, which is considered a prominent terrain in the project design that allowed the developer to maximize the integrated coastal experience.

In other words, such a massive space is perfectly utilized into 3 elements: residential buildings, artistic design features, and services and amenities.

Blumar Ain Sokhna

Blumar Ain Sokhna

The design of Blumar in Ain Sokhna

To reinforce design openness for delving into the stunning swimming pools and landscape views, each residential plot simulates the design of the letter L.

Each building in Blumar Ain Sokhna is designed to contain 3 typical floors in addition to a ground floor with a private garden attached.

Top Features & Services in Blumar El Sokhna

If you are looking for a long-stay seaside experience in which all your needs and requirements are still fulfilled, as if you are in the city, Blumar El Sokhna is the right choice.

  • 20,000 meters are dedicated in Blumar Sokhna for entertainment purposes, considering that the company do pay attention to family members’ different interests due to their ages.
  • The Beach Club is the place where residents can experience the ultimate joy and excitement, it’s built over 300,000 m2 and includes different facilities, such as restaurants (outdoor and indoor), an arcade, ping pong, and a gym.
  • Wadi Degal hosts a group of retail stores and different brands, so residents can enjoy shopping without leaving the compound.
  • Blumar Ain Sokhna village meets residents’ care needs by encapsulating pharmacies and medical emergency clinics.
  • Security is one of the most important features in the coastal areas, therefore, the company contracts with rounded-shift guards and implements a high-security system.
  • The fun zone for kids is secured and gated with mid-height walls for more protection.

Blumar Sokhna Prices & Payment Plans

Blumar El Sokhna offers elegant well-developed homes at competitive prices and manageable payment plans.

  • The average price of 3-bedroom units with 2 bathrooms is 3,000,000 Egp.

To know the price of the available chalets for sale in Blumar Sokhna, it’s only a one-button click to meet our consulting team.

The Payment System in Blumar Wadi Degla Ain Sokhna

Wadi Degla Company for development ensures an indispensable investment opportunity for its customers, by enlarging the quality and value of properties and extending the installment period up to 7 years.

However, there’re plenty of payment options in Blumar Wadi Degla to suit the specification of each customer, in addition to different packages for each stage. check now:

  • The first stage: the company asks customers to pay an initial payment of 5% and a 10% down payment after a period of time. The instalment lasts up to 4 years.
  • The Second Stage: Buying a unit in Blumar Ain Sokhna requires paying 15% on 2 payments, as mentioned above, and installing the remaining cost over 6 years.
  • The third and fourth Stages feature the same system, which is paying 5% to demonstrate serious reservation, in addition to 10% after the said period. However, the installment period for these stages lasts up to 7 years.

The developer of Blumar Sokhna Village

Blumar Village in Ain Sokhna was launched by Wadi Degla Development; it’s a dominating real estate company that aims to create well-customized housing opportunities for its customers.

Wadi Degla Development is one of the prominent subsidiaries of Wadi Degla Holding that was launched back in 1994, specializing in construction and different fields.

The long history of the mother company in the Egyptian market empowered the company to provide real value for its customers, in terms of location, design, and prices.

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Faq about Blumar Village Ain Sokhna

What is the down payment required in Blumar Village Ain Sokhna resort?

5% deposit

what is the available units in Blumar Village Ain Sokhna ?

Chalets- villas- duplexes- villas,


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